Just Some Pictures Of Celebrities Being Way Too Awkward For This Life

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/10/18

Celebrities— they’re just like us. And by that I mean, they’re just as awkward as we are. Sometimes they’re even more awkward than we are. Have you ever seen Jay Z ride a jet ski? It’s super awkward. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

Also, just a warning that the next picture on this list may turn you off baby carrots forever.

Glenn Close Gets Close To Some Carrots

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

How many baby carrots can you fit in your mouth? Not as many as Glenn Close, I bet. It looks like she’s birthing a brood of carrots from her mouth hole.

They don’t call them baby carrots for nothing. Why would she do this on a talk show?

When Jessica Simpson Went Full Willy Nelson

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I really admire Jessica Simpson’s commitment here. That beard is something else. I can’t tell if this is super cringey or super impressive.

It’s probably both. The shorts are a nice touch. It’s like she snuck a little piece of her own personal style into the costume. It’s not just Willy Nelson— it’s Jessica Simpson as Willy Nelson.

Leo DiCaprio Is An Awkward Fish

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Nobody looks good in a diving mask and flippers, not even Leonardo DiCaprio. He makes diving gear look about as graceful as it can look, but even his dashing good looks are no match for plastic goggles.

I still like him though. Let’s see a bear try to eat him in those things.

Whoopi Goldberg Is With An Awkward Fish

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I don’t know how she is holding that dead fish so close to her mouth. I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled a dead fish before, but they don’t smell very good.

Whoopi Goldberg can handle it though. She’s strong. She has a nose of steel.

Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Neil deGrasse Tyson looks like he really doesn’t want to be hugging that white robot. His body is trying to say "everything’s fine," but his face is saying "run for your lives, they’re taking over!"

If Neil deGrasse Tyson is scared, we should all be scared.

Sad Paul Giamatti Is Sad

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I don’t know who took this picture of a despondent Paul Giamatti on a subway, but that person deserves a Pulitzer.

The composition of this photo is just top-notch. Kudos to you, sir or madam. You have a real winner on your hands. The way that the color of his jeans contrasts with the color of the seats is très magnifique.

Al Sharpton’s Selfie Game

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Is he trying to take a picture of his face or his body? I don’t know if he knows that mirror is there or not. He must know. How could he not know?

He must be trying to show off the back of his scrawny bod. Awkward.

Bald Vince Vaughan Is A Thing To Behold

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I don’t know if this is for a role or if Vince Vaughan is actually bald now. Whatever the situation is, I don’t like it. Somebody put Vince Vaughan’s hair back where it came from or so help me…

I mean, it doesn’t look horrible— it just doesn’t look like Vince Vaughan.

Rhianna Examines A Limp French Fry

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

She looks so happy about it. It’s like she’s thinking, "I know you’re limp, little fry, but I’m still gonna eat you because you’re delicious just the way you are."

As if we needed more reasons to believe that Rhianna is a hero. She is queen of the fries.

One Thumb Up From Sigourney Weaver

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Even Sigourney Weaver knows that Avatar isn’t worth two thumbs up. It’s worth one thumb up maybe, but we can’t really trust Sigourney’s opinion because she was in the movie.

These blue people standing around her aren’t helping. Get them out of my sight. Their makeup isn’t even blended well.

Matt Damon And Edna Mode

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Matt Damon always looks like he’s in a situation ironically. It’s like he knows he’s awkward, and he’s in on the joke. Also, he has nice arms, so nobody really cares if he seems awkward or not.

Edna Mode looks like she wants a piece of those Matt Damon arms.

Kim Cattrall Is Smarter Than She Looks

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I’m sure Kim Cattrall is very smart. She was the only one of the Sex and the City actresses to know better than to attempt to make a third movie. Clearly, she has brains.

I don’t know if this blue getup is very flattering though. That graduation hat looks more like a chef’s hat.

Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Remember when we got a sneak peek at Ben Affleck’s giant phoenix back tattoo and he was like, "nah it’s not real, it’s just for a movie."

But then we saw these pictures and we knew that it was real. Affleck just lied about that for some reason? Like he immediately regretted getting a giant phoenix tattooed on his back and he wanted to deny that it ever happened.

Oprah’s Bountiful Harvest

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

If you know anything about Orpah, you know she loves her garden. She’s aways bragging about how many limes her lime tree gave her this year, and how big her freshly picked tomatoes are.

We get it Oprah, you’re perfect. You don’t have to keep rubbing your vegetables in our faces.

I’m Not Surprised

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

This is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Post Malone. With a face like that, it’s almost like he belongs in the center of a circle of IRL anime characters.

He’s having a good time, and that’s all that really matters. The girls look like they’re having a good time too.

Jay Z Is Too Cool For Jet Skis

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

It is impossible to look chill and ride a jet ski at the same time. Do not attempt. Jay Z attempted to do that, and look how it turned out.

I mean, it’s an excellent picture, but you are not Jay Z. You can’t just do whatever you want.

Name A More Iconic Duo

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I do not know the context behind this photo and I do not need to know the context behind this photo. All I know is that Elton John And Flavor Flav look rad as heck.

Whether you’re a king or a viking, you deserve one huge thumb up from Flavor Flav.

Low Blow, LiLo

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

Lindsay Lohan posted this photo on Instagram and suggested that she’d like to play Ariel opposite Meryl Streep’s Ursula. Um, excuse me? Are you suggesting that Meryl Streep looks like Ursula? How do you think she’d feel about this "dream?"

Don’t disrespect Meryl Streep like that.

Dame Judi Dench Is Dame Good On The Saxophone

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I don’t know if she’s really playing the sax in this picture or not, but I do know that this is a pretty random snapshot. Who knew that Judi Dench even touched a saxophone? I’ve never touched a saxophone.

Judi Dench is better than all of us.

Arnold In His Natural Environment

Photo Credit: @officialseanpenn / Instagram

I think all of those animals are fake. Or maybe they were real at one point, but now they’re stuffed. I’m not sure why Arnold Schwarzenegger is sitting amongst a bunch of stuffed animals, and perhaps I will never know.

I appreciate this picture anyway. Arnold looks so at peace.