Some Of Our Favorite Celebs Have Been Hiding These Incredible Talents

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/24/18

It shouldn’t be too shocking to hear that celebrities are pretty talented people. I mean, they became famous because of that talent, whether it be acting, singing, or anything else that might make a person famous.

However, it shouldn’t be shocking to hear that these celebs are more than a one-trick pony. They have some hidden talents that might make you look at them in a whole new light.

Kristen Stewart Can Juggle

Kristen Stewart is known more for her dramatic break-up with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson than her acting talent, but there is something that the 27-year-old is unbeatable at – juggling. In 2010, when the Twilight saga was still a thing, Kristen made an appearance on Lopez Tonight to show host George Lopez her skills, and they were impressive.

It takes a lot of skill and coordination to accurately juggle, so Kristen, we salute you. If her career as an actress ever goes down the drain, at least she can join the circus!