The True Story Behind The “Blind Side” Is Stranger Than Fiction

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/23/18

A person’s life can change overnight, and that seems especially true for professional athletes. It’s not uncommon to see these young men and women come from nothing to all of a sudden be flush with cash and fame.

Michael Oher is one of the most interesting stories about a young man becoming a professional football player after being raised by a drug-addicted mother. His story was turned into an Oscar-winning movie, but did they get everything right?

Michael Stayed With Several Families Before Choosing The Tuohys

Michael didn’t elect to stay with the Tuohys until several months after he encountered them during Thanksgiving break. He lived with a mechanic named Tony Henderson (a.k.a. Big Tony) for a while. Michael also lived with at least five other families when his coaches found out he was homeless.

Sean Tuohy told 20/20: “He’d stay here once in awhile and then he’d leave, and then he seemed more comfortable to stay.” The real Michael said, “When I moved in with Leigh Anne and Sean, I felt loved, like part of a family. In the other houses, I didn’t feel like part of the family. I didn’t feel like they wanted me there.”