Random People Are Sharing the Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Told Them, And It Will Leave You SHOOK

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 4/30/18

Some kids say the cutest things imaginable. Not These kids. Seriously, prepare yourself because we’re about to show you some the creepiest things that kids have ever said.

If you’re not already a parent, some of these pictures might have you wondering whether you even want to have kids. I mean, one kid perfectly predicted a plane crash! Read on and you’ll see…

This Kid Is Going To Grow Up To Be Hannibal Lecter, Right?


This is creepy on so many levels, and I can’t blame the guy for leaving the amusement park. There’s nothing amusing about a child talking about eating people. How does this kid know how people taste?

I did a Google search to see if the kid was repeating a line from a movie or TV show…and he wasn’t. He had this thought on his own and shared it with this poor guy. But it gets worse…

This Kid Knows Too Much


I’m pretty sure cats necks don’t just snap on their own. But even if they did, WHY WOULD THIS FREAKIN’ KID SMILE ABOUT IT?!

Seriously, something is not right here. Anyway, this kid is nowhere NEAR as creepy as the kid who predicted his own mom’s death. That one is coming up…

This Kid Legit Sees Ghosts


This one is so creepy because the kid is being so SPECIFIC. If he just said, “I see a ghost!” then I’d say he was lying or looking for attention.

But his level of details is what makes my skin shudder. Anyway, keep reading to hear about a kid who has some questions about poison…

This One Is Too Much, RIGHT???


Seriously, what if this was YOUR kid? What would you do? Time to visit an exorcist, right?

These words would NEVER come from a child, right? This is a straight-up demon talking.

Her ‘Special Friend Sings To Her?!’


If this story doesn’t give you chills, nothing will.

On the PLUS side, if a kid is going to see a ghost, it’s probably for the best that the ghost is “singing” as opposed to doing something much, much worse…

He Has Some Questions… About Poison


Why would a child think this? I feel like if I kid is saying this, he probably has a good REASON. I’d be curious to know more about his living situation.

A kid should NEVER have this thought. There must be more to this story. Same thing with the story coming about the kid who predicted his mom’s death!

Not The Nicest Card In History


Okay, maybe this kid is just confused.

From the handwriting, the kid looks pretty young. Maybe we can forgive this one. But the next one….has NO good explanation. See for yourself…

Coincidence? Or Something More…


I know, I know, it’s probably a coincidence. Those happen all the time. The scary thing is that the kid drew this picture in the first place.

What must be going on in a kid’s head to make her draw this?! What a poor life she must have. But as you’ll see, it’s about to get a whole lot worse…

This One’s Too Much


Really think about that. Imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she said that to you.

What would you do? Take her to a doctor? The police? It’s probably too scary to think about…so keep reading so you can hear about the kid who freaked out a mortician.

Cat Cross


This story is a little different because it’s told from the kid’s point of view. Also, it seems like a simple misunderstanding. A morbid one, though!

But compared to what’s coming up, it’s not so bad…

Please No


It started off so cute, right? Then took a turn, as these stories do.

This makes you feel like you’re never really safe. Anyway, I bet that kid got locked in his room for the rest of the night.

A Reasonable Question About Ghosts


If you’re around dead bodies all the time, there’s probably not a lot of things that can creep you out. BUT, when it comes from a kid, everything changes…

You have to wonder what happened to the kid to make her ask this! Anyway, we’re about to hear from a kid who has… a disturbing way of making her new sibling feel at home…

Death Is Near


Again, it’s hard to decide if this one is creepy…or just misunderstanding.

But sometimes, it’s that gray area that makes things especially weird. Anyway, the next one is something different….

Okay, This One Is Funny


Surely this one is a joke, right? Like Stewie from Family Guy!

Of course, if it’s not a joke, then it’s the craziest story ever. But it’s surely a joke. NOT like this next one…

Let’s Not Do This To Our Baby


Okay, this one is NOT okay. Straight-up NOT OKAY. This kid needs to see a doctor or a priest or something ASAP.

I hope these parents do not leave these two kids alone EVER. And I hope you’re ready to hear about the kid who is actively planning to kill his mother…

This One Is Freaky, But Not Awful


Of course ghosts can be freaky.

But if you believe in them and believe this girl, then it’s actually pretty sweet that she’s reading with her grandmother. That is, until things take a turn like they do for this next kid…

The Dress


What if this was your niece? Would you ask her questions all day? Would you stay away from her?

Either she has the power to predict the future…or…I don’t even know. At least it’s not as bad as what’s coming up RIGHT NOW.

Feeling Something


If this kid is trying to make a joke, IT IS NOT FUNNY. But really this kid is too young to be making jokes like that.

There is nothing okay about this conversation!

Imagine What He’ll Grow Up To Be


Again, it’s hard to tell if the kid is making a joke here…or really just a psychopath in training.

Luckily, there’s only 1 more of these to go. Let’s get through it, then try to sleep tonight.

Girl Describes How She Died


Just think about that. Imagine her saying that to YOU.

If it’s too much to handle, you can just tap “NEXT POST” and move on to something less creepy and more uplifting!!