Pictures That Show How Average Dudes Are Destroying The Fabric Of Our Being

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 4/28/18

The unfortunate truth is that many of us aren’t really that special at all. While this tribal mindset of following the crowd has become normal, society tends to mold us into what it wants instead of what we want. The result? Average dudes.

There’s nothing wrong with being average, I mean, you’re in the middle of the pack. You’re not awful, but you’re certainly not outstanding either. You’re the friend that follows the plans and doesn’t make them, and if a decision is to be made you’d rather pass it off to someone else. With that being said, not enough is known about the normal joe because most attention gets given to the geniuses which just isn’t fair. Have you ever wanted to know what goes on in the bathroom? We got you covered.

All Is Calm, All Is Right

two dudes .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Why do guys feel the need to do stuff like this? It’s actually quite impressive to see that a few average guys could crush that many beers.

There’s a lot of other adventures to be had over sitting in a bathtub with a horse mask on but to each his own.

Breaking The Rules Is An Art Form

two hot dogs.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @streetcatto

Guys feel the need to break the law in the most brazen ways. This fella is bringing sausages onto the bus KNOWING that they aren’t allowed.

Some weird things are allowed to happen on public transportation, but God forbid an average dude brings his dinner for two onboard.

It’s A Balancing Act To Be Average

balancing act.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @RCNewtonian

Not many people would see a few urinals in a bathroom and see the potential canvas it can become.

When you’re nothing special and you’re with your boys, those urinals become a photo-op. For an average guy, anything can become a photo-op.

Now that pagers are gone, what will the average dude strap to his hip? That’s coming up.

Only God Can Judge Me

Only God Can Judge Me

Photo Credit: Twitter / @NoIAmNaomi

Going to church is great and all, but when it’s a good meme day on Instagram there’s nothing that will get in the way.

If you think that going to church is going to stop Brian here from tagging his average friends in a Kermit the Frog meme, you’re thoroughly mistaken.

Trying To Be A Pop Star


Photo Credit: Twitter / @nathan_tyo

When you’re just another dude, you try really hard to not be just another dude. You try to be a star, and to be a star you have to do what they do.

This guy sees what pushed Kesha to stardom and copied it. He found out it’s not for the faint of heart and the whole brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack thing might be best left to her.

When You Like Spice, You Like Spice

hot sauce in pocket.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @stargazingmissfit

Just because you’re average, doesn’t mean that you have to eat plain food. Spice makes everything better and now that every Dad has some extra room on his hip since pagers are extinct, it opens up some room for Tabasco.

How do you expect someone to go to a restaurant without strapping hot sauce to their hip? You don’t. You just don’t.

Just ahead you’ll see the lengths an average dude will go just to make sure he has a boy’s night out.

Just Guys Being Dudes

filing cabnet.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @CiaraTobin

Many girls are baffled by the fact that guys can have such a messy room but know exactly where everything is. It’s organized chaos and the average dude has his masters in it.

You can ask him about a spec of dirt and you’ll probably get a reply within seconds telling you exactly where it is. It’s a skill.

Deception Is Key

pizza pizza .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

The key to living with a roommate and getting along is deception. It’s inevitable that you’re going to steal food at some point, so it’s imperative that you’re good at it.

Roommates split apart when they aren’t good at hiding the fact that they’re both bad people with bad intentions.

You Gotta Get Creative To Have A Boys Night

You Gotta Get Creative To Have A Boys Night

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JayGreatorex

The problem with being an average guy is that you also probably have an average girlfriend who doesn’t understand the importance of a boy’s night.

That results in having to get creative to avoid hanging out with her. Maybe it’s pretending you’re very sick in bed, or that you “just want to get a good night sleep,” but really you’re out at the pub with your friends.

What do non-gym people do at the gym? Find out soon.

NOT Police, Trust Him

I'm Not Police.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @xxxshadowraldxx

Here’s the simple question I have for people who drive old undercover police cars — WHY? It can’t even be fun to have the flow of traffic significantly slow down when you’re around.

You probably wonder why everyone is driving with two hands on the steering wheel and never driving on a yellow light.

People Call It Lazy, We Call It Smart

drinkin pepsi.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @GeoKurell

When you’re average looking you need to take every advantage you can. This includes being tanned during the summer.

The problem with being tanned is that you actually have to lay out in the sun for a long period of time, and many guys don’t like doing that. This guy found a way to ensure that he gets to drink his rum and coke while also tanning. It’s incentive. It’s brilliant.

“I’m Not Really Feeling The Gym, But Summer Is So Close”

treadmill on chair.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Alokos

When an everyday unathletic regular person goes to the gym and sees the mammoths that are around, it’s discouraging.

When you have an average body it’s easy to just bring a chair to the treadmill and eat a full pizza while you’re doing it.

Ignorance is an average dude’s best friend, and this picture just ahead proves that.

This Kid Is Going Places

kid going places.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @arvzg

This is one of the most useful Ikea pieces of furniture ever to grace someone’s home. While all of the elites are getting Google Glass, the rest of us regular people need to invent our own version.

Why spend the bazillion dollars on a Google product when you can get some use out of that Ikea table that almost made you commit homicide because of the frustration while building it?

It’s The Thought That Counts

jewlery .jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @TheNaud

Showing up to work on a regular basis is hard work for people who are inherently lazy. When the highlight of the night is getting home just to go to bed, you live a fairly average life.

We can all get behind the dedication to sleeping that this security guard has put in. Those long days at work when you can barely open your eyes and Janet from HR won’t stop talking your ear off.

Ignorance Is Bliss When It Comes To, Uh, Snakes

snake and dude.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @AmmianusMarcellinus

Average dudes don’t have the same amount of knowledge when it comes to wildlife as say, Steve Irwin did. This guy is obviously very ignorant of the fact that the snake could literally kill him in the most agonizing way possible.

In his defense, how was he supposed to know that a 20 ft long muscle machine had the power to wipe that smile off his face in seconds?

Innovation is NOT the middle name of us normal guys, and coming up you’ll see why.

Wait, Wait, Wait, Hold My Beer

hold my beer.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @ArtVand3lay

When you buy a big appliance but don’t want to spend the extra money on shipping and handling, this is really your only option.

Let’s hope this guy has above-average balance and strength because he’s going to need it. Something tells me this didn’t end well.

Training To Hit The Ground Running Come Golf Season

golf seasons.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @BIackMambaTG

Not everyone is rich enough to have a driving range inside their house. Most of us have to get creative and think of how we can utilize the resources around us to practice for the upcoming golf season.

This Dad has it mastered to a ‘tee’, no pun intended. His short game is going to be impeccable.

“It’s Monday, Darryl, Leave Me Alone”

life hacks .png

Photo Credit: Reddit

Extraordinary minds come up with extraordinary ideas and innovations. This picture actually shows none of the two.

It’s an average idea from an average guy. This isn’t going to change the world like Fidget Spinners, but it’s also not the worst thing to think about, like purple ketchup.

The Moment When You Feel Absolutely Invincible

fire on hand.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / @Kogster

We all have those moments when we feel on top of the world and can do anything we set our mind to. Even when you’re just a normal dude you feel like fire will have no effect on you.

Unfortunately, you’re not Superman or The Hulk so the result of torching your bare hand is never going to end well.

EVERY Event Needs To Be Documented, Because YOLO

contractions .jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @zacsaffron

It’s not every day that you get to see your teacher go into labor. When you’re not brilliantly smart and aren’t a doctor you don’t get to see this stuff happen.

When you’re just another senior in high school you best believe that this is getting documented.