Movie Sequels You Could Go Your Entire Life Not Knowing About, But We Dragged Them Out Of The Gutter For You

entertainment | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

Making good movies can be a tricky thing to master. Our society lets production companies take our favorite stories, books, and actors, and adapt them in the hopes that they’ll do something good with it. Most of the time, it works out. Just think of the classics we all know and love like Lawrence of Arabia, The Wizard Of Oz, and Caddyshack.

But every rose has its thorn. For every great film, there is an opportunity to butcher the sequel, and that’s just what these people did. Someone out there actually let Sylvester Stallone write and direct a disco movie. And why? To make money, and ruin everything for us.

Robert Downey Jr. Hated Showing Up To Film U.S. Marshals

us marshalls sequal to the fugitive.jpg

Photo credit: Warner Bros. / MovieStillsDB

The sequel to The Fugitive came out five years later and to put it nicely, was a dumpster fire. RDJ has famously said U.S. Marshals was “the worst action movie of all time.”

Both RDJ and Tommy Lee Jones reprised their roles, but a sequel like this proves that sometimes, star power isn’t enough.

Patrick Bateman Finally Met His Match In American Psycho 2

american psycho two mila kunis.jpg

Photo credit: Lionsgate / MovieStillsDB

“Angrier, deadlier, sexier” was the tagline for American Psycho 2, and that’s pretty much all you need to know. Mila Kunis plays a criminology student — how ironic — that will do anything to become the teaching assistant for her professor, played by William Shatner.

Instead of just getting good grades, she decides to kill her classmates. Okay.

If There’s No Macaulay Culkin, There’s No Home Alone

home alone four but not with mccauley.jpg

Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox / MovieStillsDB

Apparently, three Home Alone‘s weren’t enough for Twentieth Century Fox. Twelve years after the original, they released Home Alone 4, with a completely different kid playing Kevin who had only aged one year. Nothing about it made sense.

If you thought the Fast and the Furious franchise has gotten a little outrageous, the one coming up was lightyears ahead of them.

Ace Ventura Jr. Is The Reason Why You Never Skip To The Next Generation

ace ventura jr is a travesty.jpg

Photo credit: Warner Bros. / MovieStillsDB

This one technically is the third film in the Ace Ventura series, and definitely the worst one. It follows Ace Ventura’s son trying to clear his mom’s name, and I honestly feel bad watching this movie.

Whatever producer out there decided to put a child’s acting career on the line by making him live up to Jim Carrey’s comedy is just plain cruel.

Oh No, Tin Man, Who Did This To You?

return to oz movie still.jpg

Photo credit: @laughing_place / Twitter

Return to Oz is the unofficial sequel to The Wizard Of Oz and I’m sure Judy Garland is happy it’s unofficial. The plot picks up six months after Dorothy comes home to Kansas, but now she can’t sleep and wants to go back.

The film is adored by fans who think it’s more accurate to the books, but for the rest of us, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion all look like they’d give you nightmares.

The Psycho Franchise Is The Original Fast And The Furious Franchise


Photo credit: Universal Pictures / MovieStillsDB

Before Vin Deisel was doing Fast and the Furious XVIII, Anthony Perkins was whipping out three Psycho sequels. Psycho II wasn’t the worst, but it gets outrageous in Psycho III with a toilet murder. By Psycho IV: The Beginning, the writers clearly lost inspiration and just started reusing storylines.

The only good thing that came from the sequel coming up is that it launched the career of one of today’s most famous actors.

Caddyshack II Is What Happens When Three Of The Four Main Actors Don’t Return

caddyshack two movie poster.jpg

Photo credit: @MikeJackBauer / Twitter

I’m not sure who decided to make a sequel to Caddyshack that didn’t include Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, or Ted Knight, but they should have been immediately fired.

Chevy Chase was the only one from the original four that returned, and he honestly looks unhappy the entire time.

Sissy Spacek Wisely Turned Down A Cameo In Carrie 2

carrie 2 the rage still.jpg

Photo credit: @WatchComet / Twitter

Even though it came out more than 30 years after the original, The Rage: Carrie 2 tried to continue where the first left off. It follows Carrie’s half-sister raging and killing people with her powers. And that’s about it.

They offered Sissy Spacek a cameo, but she turned it down since her character, you know, dramatically dies in the original film.

I’m Sure Ralph Fiennes Would Like To Forget About Lawrence After Arabia

lawrence after arabia a dangerous man.jpg

Photo credit: @CineHistorico / Twitter

After the studio re-released Lawrence Of Arabia in 1989, A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia was filmed and sent straight to TV. The story picks up right after the first movie ends and has a tough plot to follow. The only good thing that came from this movie was that is launched Ralph Fiennes career.

The film coming up comes dangerously close to seeming like a black market rip-off that you rent at your local variety store.

