20 People Who Caught The Luckiest Breaks Imaginable

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 4/30/18

Prepare to be jealous of these 19 people. Seriously, I don’t know what they did to deserve these breaks, but nothing like this ever happens to me.

Maybe by sharing their stories, some of their luck will rub off on us. Let’s get started!

Best Waiter Ever


Okay, this person didn’t win the lotto, but he did come across the best, funniest waiter ever. Why can’t I ever get a waiter like this?!

Anyway, this one is funny, but it’s about to get better…

Best Fake ID In History


How did this Fake ID work?! Was the store clerk from another planet? This kid should probably be arrested…but instead, he got cigars?

With this sort of luck, he should be playing the lottery. And so should this next guy…

Axe Throwing Gone RIGHT


Obviously, it’s never good to get an ax in your car. BUT, when you think about the alternative…where else this ax COULD have gone…then you realize how lucky this person really is.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the what happened to this next woman.

Phone Jackpot


Talk about a close call! Can you imagine how hard her heart was beating? Then she saw her phone landed like THIS. This is like a $700 save.

The Apple store doesn’t pay for water damage, so she caught a lucky freakin’ break! But the luck is only starting. Don’t believe me? Then read on…

Nailed It


If this were me, my tire FOR SURE would have gone over the nail. (Did somebody put it there specifically to mess up a tire?!)

Anway, as far as ‘nail close calls’ go, this one I NOTHING compared to the next one…

Nailed It Part 2


Told you this one was bad! Or COULD have been bad, if it hadn’t happened to the #1 luckiest guy ever!

Getting stabbed by a rusty nail could mess you up, but something tells me this guy is too busy walking on water to worry about things like that. And so is this next person…a photographer who captured the best pic I’ve seen in weeks.

Best Pic Ever


Ugh. This makes every photo I’ve ever taken look so bad by comparison. Some people have all the luck.

And I know I should be happy for them (it’s SUCH a cute pic), but mostly I’m just JEALOUS!

Grandma To The Rescue


Guess this one is just a lucky family. Lucky kid. Lucky grandma.

When I fall, nobody catches me. They just point and laugh. Guess that’s why I’m not on this list. But even this kid is not as lucky as this next guy…

He Won The Nature Lottery


Seriously? A freakin’ whale blew a rainbow into his face? Who has this kind of luck? This is like the opposite of JAWS.

And even better, some other guy took a pic as proof! Why can’t I be friends with these people?? Like whoever took this next photo…

One For The Road


You know what’s better than beer? Free beer! I wouldn’t even think you could fit a free beer into this already-packed case.

But then again, I’m not this lucky. This next pic might give YOU a new worldview, too…

This Could Have Been So Much Worse


Look at that pic. Now look again. That dude is a PRO. He’s just sitting there in the waiting room like nothing happened to him. THERE’S A FREAKIN’ ARROW IN HIM.

BUT….of course, it didn’t hit his heart or another major organ, so he will live on. Forever, probably.

& Is Better Than 6


Argh! This NEVER happens to me. If a package says I’ll get six of something, I usually get 4… maybe 5.

Some lucky people are stealing my fish! I want my fish back! And even this person is not as lucky as the next guy.

Worst Dart Player Ever


Talk about dodging a bullet! This pic could have been so much worse and more disgusting. But instead, it’s just a dart in a sandal.

That lucky SOB….is not nearly as lucky as the person who owns the car in the next pic…

Car Bridge


You can’t make this up! This one is NOT photoshopped.

This is just a guy parked under a collapsed tree…that he can drive out of with zero issue! This person can drive me anywhere! Okay, only a few more to go…

Life On The Edge


This one is WAY too close for comfort. Look how it’s balanced.

One millimeter in either direction and this key would be GONE. But it’s not. It’s there. And now….want to see somebody who got lucky at the public library in the nicest way possible?

A Fine Way To Go


Whoever returned this book was probably super-charming or attractive or both. What it must be to live life like that. I can’t even imagine.

I also can’t imagine what it’s like to live life like the following kids…

Living Large In The 2000s


They have it so good. Look at them, just enjoying life in 2002. I wonder what their lives are like now?

I also wonder what it’s like to have a grandma like the one in this next pic…

Grandma Saves The Day Again


She loves him so much. And he knows it. Just look at his face.

When it comes to family, this guy is #winning. Now let’s change things up with somebody who got UNlucky…

Vending Fail


Okay, I can identify with this one. Usually, for me, the thing doesn’t fall at all.

But if it did, yeah, I can imagine it bouncing back up and then I’m out a buck. Poor guy. Okay, one last one to go…let’s finish with a bang!

One Inch Away From Disaster


Again, it looks photoshopped, but it’s not. If the tide were just ‘this’ much higher, that boat would be RUINED.

But instead, everyone is having the cruise of their life! Wish I was on that boat. But the most fun thing I can do RIGHT NOW…is click on the NEXT POST.