These Celebrities Have Some Pretty Wild Fears And Phobias

celebrity | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/12/18

Some people are afraid of normal things, like spiders or heights or Danny DeVito (okay, maybe not that last one). These celebrities are afraid of things that aren’t really scary at all. Just normal, everyday things that don’t bite or scratch or go bump in the night.

Keep reading to find out if your favorite celebrity has a weird phobia. You’ll never guess which famous person is afraid of tennis balls.

Christina Ricci Is Afraid Of Indoor Plants

Photo by Edward Berthelot/GC Images

Christina Ricci of The AddamsFamily and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles has botanophobia, which is the fear of indoor houseplants. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Ricci said that indoor houseplants disturb her.

She said that touching a dirty houseplant is like torture. She also hates swimming pools. This woman was in a pretty scary TV show as a kid, so we know that monsters don’t scare her. I guess houseplants are scarier than monsters.

Scarlett Johansson Is Afraid Of Birds

Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson is terrified of birds. She has no problem with snakes or spiders, but something about the flapping of a bird’s wings just completely freaks her out.

This fear is called ornithophobia. Scarlett says her uncle is also afraid of bids, and she might have inherited the fear from him.

Oprah Is Afraid Of Gum

Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Oprah hates gum so much that she reportedly banned it from the offices of Harpo Studios. The fear of gum is called chiclephobia. Oprah thinks she probably developed this fear because her grandmother used to stick pieces of chewed gum inside the door of one of their cabinets.

If you ever get the chance to meet Oprah, just make sure you don’t have any gum in or around your mouth.

Megan Fox Is Afraid Of Paper

Photo by Carlos Tischler/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Yup, you heard me correctly. Megan Fox is afraid of paper. On an episode of The Tonight Show, Fox told Jimmy Fallon that she hates the feeling of dry paper.

She said that when she reads scripts, she keeps a cup of water next to her so that she can wet her fingers before turning the page.

Adele Is Afraid Of Seagulls

Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Seagulls seem pretty harmless, right? Wrong. A seagull attacked Adele when she was a little girl. The incident left her with physical and emotional scars.

Now she’s super afraid of those squawky seabirds. The fear of seagulls is called laridaphobia, and Adele has it in spades.

Ellen Page Is Afraid Of Tennis Balls

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Ellen Page is so afraid of tennis balls that she says she has to leave the room if tennis ever comes on television. On television! She’s even afraid of images of tennis balls.

I wonder if some kid hit her with a tennis ball during recess when she was younger or something.

David Beckham Is Afraid Of Frogs

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

David Beckham suffers from ranidaphobia, which is the fear of frogs. To be fair, when he spoke about his fear of frogs in a BBC documentary, he was talking about the brightly colored poison frogs— you know, the dangerous ones.

Those guys can actually be pretty scary— I just thought Beckham was tougher than that.

Kyra Sedgwick Is Afraid Of Talking Food

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Kyra Sedgwick’s husband, Kevin Bacon, told Jimmy Fallon that Kyra is afraid of talking food. He said that she will leave the room if she sees any anthropomorphic food items in TV commercials. I guess she didn’t have any interest in seeing the movie Sausage Party.

Kevin says she especially hates the talking California Raisins.

Channing Tatum Is Afraid Of Porcelain Dolls

Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Channing Tatum is super afraid of porcelain dolls. This fear is called pediophobia. Channing talked about his unique phobia on Ellen.

He told her that he just thinks dolls are freaky, but then Ellen made him literally face his fears. She brought out some scary looking porcelain dolls and held them close to his face.

Alfred Hitchcock Was Afraid Of Eggs

Photo by Steve Wood & Michael Stroud/Daily Express/Getty Images

Alfred Hitchcock was the master of horror. He made a career out of scaring people. What could scare the ultimate scarer, you ask? Eggs. That’s right. Eggs.

Hitchcock had ovophobia, and he once told a reporter, “have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?” He said he preferred the sight of blood over the sight of yolk.

Taylor Swift Is Afraid Of Sea Urchins

Photo by John Shearer/TAS18/Getty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift has a bunch of weird phobias, including a fear of sea urchins. Taylor discussed her unique fear on Ellen. She told Ellen Degeneres that she doesn’t like going into the ocean because she’s afraid that she might touch a sea urchin.

She’s also afraid of getting arrested and being framed for a crime she didn’t commit.

Sean “Diddy” Combs Is Afraid Of Long Second Toes

Photo by FOX via Getty Images

Rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that he’s super afraid of “long second toes.” He doesn’t like it when someone’s big toe is smaller than the toe next to it.

After he spoke about his fear, Kate Beckinsale, the other guest on the show, showed Diddy her misshapen toes.

Nicole Kidman Is Afraid Of Butterflies

Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman has lepidoterophobia, or a fear of butterflies. Once, in an interview, Kidman said that butterflies give her anxiety. She said, “there is something eerie about them. Something weird.”

Butterflies are amazing. Yeah, they’re a little weird if you think about them— their caterpillar bodies completely liquify and transform into a thing with wings— but that’s no reason to be afraid of them.

Matthew McConaughey Is Afraid Of Revolving Doors

Photo by Paul Best/Getty Images

Interstellar star Matthew McConaughey has cleithrophobia, which is the fear of getting trapped in a revolving door. McConaughey said in an interview, “I don’t like revolving doors, and I really don’t like that blind spot when you’re driving and go into a tunnel.”

Really makes you think twice about all of those Lincoln commercials.

Tyra Banks Is Afraid Of Dolphins

Photo by Matthew Simmons/FilmMagic

Dolphins are pretty much the cutest, smartest animals in the sea. Who could possibly be afraid of dolphins? Tyra Banks, apparently. When Tyra was in elementary school, she had recurring dreams about dolphins surrounding her.

She confronted her fear of dolphins on her talk show, and the results were pretty ridiculous.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Afraid Of Annoying People

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Aren’t we all, J Law, aren’t we all. In an interview, Jennifer Lawrence talked about being afraid of normal things, like death, spiders, and ghosts (well, relatively normal things). She also discussed her fear of annoying people.

I’m afraid of annoying people too. They’re just so… annoying.

Pamela Anderson Is Afraid Of Mirrors

Photo by Fotonoticias/WireImage

Pamela Anderson told The Daily Mail that she has eisotrophobia, or a fear of mirrors. She said, “I don’t watch myself on TV. If anything comes on, I make them turn it off or I leave the room.”

If I looked like Pamela Anderson, I’d look at myself in the mirror all the time.

Billy Bob Thornton Is Afraid Of Antique Furniture

Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Billy Bob Thornton is terrified of antique furniture— especially French antique furniture. Apparently, furniture made during the era of Louis XIV freaks him out the most. He’s also afraid of cayenne pepper, silver, and Komodo dragons.

I happen to love cayenne pepper, silver, and Komodo dragons, so Billy Bob and I could never be friends.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Was Afraid Of The Number Thirteen

Photo By Bettmann / Getty Images

President Franklin Roosevelt had triskaidekaphobia, which means he was terrified of the number thirteen. He never traveled on the thirteenth of the month, and he would never have thirteen guests at his table.

Apparently you can be superstitious and run a country at the same time. Cue the Stevie Wonder song.

Lance Bass Is Afraid Of Things That Buzz

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Former NSync band member Lance Bass is afraid of all things that make a buzzing sound— flies, mosquitoes, bees, bad speakers, you name it.

I don’t much like the sound of a fly buzzing in my ear either, but I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of the sound. I wonder how Lance feels about Buzz Lightyear?