Sylvester Stallone Wrote The Sequel To Saturday Night Fever

staying alive direct by stallone.jpg

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures / MovieStillsDB

And unfortunately, it’s not called “Sunday Night Hangover.” Staying Alive was released in 1983 after the movie studio finally convinced John Travolta to reprise the role.

It might have worked out, but for some reason, Sylvester Stallone signed on to write and direct the film. I’m not sure who let Stallone have this amount of responsibility, but it’s not shocking that Staying Alive flopped.

Critics Called The Next Karate Kid ‘Unnecessary’


Photo credit: Columbia Pictures / MovieStillsDB

The Karate Kid franchise has actually done well for itself. The Karate Kid Part II and The Karate Kid Part III were both successful, but then it took a turn for the worse. Insert Hilary Swank as the next student of Mr. Miyagi.

Critics praised Swank’s acting, and the film definitely launched her career, but we could have all done without it.

Stop Making Jim Carrey Sequels Without Him

son of the mask still.jpg

Photo credit: @PDelahanty / Twitter

This needs to be an unwritten rule in Hollywood. The Mask is a 1990s comedic classic, and The Son Of The Mask is like the Eastern-European rip-off version of the original. It’s technically a stand-alone sequel, so at least it doesn’t ruin Carrey’s reputation.

There are so many animated movie sequels we could have put in here, but the one coming up get the mention because it makes zero sense.

Stanley Kubrick Didn’t Exactly Give His Blessing For A Sequel To 2001: A Space Odessey

2010, John Lithgow, Roy Scheider (front), 1984, � MGM

Photo credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / MovieStillsDB

Even though 2010 is technically just a movie about the Arthur C. Clarke novel sequel to 2001: A Space Odessey, the director Peter Hyams didn’t want to make the film without Kubrick’s approval.

When Hyams asked him, Kubrick basically said “Sure. Go do it. I don’t care.” Not exactly a response that will boost your confidence.

The Award For Worst Movie Sequel Title Goes To

rosemarys baby two made for tv.jpg

Photo credit: @Cineforuma / Twitter

There’s a lot of reasons not to like the sequel to Rosemary’s Baby, but the title has to be #1. Look What Happened To Rosemary’s Baby was released eight years after the original, and follows her son’s attempts to live up to the title of anti-Christ.

The film was made-for-TV, but even the small screen didn’t deserve something this bad.

Never Forget The Dumpster Fire Of Animated Sequels

bartok the magnificent best sequal of all time.jpg

Photo credit: @EvaCMurray / Twitter

There are a million unnecessary sequels that came out of the 1990s era of animated films, but Bartok The Magnificent stands out for all the wrong reasons. It’s technically a prequel to Anastasia. They added some Russian folklore, a bear in clothes, and somehow convinced Tim Curry to lend his voice. It’s a disaster.

Keep reading to find out which movie was so bad that the actors made a different sequel so that this one wouldn’t be canon.

Just Incase It Wasn’t Already Clear

always know what you did last summer.jpg

Photo credit: @nandostation / Twitter

If the first two films in this horror franchise didn’t drive the point home — there is a killer seeking revenge for what you did last summer. This one is the third film in the series and boasts an impressive 0% rating on Rotton Tomatoes, which isn’t easy.

What I do know for sure is that when you’re taking over roles from people like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt, you can’t compete.

No One Really Knows What They Were Trying To Do With Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

blair witch 2 book of shadows .jpg

Photo credit: @internetgf666 / Twitter

The Blair Witch Project sequel is a prime example of a production company that is just trying to capitalize on the success of the original. They released Book Of Shadows one year after the original. It had some subliminal messages for viewers to find, but that was about it.

It did manage to rack up five Razzies, so that’s good for them.

Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd Is No Longer Canon

dumb and dumberer sequal.jpg

Photo credit: New Line Cinema / MovieStillsDB

Look. Mistakes happen. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels let other actors portray their iconic character. They let this prequel happen and didn’t realize at the time how much of a mistake it was.

Thankfully, after the 2014 release of Dumb And Dumber To, the movie is no longer canon, and now we as a society can forget about it.

Grease 2 Is Making A Comeback

grease 2 is the forgotton sequal.jpg

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures / MovieStillsDB

A lot of original fans of Grease like to forget about the Michelle Pfeiffer sequel, but I’m sorry to say, it’s making a comeback. People have been criticizing the original Grease for being about a girl who changed everything about herself to get the guy.

However, Grease 2 is about a girl that works in a garage and says, “I kiss who I want when I want.” Maybe the jury is still out on this one.

Splash Too Did Teach Us One Valuable Lesson

splash too is a wild ride.jpg

Photo credit: @MichaelVarrati / Twitter

The sequel to the ’80s movie Splash went by largely unnoticed because it didn’t star Tom Hanks or Daryl Hannah. It takes place four years later. The couple leaves their desert island paradise for New York City and everything goes downhill.

Lesson learned. If you have the chance to live on a remote island and not interact with anyone, do it.