Seeing These Photos Of Actors And Their Stunt Doubles Ruins Everything

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/23/18

It must be hard to be an action movie superstar. Not only are they asked to portray larger than life figures, but they’re asked to do some pretty crazy stunts to make the film really pop.

While some actors are willing to go above and beyond in order to make the movie an instant classic, most actors have a stunt double or two to make sure they stay safe. Seeing these actors with their stunt doubles kind of ruins everything, but these doubles deserve their moment in the sun.

I Wouldn’t Want To Cross Uma Thurman Or Her Stunt Double Zoe Bell


Sometimes the actors in movies are so convincing that it’s jarring to remember that they didn’t do most of those incredible scenes. Uma Thurman is a force to be reckoned with in Kill Bill Vol 1 and Kill Bill Vol 2, but it was all the work of Zoe Bell.

Maybe I need to reevaluate all my heroes to find out if they have stunt doubles.

Tom Hardy Has Had His Fair Share Of Stunt Doubles


To be honest, did they even need to cast Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight franchise? With the mask on, you can hardly tell it’s Hardy. And you can barely understand Bane when he talks.

To cut costs, they should have just had Hardy’s stunt double act in the entire film.

Double De Niro

Stephen Trevor Morgan/Pinterest

As if one Robert De Niro isn’t enough. Imagine having two of them on set! All jokes aside, De Niro needs a double to pick up a full-grown human and place him over his head.

By the look on his face, you can tell he was thankful he didn’t have to handle all the weight.

His Name Is Bond

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

The character of James Bond is quite the stuntman, but Daniel Craig is not. Unless Jackie Chan became Bond, chances are the star is going to need a double.

Here Craig is alongside his stuntman as they look to be practicing a move.

So You’re Saying There Are Two Ways To Get With Thor?


Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton is well known in the stunt world for being the long-time double for Chris Hemsworth. Usually, everyone forgets about the stuntman, but Hanton has captured the attention of his 110,000 Instagram followers. Anyone who looks like Thor but is an actual bad boy is bound to capture the attention of all the ladies out there.

The 33-year-old stuntman started his career at just four-years-old…sort of. This is when he became a gymnast — something which surely gave him a foundation for the death-defying stunts he pulls off.

Did Something Go Wrong With The Flux Capacitor And Make Four Martys?


We must truly be in the future because I don’t just see double, I see quadruple. It isn’t always just a stuntman who can stand in for the actor. Here, Michael J Fox is pictured with his photo double Kevin Holloway, his stand-in Robert Bennett, and stunt double Charlie Croughwell.

Fox and Croughwell have been friends for years and have even starred in films together. Besides Back to the Future, Croughwell has made appearances in Light of Day, The Secret of My Succe$s, Bright Lights, Big City, The Hard Way, and many other of Fox’s films.

Not Sure Why A WWE Wrestler Needs A Stunt Double


When WWE wrestler Dave Bautista was cast for the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, we were all a bit confused. Bautista had to go to acting classes, but at least he could do all his own stunts, right? Wrong.

Even though Bautista came from the wrestling world, the directors still had Robert de Groot stand-in for his stunts.

Stunt doubles just have to look like the actors. There are no rules saying that they need to be close in age or gender.

Harrison Ford Knows Actors Should Appreciate The Help


Most actors know that they wouldn’t be as successful without the help of their doubles. Here, Harrison Ford sent his double Vic Armstrong a photo thanking him for all his hard work. Armstrong even did a few acting scenes when Ford injured his back while filming Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Armstrong’s resume goes beyond the traditional stunt double. He set a Guinness Book record for being the world’s most prolific stuntman! In addition to being a stunt double, he also works of a director, stunt coordinator, and second unit director.

Carrie Fisher And Her Double Look Like BFFs


This photo of Carrie Fisher and her stunt double, Tracey Eddon, sunbathing on the set of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi proves how they often become friends. Fisher famously kills Jabba while wearing the scandalous gold bikini pictured. The directors asked if Fisher wanted her stunt double for the scene, but she was adamant she wanted to kill Jabba herself.

Eddon is a British stuntwoman who started her career in the early ’80s in An American Werewolf. As of 2016, she is still working, most recently in Doctor Strange.

Chandler Riggs’ Double Is A 33-Year-Old Woman


Stunt doubles aren’t always similar in age or even gender. They just have to look alike when they’re in costume. Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead,has a stunt double who is a 23-year-old woman named Emily Brobst.

Female stunt doubles are common for younger males since most older men are too stocky for young boys who haven’t hit puberty yet.

Stunt doubles aren’t always used just for movies or T.V. Jennifer Lopez had an interesting looking double for a music video.

