MacGyverers Who Can Just Somehow Make Things Work

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 4/30/18

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Life is a carnival. There are ups and downs with obstacles we face along the way. Sometimes, we wish things would be easier, and we’re here to make it much simpler. Some people will like this because the easy way out is the better route. It’s the little annoying things we hear when we’re out in public. Sometimes, the cord is just too much to deal with. It’s things like that where simplicity must be used. Thankfully, these hackers are everyday MacGyvers.

Pay Attention Baristas

Pay Attention Baristas .jpg

If you’re starting out at Starbucks, this is good to know. Baristas who get overwhelming orders could learn from this. That’s why they have bags, just so they can stack the drinks. That way, the hot beverages can be easily carried instead of trying to balance that four-cup trey.

Scaring Off Bad Drivers

Scaring Off Bad Drivers.jpg

It’s not that stupid because it actually works. We can be paranoid when it comes to expensive cars. Usually, other drivers don’t care so they just do what’s best for themselves. It costs like $5 for the pool toys, but at least it’ll save you over $1,000 in damages.

LED Toilet Is The Way Of The Future

Toilet With LED Light.jpg

Coming to a bathroom near you, toilet water that flashes with an LED light. No, that’s not urine (well maybe it’s E.T.s.), but that’s not the point. The future of going to the bathroom just changed.

Coming up, one person who clearly had enough of working as a bathroom janitor.

Larry Knows Best

Larry Knows Best.jpg

There is so much to love about this bird. First, he’s named after one of the best players to dawn a Celtics jersey. Secondly, the fact that Larry ordered something without permission is comical. Whatever he ordered, his owners won’t be too pleased with it. Let’s hope it’s bird seed.

Love To Give

True Love Under House Arrest.jpg

House arrest is a pain, just ask Shia LaBeouf. This couple is embracing their love while being what it appears to be under house arrest. That’s probably how far they can go in before the bracelet starts ringing constantly. Even under supervision, love won’t separate them.

Not My Job, Not My Problem

I Hate My Job.jpg

What you’re looking at is one fed up bathroom janitor. They just had it with cleaning the toilets and sinks. Quite frankly, the bar of soap is their way of saying “I’m done. I quit”.

Ever seen urinals where you’re wondering if its KISS or the Rolling Stones? More on that shortly.

Small Space For An Elevator

Small Elevator.jpg

Okay, who else is feeling a little bit claustrophobic? I sure am. Could you imagine being in this elevator? just going up a few floors would bring out the worst of my anxiety, especially if gets stuck. I’m bringing a saw for precautionary reasons.

You Had One Job

Road Around The Tree.jpg

Can’t blame construction workers for this. Simply put, they were saving the environment by not cutting down that tree. It would make sense if this was a bus route, but it doesn’t appear to be that. Oh well, at least the tree wasn’t cut down to shreds.

Kiss Or Rolling Stones?

Urinal Mouths.jpg

If you like either band, the urinals will make you think of the Rolling Stones. It would only be KISS if had to do something involving Gene Simmons. Still, any dad who loves classic rock will be pleased with this.

Still to come, an airport with water fountains that have every single height.

A Hack For Headphones

Headphone Hack.jpg

Luckily, Apple has a solution for this — wireless headphones. But with the old headphones when the iPhone and iPod first came out, the wires were a nuisance. Although this appears to be a smart strategy, one wrong move could lead to a world of hurt. That many piercings in one ear? Yeah, no thank you.

Washing Potatoes The Most Random Way Possible

Washing Potatoes.jpg

The kid is totally changing the potato washing game forever. Quite frankly, it seems like that would take longer to wash than it is to wash in the sink. This is one of those ideas that seems genius in practice, but will probably be a one-hit wonder. Definitely try this on your own, if you have like 70 potatoes to wash, I guess.

Fountain Of Heights

Fountains For All Heights.jpg

Located in the Houston airport, this water fountain is meant for all heights. Short, big, tall, there’s fresh H20 waiting for any eager traveler. All airports should start to do something like this.

Coming up, when DIY literally means building a machine by yourself for the sake of winter.

One Brave Soul

One Brave Soul.jpg

The fact that this guy is going with no ropes or string is the example of bravery. Let’s not ask how he got out there since my hands are sweating as this is being typed. If he was working for a cleaning company, the CEO needs to give this a very BIG raise.

Chute There It Is!

Homemade Trash Chute.jpg

Laziness at its finest right there. Why bother going all the way down three flights of stairs to take out the trash? It’s very convenient that this was homemade and sufficient to take out the garbage. To think, these people don’t have to go in the cold to do this!

DIY Winter

DIY Snow Blower.jpg

We all have to find a way to take on winter one way or another. A guy like this probably didn’t want to spend the money on an actual snow plow, so he whipped up this bad boy instead.

The worst design for a set of stairs is coming up. It’s so badly designed you have to see it for yourself.

Watch Out For This

Look Our For This Bird.jpg

People are really strange. They’ll go as far as making a sign just to warn others about a bird. They’re treating the little guy like he’s a wanted criminal from America’s Most Wanted. Luckily, the bird did not end up on any milk cartons. Honestly, how are you supposed to really tell one bird from another anyway?

Save The Planet

Save The Planet.jpg

Even cardboard boxes have to remind us of the little things. Not only that, but recycling actually does make a difference. Whatever this box was used for, they really want to be covered in triangle slices with a bunch of grease sitting on the bottom.

One Bad Design

Bad Design.jpg

Up is down and down is up. Clearly, whoever did this wasn’t paying any attention. It shouldn’t be that difficult to paint arrows. I mean, people are either going up or down, but this shouldn’t confuse anybody unless you’re not sober and trying to get home.

Ready, Set, Go!

In A Hurry.jpg

Maybe this is for the Paralympians for the trail events before the Paralympics start. On the other hand, whoever painted this probably had that on the brain. Obviously, the logo for this doesn’t look anything like what you see here.

Big Tires For A Small Car

Small Car, Big Tires.jpg

If you know somebody that owns a big truck, show them this. There’s a good chance they’ll laugh so hard that they fall off their dinosaur. Small cars and big tires are not the best combinations. Sadly, the big tires on this car don’t make it a ride to drive your friends around.