So Apparently Harry Styles Dresses Like Gonzo From The Muppets, And Now That’s All We Can See

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/24/18

There are plenty of reasons why we look up to celebrities. Sometimes it’s their amazing talent, while other times it’s how they use their wealth to give back to the community. Also, there’s their sense of style. While many of us might look to Harry Styles for his… style, it turns out he might have been getting his look from one of our favorite Muppets.

Yes, people around the world are now discovering that Harry Styles has been stealing Gonzo’s look all this time. We have the pictures to prove it.

Yellow, It’s Me…

Photo Credit: @donnyskatelouis / Twitter & @GozotheGreat / Twitter

Gonzo and Harry can both rock a yellow suit. Gonzo’s mustard gingham number is oh so Gonzo, and Harry’s electric yellow houndstooth two-piece is oh so Styles.

Harry’s look was obviously inspired by Gonzo’s, but he’s put his own spin on it. He’s made it his own.