The Rock’s Stunt Double Is His Cousin

Larry Marano/Getty Images

If being friends with your stunt double wasn’t enough, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took it a step further. The Rock’s double is his cousin, Tanoai Reed. Reed has been The Rock’s double since 2002 on the set of The Scorpion King. Reed has admitted he likes being his cousin’s stuntman because it keeps him in great physical shape.

Since he began working as a stunt double nearly two decades ago, Reed has built himself an impressive filmography. He’s been in more than 30 films!

Ian McKellan Needed A Bit Of Help For Height


There have been stories of directors and assistants mistaking stunt doubles for the real actors, but I don’t think that would happen with Ian McKellan’s doubles. His regular double looks more like a Hobbit than a wizard. And his other double, well, I think we know why they wouldn’t get messed up.

Despite their differences, McKellan’s stunt doubles make it work. They are used in the majority of running and sword fighting scenes through The Hobbit.

J-Lo’s Double Has Cheekbones That Could Kill


Stunt doubles aren’t just in movies and television. Jennifer Lopez had to use a stand-in for some scenes in a music video. While filming the video for “Follow the Leader,” J-Lo was subbed out for a mystery male stuntman who can rock her hair and makeup.

The two look amazingly similar in this behind-the-scenes photo, each rocking tight black leggings and matching black jackets.

The stuntwoman coming up shows just how undervalued the job can be.

Apparently, There Is Someone Out There As Jacked As Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t have a cousin to be his stunt double, so producers on his films have to go out and try to find someone built like him. Arnold and his double Peter Kent, seen here on the set of Commando, is the definition of an absolute unit.

Kent is widely regarded as one of the best stuntmen of all time. I guess when you are the one chosen to perform the stunts deemed too dangerous for Arnold Schwarzenegger, you rightfully get bragging rights!

We Should Get Double The Swordfights In Game of Thrones


Brienne of Tarth and The Hound are two pretty intimidating characters, and their stunt doubles look just as scary. I wouldn’t want to cross one of them, nevermind all four at once.

This photo was taken after Brianne and The Hound’s epic fight at the end of season four.

Wonder Women


Lynda Carter was the feminist icon behind Wonder Woman in the 1970s, but it wouldn’t have been possible without her double, Jeannie Epper.

Back in 1975, Epper only received $250 a day to leap off buildings, get hit by cars, and do all the things Wonder Woman has to do to save the world.

Quvenzhané Wallis Legally Needed A Stunt Double


Even if Quvenzhané Wallis wanted to do her own stunts on the set of Annie, it would have been a lawsuit waiting to happen since she was only ten years old. Her stunt double is noticeably older.

It must be weird to be an adult woman wearing a mini denim skirt while singing show tunes.

Any Italian 40-Year-Old From Chicago Can Look Like Marc Ruffalo

Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Image

Some of these stunt doubles don’t look anything like the actors they’re portraying, but others, like Anthony Molinari, look way too close for comfort.

Molinari has been a stunt double for George Clooney and Jeremy Renner, but we all know he’s destined to follow Marc Ruffalo around forever.

According to the stuntman coming up, this actor actually asks for tips and advice to do his own stunts.

Ladies Of The Internet Love Having Two Chris Pratts


First, there were two Chris Hemsworths, and now there are two Chris Pratts. What did we do to deserve the blessing of four Chris’s?

Pratt’s stunt double Tony McFarr has been with him for Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and Avengers: Infinity War.

Tony Angelotti Almost Died While Filming Pirates of the Caribbean


Being a stunt double isn’t all just fun and games. Johnny Depp’s double for the Pirates of the Carribean franchise almost died during a “human yo-yo” scene.

Tony Angelotti did something unusual and sued Walt Disney Co. Stunt doubles usually don’t sue, because they believe it could jeopardize future work.

Lowkey, These Loki Doubles Are Freaky


Did we just enter the Matrix? This photo of Tom Hiddleston and his stunt doubles has us doing a double take.

Apparently, Hiddleston tries to do a lot of his own stunts. He will ask the stuntmen onset what the best way to flip in the air is, or how to land on his feet.

Two Times The Little Monsters


If one Harley Quinn is hard to manage, I’m scared to think what two of them could get up to. Margot Robbie’s stunt double Ingrid Kleinig is also a double for another well-known actress, Evangeline Lily.

Kleinig subbed in for Lily in The Hobbit and Ant-Man.

Spidey Caught Wearing Pants

Bobby Bank/WireImage

You never thought you’d see the day where Spider-Man was wearing pants. Well, today is that day. Here is the swinging hero on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

We don’t know why the stunt double is wearing pants but it makes for a good conversation starter. Like, how are they going to make those pants disappear on screen?

Ben Number Two

Ben Affleck/Instagram

Tough chance trying to find someone who looks like Ben Affleck other than his brother. This stunt double got the facial hair down, but he doesn’t have the same young glow as Affleck.

