Bad Boys Who Are Trying Their Best To Be Good Doggos

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 4/30/18

No dog can resist occasional mischief. These pups have done some bad things, but they’re still good at heart. Sometimes it just feels good to be bad — even if it means you’ll be publically shamed on Instagram.

Read ahead for pups living their best lives…and then facing the consequences. A guilty corgi who’s ready to binge eat and a sad lab who really doesn’t want to go to jail are in your future.

Dunce Cap Doggo


Photo Credit: remmy_the_frenchie / Instagram

Remmy the French bulldog did something very bad, and now he has to wear a hat and sit in the corner. The very bad thing may or may not have to do with a litter box.

Remmy is usually a very good boy, but today he did a bad thing, and he is sorry. With a face like that, we have to forgive him!

Doggy Howlser M.D. Is Not Helping


Photo Credit: dogmeme.s / Instagram

This pupper just wants to help his sick boy. He’s trying to give an A+ shoulder massage to ease his owner’s tired muscles, but we don’t think it’s working.

He doesn’t know that he is being a nuisance, or that his toenails are much too sharp for this job, but he doesn’t need to know he’s not exactly qualified.

More Fluff, Please


Photo Credit: Windala30 / Twitter

Winston’s bed did not meet his fluff standards. He needed to poof it up for maximum comfort. He knows he’s sleeping in a sea of puffy garbage now, and that’s the way he likes it.

Do not be mad at him. He is a good boy.

Shame In Every Wrinkle


Photo Credit: kalesaladanimals / Instagram

Selma has knocked over some glasses, and she feels very sad about it. She knows it was wrong and she didn’t do it on purpose.

Pet her soft head and tell her that you didn’t like those glasses anyway. She deserves to feel good about herself. Keep reading for a doggo who got fat. but it’s ok and we still love him.

White Dog Problems


Photo Credit: kalesaladanimals / Instagram

Lance was tired of being basic, so he found a patch of color and rolled around in it. Now he’s fabulous. He knows he looks good and no amount of scolding will convince him otherwise.

He does not want a bath, but he will accept one if you insist.

He Sits Where He Wants


Photo Credit: kalesaladanimals / Instagram

Julio doesn’t like to share. He believes that water is a finite resource and would like to conserve the bulk of it for his own consumption.

Big dogs drink too much, and it isn’t fair. Julio is a Republican and does not support free handouts.

This Is A Glow Up And I Won’t Listen To Anyone Who Says Otherwise


Photo Credit: kalesalad / Instagram

Gwendolyn is living her best life. She knows that she shouldn’t steal food from the table or beg for extra treats, but she doesn’t eat to live, she lives to eat.

Food makes her sturdy, and she enjoys being sturdy. Keep reading for some destructive woofers who are very, very sorry.

The Comfiest Seat


Photo Credit: kalesalad / Instagram

Boris likes to sit on his brother, and he doesn’t care if you think it’s weird. It is the comfiest spot in the house and also the warmest.

If you can get him a dog bed that is just as comfy and just as warm, he may consider sleeping on it, but at this point, dog sitting has become a habit that he isn’t prepared to break.

The Milky Way


Photo Credit: kalesalad / Instagram

Tessa has done you a favor by not knocking over that whole bowl of cereal. She is only slurping up the extra milk to give you a better milk to Cheerio ratio.

She is a good, small girl and she’s getting you tons of Instagram followers.

Two Cute Chewers


Photo Credit: happypuppy2023 / Instagram

Rufus and Jeremiah were left unattended. What did you expect them to do? Play checkers? Yeah, they ate a hole in their bed. They couldn’t help it.

It looked like a giant marshmallow, and they have teeth for a reason. They are trying to be good boys, but some beds just need to be chewed. Keep reading for the sweetest doggo who needs to be comforted around the cat.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors


Photo Credit: dogsbeingbasic / Instagram

These two boys haven’t learned how to keep their noses to themselves. Thier mother never told them not to intrude on their neighbor’s space because their mother is a dog and she doesn’t speak English.

They are just being friendly. They are good doggos.

Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time


Photo Credit: kalesalad / Instagram

Finn is very sad about being arrested. He didn’t mean to attack the deer; he was just trying to make a new friend. Please free him. Jail is a dangerous place for a cute puppy.

Good news, Finn is now free. The police took very good care of him and brought him home safely.

I Want To Hold Your Hand


Photo Credit: dogsbeingbasic / Instagram

Mabel gets upset when the cat is in the room. Cats are not trustworthy and they have beady eyes.

Mabel likes you to hold her paw when the cat is close by. You should do what she wants. She needs some emotional support from her best friend. Keep reading for a floofer who’s learned how to feed himself.

A Perch For A Pooch


Photo Credit: dogmeme.s / Instagram

Quentin knows that the cat tree is for cats. He doesn’t mean to intrude on their territory, but he must get to higher ground so he can have the best view of the front yard.

This is how he makes sure no burglars are coming to snatch your stuff.

We’re Breaking Free


Photo Credit: dogmeme.s / Instagram

Frances does not enjoy being locked up in the house when the weather is lovely outside. He likes to feel the fresh air on his tongue.

He didn’t mean to break the door, but he had to get at that green grass. He is just a good doggo with a dream.

All You Can Eat Buffet


Photo Credit: dogmeme.s / Instagram

Pavlov likes to help with dinner even though he does not have opposable thumbs. It’s not his fault that he lacks dexterity.

He is a good helper, but sometimes he spills and he feels sorry for it. He is doing his best. Tell him he’s a good boy.

A Sticky Situation


Photo Credit: SummerSlut / Reddit

Chester found his grandmother’s false teeth cement, and by “found” I mean “tried to eat.” He didn’t know that Fixodent is not food, or that it would glue his teeth together.

He generally lives life by the hashtag #noregrets, but now he has some regrets.

Dirt Is Irresistible


Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

Lucien feels bad for digging in your flower pot and then stepping all over the couch. He knows he did a bad thing, but the temptation was too strong to overcome.

Please take pity on his sweet face. Next time there is a pot of dirt, he will try harder not to destroy it.

A Token Of Appreciation


Photo Credit: dogsbeingbasic / Instagram

Zoey does not let just anyone touch her special pillow. To even be in the presence of the special pillow is a rare privilege.

If she brings you the pillow, tell her she’s a good girl. She just wants to impress you with her pretty square of stuffed fabric.

A Sad Time For Topher


Photo Credit: dogsbeingbasic / Instagram

This is Topher. He got mad at the vacuum cleaner and tried to bite it. Now he is having a time-out. He understands why this punishment is necessary, but he will still attack the vacuum cleaner again next week.

He would prefer to be outside in the yard. He is a good boy. Please free him.