All Those Epic Fight Scenes Distracted You From These Hidden Easter Eggs In Your Favorite Action Movies

entertainment | Rick Lax & Friends | 8/2/18

Directors and producers put a lot of time and care into making sure the details in their films are consistent. Action and adventure films are no different. Sometimes the best hidden Easter eggs come from these movies because they have a twist at the end or they connect to other movies (hello, Marvel Universe fans).

Just think about all the tiny details from The Karate Kid or Shutter Island that are so much cooler once you know how the film ends. These hidden Easter eggs will blow your mind, and make you appreciate the geniuses behind these films so much more. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Interstellar Features A Ticking Noise On The Water Planet To Track Time

interstellar water planet.jpg

Photo credit: Warner Bros. / MovieStillsDB

There’s a lot of stuff going on in Interstellar that requires more than one viewing to understand. One thing you can look out for the second time around is the “ticking noise” in the background when they’re on the water planet.

The ticking noise happens every 1.25 seconds to signal a day passing on Earth. Each tick you hear is a whole day passing on Earth. If you’re skeptical, someone took the time to do the math.

There’s A Reason Why The Ship In Jaws Is Called The ‘Orca’


Photo credit: Universal Studios / MovieStillsDB

Orcas, also known as Killer Whales, are the only known natural predators of great white sharks. Even though Orcas are technically dolphins, they are still an aggressive and large predator in the ocean.

Quint’s shark-hunting boat in Jaws is named after the only thing that could theoretically kill a shark.

This Ship Proves That Jurassic Park and King KongTake Place In The Same Universe

jurassic park ship (1).jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

Speaking of boats, the one used to transport the T-Rex back to San Diego in The Lost World: Jurassic Park is called the S.S Venture. The S.S. Venture is also the name of the ocean liner that originally brought King Kong to New York.

The next hidden Easter eggs prove that Quentin Tarantino pays attention to every last detail.

Django’s Friend At The Bar Already Knows How To Spell His Name

django meet django .jpg

Photo credit: Sony Pictures / MovieStillsDB

In the bar scene of Django Unchained, Django meets a stranger who asks him his name and how to spell it. Django adds that the “D” is silent, but the stranger says he already knows that.

He knows it because the stranger is played by Franco Nero, who played the original Django in 1966.

Vincent Vega Is Always On The Toilet Because Of His Heroin Abuse

always on toilet.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

Pulp Fiction is littered with Easter eggs, but one noticeable one is that John Travolta’s character is constantly filmed on the toilet. This is not just for stylistic effect. One of the major side effects of heroin use is constipation.

So Vega’s addiction causes him to miss a lot of important moments in the film because he’s constantly on the toilet.

Tarantino Stayed True To The Script With His Credits

pulp fiction coffee shop.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

One thing Tarantino is good at is making sure every small detail is followed throughout the entire film. When the coffee shop owner in Pulp Fiction gets cut off, he’s still only credited by what his lines were.

Continue on to see the split-second Easter egg hidden in Fight Club.

They Couldn’t Hide The Camera In The Matrix, So They Disguised It

hide camera matrix.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

Sometimes Easter eggs aren’t a choice, but a necessity. In the doorknob shot of The Matrix, they couldn’t figure out how to hide the camera, so they draped a leather coat over it and half a tie so that it would blend in with Morpheus.

The disguise is pretty incredible. Even with a photo still, you have to look very carefully to see the hidden camera.

The Mall Name Changes In Back To The Future Thanks To Marty’s Wild Driving

twin pines lone pine .jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

Marty visits the local mall twice in Back to the Future. The mall is originally named “Twin Pines Mall” but after Marty knocks over a tree driving his car, the name of the mall changes to “Lone Pine Mall.”

Incredibly though, the same white truck is parked in the same spot.

This Warning Appears For A Split Second At The Start Of Fight Club

fight club warning.jpg

Photo credit: @ActorTrivia / Twitter

This warning from Tyler appears for only a split-second at the beginning of Fight Club. It appears after the official FBI warning that anyone who grew up in the ’90s was used to seeing. The warning is so quick that it required a DVD pause to be able to read it all.

The next Easter egg found in Indiana Jones shows that George Lucas was just plain lazy.

