Hilarious Moments When People Couldn’t Just Move On But We’re Thankful For It

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 5/2/18

Moving on can be tough, whether it’s moving on emotionally from a death or trying to forget an ex. It could be the physical act of moving on, like when you cut in front of someone in line and they start screaming at you but you still don’t want to move even though you’re in the wrong.

It’s something that every person struggles with internally which is why articles like these are so relatable. Heres a list that has compiled all the best pictures that prove exactly how tough it is to move on.

Yeah, Roger That

talking on a walkie.jpg

When the “order thing” breaks and you have to trek out with a walkie-talkie, that’s probably a low point. There will be no moving on for this guy who will have endured an insane amount of emotional damage when he had to come face-to-face with drive-thru goers. Our thoughts are with him.

Little Man Ain’t Moving

blonde girl.jpg

In this case, this little guy isn’t moving on physically as long as this woman is around. This is his first exposure to, uh, dresses that look like that and he’s absolutely shaken by it. A shoulderless strapped dress? He cannot believe it to be true, but yes, it is very true.

This Is Almost Impossible To Move On From

Box Of LIes.jpg

This is not okay. There’s a feeling of pure bliss that occurs during the moments prior to, and during the process of eating a frozen pizza. It’s an excitement that is absolutely unmatched. However, sometimes you open the pizza box and it looks like this. What is that? Saddle up the lawyers and go in for the kill.

Death And Taxes Are The Only Certainties In Life

taxes suck.jpg

You’ll never be able to move on mentally if you constantly think about how much of your money goes towards taxes. It’s actually a crippling statistic. This guy was like every single one of us when we saw taxes for the first time. It’s okay man, stay strong and make like three billion dollars and you won’t have to worry about taxes anymore.

Already Sick Of This World

already fed up with life.jpg

This is the face of a baby who wants to be put back into the womb immediately. Life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It usually takes us at least three years of life to realize it, but this baby was quick. This baby’s face is like your moms when you walked in the door three minutes after the street lights turned off.

Not Moving On Until This Game Is Finished

Solitaire Girl.jpg

It’s near impossible to focus on anything around you when you’re in the middle of a big game of solitaire. This woman has some customer’s waiting but she’s not even looking at these people until she double clicks that last king to win her the game. Everyone can calm down, by the looks of it she’s about ten moves away from winning.

Goodluck Showing Your Face In That Class Tomorrow


Kids have memories like no other. You could mention something to a five-year-old in passing and they’ll bring it up verbatim 10 years later. You CANNOT even hint a sexual reference around a group of kids that age because it’s going to be an INSTANT giggle-sesh that they’ll bring up for the rest of the year.


no idea what hes saying.jpg

This guy is trying to explain why some other girl’s boots were in front of his door. He starts by saying they’re his sisters but she knows he doesn’t have a sister. Okay, so he backtracks. He calls this mistress his “sister” because they’re just best friends from back home. The story picks up from there…

Mom, Please Hide Your Face In Public

Just Tried To Order Coke.jpg

There just isn’t a classy way to move along from screaming your order into a Mcdonald’s garbage can. The people behind her thought she just escaped from the psych ward, and we don’t blame them. In her defense, WHY does the garbage have to look very similar to the drive-thru speaker? It’s got to be some sick joke.


Bow And Arrow.jpg

Convinced that the arrows wouldn’t be able to penetrate human-skin, this dad took one for the team. That is literally the ONLY scenario in which I can see this happening unless there was a potential plot to murder happening here. Legolas from The Lord Of The Rings called, he wants his aim back.

“She’s A Keeper”


So her boyfriend got her these goalie gloves because she’s a “keeper” which is cute and all. Unfortunately, she didn’t keep him because as witty as the play on words was, they didn’t magically transform into the diamond necklace that she wanted and kept hinting at prior to her birthday.

Getting Over This Isn’t Going To Be Easy

This Is What Defeat Looks Like.jpg

No one said that life was easy. No one said that as soon as you started adulting you would have to start making food and it’d be very hard. No one said that you would feel defeated at least once a day and that crying into your palms would become normal. Thoughts and prayers are with this girl.

Thanks, Dad!

calculations were incorrect.jpeg

Ah, good parenting. It’s hard for kids to move on from the breach of trust this act was. Here is this little girl thinking she is going to be safe on her dad’s shoulders only to get throw off and face plant into the cubes. The physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional stress this probably had on this child.

Excuse Me, I’m Going To Have To Call You Back

I'll Call You Back Girl.jpg

This is the definition of “Girl, I’m going to need to call you back.” If you’ve ever been in public and seen the hottest person in the world, you know this feeling. There’s no moving on, there’s no moving forward, or moving at all for that matter. You’re stuck in time and all that’s visible is the gorgeous specimen in front of you.

I Cannot Move On From This

Chicken Permission.jpg

This is a personal one for me. Being an avid and dedicated chicken parm fan, it physically hurts me to see its name being abused in this way. CHICKEN PERMISSION? Permission for what? Permission for whom? Permission for how? Permission for why?

Finger Licking Good

Doggie Sundae.jpg

When you get duped into eating dog food there’s no good way to backtrack. There’s no macho way to talk circles around someone and get out of that situation. You ate dog food, admit it. From other accounts, I have heard that dog food isn’t as bad as some make it out to be. In fact, this looks really good.

Dinner At Chipotle

hard to move on from chiptole.JPG

Oh, boy. Once you ingest some Mexican food you can rest assured that this picture is what the rest of your night is going to look like. If you thought about doing anything other than cozying up to a toilet, you’re thoroughly wrong. Grab a book and a space suit because you’re going for a ride.

Just Straight Savagery

ruthless parking ticket.jpg

Just want to address how annoying and irrelevant parking tickets are and let’s not forget about the inconvenience factor. WHY can’t we just park wherever we want, whenever we want, for as long as we want? Yes, the logistics don’t make sense but the devastation that happens because of a $40 parking ticket is almost impossible to move on from.

Everyone Deserves To Die With Dignity

sister in law.jpg

A family is a family whether you’re another human, a dog, or a little fish. This guy does it right. He recognizes that everyone, no matter how big or small, deserves a proper burial and funeral. These fish were probably a big part of his life and consumed a big part of his heart.

Irrelevant Picture With A Relevant Lesson

selfie stick selfie stick.jpg

This has nothing to do with moving on, but honestly, the picture is funny and it shows how much reform we need for selfie culture. If a dad is willing to heave his daughter up just to make it seem like he has a selfie stick, we have a problem. This is probably a recently separated dad who needs a new profile picture on plentyoffish.com.