People On The Internet Listed The Ugly Celebrities They Have A Crush On But Are Too Embarrassed To Admit, And It’s Tragically Hilarious

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/10/18

Let’s be honest — everyone has a weird celebrity crush. It’s that person who is unconventionally attractive in your eyes. A lot of the time you fall in love with the character they play and that love for them seeps into their real life as well.

There are many Hollywood hunks and princesses that are commonly the apple of our eye. I’m thinking of Channing Tatum, Angelina Jolie, Liam Hemsworth and Gal Gadot to name a few. But, there are also the celebs that we’re embarrassed to say we have a crush on. These are those celebrities.

He Could Be Your Shawty

CFlanigan/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The Emmy Award-winning actor is the first person to crack the list. He comes in at 4 ft 4 which also makes him the shortest in the article. He was born with achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism.

Dinklage is best known for portraying Tyrion Lannister in the series Game of Thrones.

A Golden Choice

Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Jeff Goldblum has starred in some of the highest-grossing films of his era. He had a part in Jurassic Park, Independence Day as well as their respective sequels.

He looks like every liberal arts dad ever. He’s the dad who wants you to “do whatever makes you happy” and to “go with the flow”.

A Bit Of A Dark Horse On This List

Awakening/Getty Images

Not many people would have Pennywise from the movie IT. Many people criticize the make-up technique and claim that it’s a bit of a “cake face”.

I would have to agree with this sentiment. I’m also not a huge fan of its clothing choices. They’re a bit tacky and I think that the matching clown outfit is SO 2007.

Lady Nah-Nah

Marilla Sicilia/Archivio Marilla Sicilia/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me whatsoever. On one hand, when she looks like a human being she can be very pretty.

On the other hand, when she dresses in a meat dress or has some sort of contraption on her head that makes her look like she’s sent straight from Mars — it’s a bit of a different story.

He’s Just Not My Stiles

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

And the understatement of the year goes to this person who said that Ryan Stiles is not “conventionally attractive”.

Ryan is a great actor and improv-er, but I don’t think we’re going to be seeing him in any Calvin Klein ads anytime soon. If we do I think we’ll start to see some serious decline in sales. I’m not a doctor though.

No Shame, No Game

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Well, everyone has their own brand and their own preference when it comes to how someone looks. Gene Wilder in general isn’t anything to double look at, and neither is Willy Wonka.

Although, the perks of dating him would be immense, especially if you had any sort of sweet tooth.


Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

It’s crazy to think that Rickman’s first movie role was that of Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

I have a feeling that he’s not on many “celebrity hall pass” lists so I don’t think that this person is going to have to fight many people for him. But, it’d be quite the show if he went on Jerry Springer.


JB Lacroix/WireImage

If you’re a fan of The Office, you probably agree with this choice quite a bit. She won’t be on any “the hottest in Hollywood” lists but there’s something to her.

It’s also interesting to note that she originally audtioned to be Pam but she didn’t get it. They called her back and offered her the spot to be the b**** from accounting.

Get You A Man That’s Educated

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Craig Robinson has some serious swag. He doesn’t even need it in his real life because on the big screen his characters have more than enough.

What also helps Craig is that he has a BA from Illinois State University, AND a Master’s of Education from Saint Xavier University. Imagine having Darryl from The Office as your teacher? One can dream.

He Looks Like A Glass Of Milk

Rich Fury/Getty Images

How in the world does someone look like a piece of celery? I guess if anyone can pull that off it’s probably Benedict.

He does have a very weird look to him. He’s kind of tall like a praying mantis, and has the face of an alpaca. On the bright side, no one else in the world can take that from him.

Ode’ To Joy


I agree, Bob Odenkirk certainly isn’t the ugliest celebrity, but he’s also no George Clooney. The 55-year-old is past his prime but that doesn’t mean he’s not drawing any attention from the ladies.

Hey, if you look like Bob does in his mid-50s then I think it’s safe to say you’re doing a good job.

Drive It Home

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Adam Driver aka Adam Sackler from the hit show Girls has made his way to the chopping block.

Let’s talk about what’s good about his look. He’s, uh, unique looking in the sense that his head looks like it got squished in a panini press. He also has a great hairline, so there’s that.

You’re Still A Goddess No Matter What They Say

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Tilda, Tilda, Tilda. One of the most unique looking actresses in showbiz. She’s an Academy Award winner who you may know from being the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

It’s hard to be seen as a stunner when most people know you as the White Witch. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most people don’t think of witches as overly attractive beings.

I Can (Chel)See It

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine then you’re also probably aware of Chelsea Peretti. She’s a very funny comedian and was ranked in the “75 Best Twitter Accounts To Follow” by Paste Magazine.

She’s married to Jordan Peele so that’s pretty awesome. To top it off she’s also someone on the internet’s “ugly crush”. That has to count for something.

Most People Are Saying Piment-NO

FOX via Getty Images

Another post, another Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast member. This time, it’s Adrian Pimento (aka Jason Mantzoukas).

Mantzoukas is in his prime in this picture. Who doesn’t love a man who doesn’t look like he’s showered in four days and is wielding a fire extinguisher? That’s a man’s man if you ask me.

This Is A No Brainer

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Now this is an odd choice. I don’t think that many people think Rami Malek is overly ugly.

It should be against the law to be considered unattractive if you have jaw line like this. If your jaw can literally cut diamonds than I feel like you’re made for the big screen.

Lorde Have Mercy

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Other than being the most famous pop star to come out of New Zealand, she’s also apparently the apple of someone’s eye.

I do have to say, it’s too bad she became famous after the Adam’s Family died out because she would be a perfect cast member. I mean that in the best possible way.

Don’t Be A Hader

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

The three-time Emmy nominated actor and former star of Saturday Night Live has snuck into the end of the list.

Although he’s not conventionally a good looking guy, he’s tall and that seems to be the only thing girls are looking for nowadays. As long as someone is over six feet they’re interested.

You’re Doing God’s Work

JB Lacroix/WireImage

We need more kind hearted people out there who will give more love to the “ugly boys”. Eric Andre is a comedian, and a good one at that.

He’s been reported to have been in a relationship with Rosario Dawson who is very easy on the eyes. So he’s doing just fine for himself.

Let’s Hope That Personality Counts

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

For all of us ugly people, we love to read things like “personality counts”. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it’s all that true anymore.

Buscemi has an uphill battle to climb in order to be seen as a good looking celebrity crush. Basically every Adam Sandler movie he’s portrayed as a homeless person so that didn’t do him any favors.