Ronald Lacey Couldn’t Film This Scene In Raiders Of The Lost Ark So They Had To Improvise

indiana jones missing actor.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

Lacey was the actor who played the extra evil Nazi, Major Arnold Thot. Lacey wasn’t available for shooting the chase scene through the market in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Instead of having a double play his part, they just propped up the trench coat and hat that the character wore. If you watch the scene, it’s a lifeless body that doesn’t move once.

The Way The Avengers Are Seated Foreshadows The Entire Of Avengers: Infinity War

final avengers foreshadowing.jpg

Photo credit: Marvel Studios / MovieStillsDB

If you didn’t know, half the people die in Avengers: Infinity War. This scene from Captain America: Civil War foreshadows the half that survives and the half that die.

Those on the right side of the table perish, and those on the left survive. Tony Stark is sitting away from the table because he was away from the group during the Wakanda fight.

Dwayne Johnson Isn’t Signing His Character’s Name In Rampage

signing the rock.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

In the movie Rampage, Dwayne Johnson’s character communicates with the silverback gorilla through American Sign Language. Whenever Johnson says he is signing his character’s name “Davis” he’s actually signing “The Rock.”

Keep reading to see how some mysterious graffiti in the back of a scene translates into an ominous message.

For Some Reason, There’s A Snake Preset On The Microwave In Snakes On A Plane

snake preset button.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

One of the scenes in Snakes on a Plane includes a flight attendant grabbing a snake and shoving them in the microwave to die. If you look closely, the attendant presses a “snake” pre-set button.

I’m not sure why the microwave company felt they needed a “snake” pre-set more than a “popcorn” pre-set, but it was clearly worthwhile.

Star Trek Uses A Dyson Hand Dryer As Space Age Technology

fancy dyson air dryer.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

The 2009 Star Trek film officially takes place in the 23rd century, but the futuristic technology aboard the Enterprise looks pretty familiar.

It looks like the stuck an iPad in the wall, and a Dyson hand dryer is some sort of space age technology.

This Graffiti In Batman V. Superman Has A Forboding Meaning

batman vs superman grafitti .jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

During one of the fight scenes between the two superheroes in Batman V. Superman, this graffiti can be seen on a wall in the background. The text says “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes,” which is Latin for “Who watches the Watchmen?”

Mr. Miyagi shares a sad, secret message in the Easter egg coming up.

Shaggy Is Able To Sniff Out His Fans If You Know What I’m Saying

scooby doo two smell.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

In the opening scene of Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed when the gang attends the opening of theCoolsonian Criminology Museum, Shaggy can sniff out his fans thanks to a distinctive smell.

They don’t say what the smell is, but since the character was introduced to the world, everyone knows he’s secretly a huge stoner.

The Joker Says He’s A Man Without A Plan, But He Reads A Pre-Written Speech

dark knight speech.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight is littered with hypocrisy and contradiction. He changes the story of his scar multiple times and acts like he’s giving people a choice when in reality, he’s always in control.

At one point in the film, he claims he’s a “man without a plan,” but later on he’s shown reading his speech from a notebook.

There Is No Water In The Cup During Shutter Island Because It’s Teddy’s Skewed Reality

glass of water.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

At one point in the film, a woman being interviewed is given a glass of water, but the water disappears. That’s because Teddy is terrified of water because his wife drowned.

Shutter Island is another one of those movies that take a few times to watch to understand, but once you do you can find all the Easter eggs that hint at the film’s twist.

Mr. Miyagi Explains That His Wife Was In A U.S. Internment Camp

karate kid letter.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

In one scene between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, Daniel reads a letter from Mr. Miyagi’s wife. Miyagi then explains that she died during childbirth at “Manzanar Relocation Center” which was an internment camp for Japanese Americans during WWII.

There are a lot of sad parts of American history, and The Karate Kid faced their demons head-on.

Captain America’s Sheild Only Get Scratched Because T’Challa Has Anti-Vibranium Claws

black panther claws.jpg

Photo credit: @FilmEasterEggs / Twitter

The world got their first glimpse of Black Panther during Captain America: Civil War. Then we all got excited because the end of the film shows scratch marks in Cap’s indestructible shield.

We later find out that Black Panther could damage Cap’s Vibranium shield because his claws are made of anti-Vibranium.