Reasons Why Your Perfectly Planned Vacation Is Already In Shambles

blog | Rick Lax & Friends | 4/30/18

Going on vacation is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. When you think about going away, you probably picture warm sandy beaches, relaxing waves, and good vibes. For these people, good vibes seem to be in short supply. Traveling can be a hassle and a half. Sometimes it’s just better to stay home.

Read on to see road trips gone wrong, the worst plane seats in America, and what jealous homebodies do when you leave them unattended. You’ll be canceling that annual trip to Vegas in no time.

An Unbearable Situation


Photo Credit: Brns74 / Reddit

These passengers just landed in Alaska, but they can’t get off the plane because there’s a polar bear on the tarmac. I have a feeling this is not one of the friendly, Coke drinking polar bears.

Is it too late for this plane to turn around and go right back where it came from?

No Room, No View


Photo Credit: NickJD / Reddit

When you request a window seat for an overseas flight, it would be nice to get a seat with an actual window. I guess that this is still better than ending up in a middle seat.

Looking at a blank wall is better than having a prime view of some stranger’s earhole.

This Doesn’t Look Right


Photo Credit: never_grow_old / Reddit

Imagine: you’ve packed your bags for a tropical vacation in sunny Jamaica. You’ve got bottles of sunscreen, brightly colored bathing suits, and empty containers for smuggling home Jamaican rum.

Then your plane lands in Jamaica, Iowa. In December. I think it’s time to find a new travel agent. Keep reading for a plane seat that’s even worse than a window seat with no window.

Caught Red— Chested


Photo Credit: greree / Reddit

Looks like this guy fell asleep in the sun with a bottle of something potent. If only he had covered his whole body in bottles of alcohol; then he wouldn’t have to deal with a nasty sunburn on the other 80% of his torso.

Never forget your SPF.

The Sign Doesn’t Lie


Photo Credit: wynstn / Reddit

This dude is a nervous flyer. His wife snapped this picture of him right before they hopped on a plane to their honeymoon destination.

You can’t argue with fate. If you are also afraid of flying (AKA a wimp), some quick cognitive behavioral therapy will clear that right up.

Well, This Is Not Ideal


Photo Credit: ganeofprunes / Reddit

The guy who took this photo is on a red-eye flight to Seatle. He doesn’t know those kids. That’s his seat in the middle.

I think I would just get off the plane and go home. I’m sorry Seattle, but no Space Needle is impressive enough to warrant this nightmare. Read on for another subpar plane seat that would make anyone hate flying.

Serious Spillage


Photo Credit: @ashleykewish / Twitter

This travel disaster is what nightmares are made of. If I knew going on vacation would mean the demise of a perfectly good (and expensive) face cream, and the utter destruction of my toiletry bag, I would have stayed home.

Why aren’t all cosmetics completely jostle-resistant?

Unintentional Pirates


Photo Credit: @tamarahollin / Instagram

If only this couple had two pairs of the same sunglasses. Then they could pop the lens out of one and stick it in the other.

One person with two UV protected eyes is better than two people with one protected eye each. It’s simple math.

The Chosen One


Photo Credit: airportspecial / Reddit

This unlucky person got the only broken screen on the whole plane. Being on a long haul flight is punishment enough.

Being on a long haul flight with no ability to watch a nature documentary about the lifecycle of the African giraffe? That’s torture. Read on for the worst way to start a road trip.

Tired Of This Nonsense


Photo Credit: @thegreatnateofkiev / Instagram

You don’t often think about planes having flat tires— broken wings, sure, a damaged fuel tank, maybe, but I thought only land vehicles had tire problems.

Now I have another thing to freak out about when I’m 40,000 feet up and worried about every bump and bit of turbulence.

Pics Or It DIdn’t Happen


Photo Credit: @hwyattt83 / Instagram

This camera lens broke on the first day of vacation, so we aren’t going to be seeing any high-resolution photos of national landmarks or lush vistas from this Instagram user any time soon.

Looks like her iPhone camera still works though. Ah, the wonders of technology.

I Want To Hold Your Hand


Photo Credit: trixy_mia / Reddit

Family road trips are always challenging. This son isn’t making spending hours in a cramped car any easier for his mom.

The only thing worse than toes and fingers intertwined is toes intertwined with someone else’s toes. When on a long road trip it’s best to abide by the old adage, keep your hands (and feet) to yourself. Read on for some parents who managed to prank their kid, for a change.

Water Water Everywhere


Photo Credit: kevinv1990 / Reddit

This guy is going to enjoy his vacation in Thailand, come hell or high water. Well, high water came, and he enjoyed the hell out of it.

Not sure why the umbrella is necessary though. If he’s hoping to stay dry, he should probably look for some indoor Thai activities.

Blown Rubber


Photo Credit: ItsBritBish / Reddit

This family’s road trip came to a screeching halt when they encountered some tire trouble. The photographer’s grandmother apparently said, “can’t we just put some air in it until we get to the next town?”

Then she saw what happened. No amount of air is going to fix this disaster.

If The Sign Fits…


Photo Credit: catword / Reddit

When the subject of this photo was 12 years old, her parents had her stand under this sign for a funny photo op. A good sense of humor is always an asset on long road trips.

This is parenting at its finest. Ten out of ten parenting. Read ahead for the best reason not to go on vacation.

Spit Take


Photo Credit: distinguishedbaloney / Tumblr

This mom was casually spitting the shells of sunflower seeds out her window while driving. I guess she forgot that her daughter’s window was also open…

Maybe the next time you’re on a road trip, you’ll opt for some safer snacks— or you’ll learn why it’s never a good idea to litter.

Foiled Plans


Photo Credit: Jeeonta / Reddit

The guy who lives in this room went on vacation. While he was away, his twin brother covered every inch of his space with tin foil.

If he had stayed home, his room would be perfectly foil-free right now. See, this is why you shouldn’t go on vacation (and why you should buy a better brother).

Catch Me If You Can


Photo Credit: phobos00000 / Reddit

Here’sanother example of the mischief your “friends” could get up to while you’re away on vacation. The guy who works in this office hates Leonardo DiCaprio. While he was on vacation, his employees covered his workspace with photos of the now Oscar-winning actor.

Who hates Leo DiCaprio? What is wrong with people?

Damaged In Transit


Photo Credit: @kosnarland / Twitter

When this Twitter user checked her luggage with Jetstar Airways, her suitcase had four working wheels. When she picked it up form the carousel, it somehow only had three.

There must be some wheel-eating monsters stowed away in that plane. Either that or Jetstar’s baggage handlers are more like baggage kickers and ruiners.

Photos Capture The Tender Moments


Photo Credit: toastypony / Reddit

This lovely couple went on a lovely beach vacation. The young woman’s father snapped a picture of what he thought was a cute kayak moment. Turns out, her boyfriend just asked her to hold on to his boat while he threw up into the water.

Naturally, she blew up the photo and put it on a blanket.