This was taken in Hawaii and happened to be the fifth movie these two have worked on together.

Double Brad, Double Rad

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

We’re sorry we had to be the ones to break the news that Brad Pitt doesn’t do his own stunts. We weren’t sure at first, but here is the proof.

He may not perform his own stunts, but he does have his own look. Hollywood might never find someone with his Pitt’s look again.

Two Vamps For The Price Of One

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

Robert Pattinson used to be every teenage girl’s crush when the Twilight movie was popular. His glory days might be long gone but he still has a few crushes.

Judging off this picture, you might never find another crush who looks as good if Hollywood couldn’t find anyone remotely as good-looking.

No Magic Here

Molnar Illdiko/Pinterest

This isn’t a magic trick. This is the boy who helped Rupert Grint pull off some of the wizardly stunts Grint performed.

They totally nailed the hair and the awkward half-smile. It looks like a match made in heaven. Grint probably enjoyed letting someone else run away from the giant spiders in Harry Potter.

Seeing Double LaBeouf

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

The world probably wouldn’t be able to handle two Shia LaBeouf’s. There would be too much yelling going on for one.

He might also try and convince us that he is twice as famous as anyone that has ever lived. Just thinking about it makes for an interesting day.

The Twilight Zone

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

Here is part two of seeing double with the Twilight stars. Taylor Lautner had his fair share of women fawning over him and perhaps his stunt double did too.

The two seem to appear to be really close in this image and probably developed a strong friendship as the movie series grew bigger.

Seeing Triple

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

When you’ve done as much as one Bruce Willis, you might need an extra double. The Die Hard actor apparently has two stunt doubles on set with him.

Maybe this is just in case the other one gets hurt attempting to do some of the stunts his movies call for.

Are Two Travolta’s Enough?


Maybe we’re missing something but shouldn’t that other John Travolta have some grey in his hair? Other than that, these two have the same body shape and look to be the same height.

We didn’t know this macho man needed a stunt double, but someone needs to do the heavy lifting.

Twice The Captain

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

Chris Evans is one of one. He’s the perfect fit for Captain America as well, but he can’t do all of those heroic actions on his own.

Many would like to believe he can. We wonder how many stunts he actually tries on his own without the double. Marvel also wouldn’t want their star to get hurt.

More Magical Doubles

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

This photo looks like it was taken during the third Harry Potter movie. Emma Watson was still growing up at this time, so it wasn’t easy to find an adult stunt double that looked like her.

The Ronald Weasly stunt double had a more accurate look. This looks like a spell gone wrong.

Big-Will Style

Nancy Kama/ Pinterest

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Will Smith doesn’t do his own stunts. Just one of the many ways he keeps his body safe so that he can continue making great films.

He’s been in a lot of films that involve some high action, so we’re sure his doubles are paid heftily.

The Last Magician

Kailey Christlieb/Pinterest

We mustn’t forget the leader of the pack. There would be no Harry Potter with Daniel Radcliffe. That means his stunt double is just as important.

Radcliffe’s original stunt double was actually paralyzed from an on-set accident, but the two still remain close friends. Radcliffe is very thankful for the sacrificed his injured double did for him.

Two Foxy Foxs

Maddy Hatter/Pinterest

Every young man’s dream just came true in this picture. Two Meghan Fox’s for the price of one. The other even looks very similar to her.

We wonder if Fox was sharing secrets of the acting business with her double? You know, dishing some facts out in between takes.

Zac Needs A Bigger Double

Jill Scott/Pinterest

We all know Zac Efron from his High School Musical days. Back then he was a shrimp. He has now evolved into a hunky shark.

Pretty soon, he’s going to be the size of The Rock. It also looks like his stunt double is a bit bigger than he is. Probably for added effect.

From Doctor To Stunts

Stephen Trevor Morgan/Pinterest

Patrick Dempsey was a beloved TV surgeon before he decided he wanted to leave that world. He really enjoys speed racing.

Here, you can see him in his action stance as his double looks off into the distance waiting for his time. We knew they couldn’t find another person that was anywhere near as McDreamy.

The Falcon Needs Another

Stephen Trevor Morgan/Pinterest

Anthony Mackie went from rap sensation in 8 Mile to being Captain America’s sidekick. That’s a huge turnaround and one that calls for a double!

If even Chris Evans needs a stunt double then his buddy is sure to have one as well. Here he’s telling him not to lean too far or else he’ll fall off and have to find a new double.

Wait A Minute…

Reese Bryson/Pinterest

We told you at the start Tom Cruise didn’t need a stunt double. He insists on doing his own tricks and flips. But there comes a time when every man must be humbled.

As people get older their bodies betray them. Cruise is not exempt from this apparently. Here he is with a rare stunt double.