Couples That Will Simultaneously Make You Barf And Cry Ugly Tears

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

Dating in the 21st century is a completely different game. Couples now feel the need to share every gift and date with their followers so they can get more likes. These are the relationships that make you want to turn off the internet forever and crawl into a ball of loneliness because they’re so disgustingly cliché.

But there are some couples out there that have managed to find love in their own unique way that doesn’t make us want to throw up. These couples are obviously perfect for each other in their own weird way. It might be cringey at first, but don’t worry, the ugly cry will soon take over, and you’ll realize that these people are the real #CoupleGoals.

I Bet They Can Finish Each Other’s Sentences

matching plaid shirts goals.jpg

Photo credit: hailmarythatails / Reddit

Wearing matching outfits makes a lot of sense. Once you get to an age where it doesn’t matter, why not? You probably save a lot of money by just buying the bulk package of plaid shirts from Costco.

They say that over time, owners start to look like their dogs. Why can’t the same thing happen to a couple?

Happy Wife, Happy Life

feeding chicken nuggets at salon.jpg

Photo credit: @leaadame / Twitter

This guy feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets is about as #CoupleGoals as it gets. If it were celery, it would not be as powerful. But he knows that diets don’t matter and that you need to give your girl what she wants.

We can’t see in this photo, but I’m willing to bet he also has an array of dipping sauces with him.

Proof That You Never Have To Stop Having Fun

couple riding shopping cart.jpg

Photo credit: Reddit

Think back to all those years that your mom would yell at you for riding on the shopping cart. Now that you’re grown up, you realize it was just because she wanted to ride it herself. This couple is definitely rubbing it in the faces of all the little kids forced to walk beside the cart.

Keep reading to see why you should get a partner who isn’t afraid to shove their face full of food right beside you.

This Is Only Cute Because They’ve Been Married For 25 Years

mom finally got snapchat.jpg

Photo credit: @empratts / Twitter

When millennial couples do stuff like this, it just comes off as way too mushy and needs to be banned from the internet. But this couple just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and are clearly still very much in love.

So this mom is allowed to fangirl over her husband. We’ll let it slide this time.

Find Someone That Can Survive Costco With You

free costco samples.jpg

Photo credit: appdirect / Reddit

The harsh truth is that a relationship won’t last if you two can’t enjoy grocery shopping together. Getting through Whole Foods is hard enough, but if you can survive Costco on a Saturday afternoon, then you’re meant to be.

This couple survives their Costco trip by creating an elaborate free-sample system. It’s iconic.

These Two Are Living La Vida Loca

finally find soulmate in pool.jpg

Photo credit: @insta.single / Instagram

Couples on vacation are usually just overdoing the PDA, or they are already in an argument by the second day. This couple is living their best life eating Chinese takeout by the pool on vacation. If you can’t shove noodles in your face in public with your partner, what’s the point?

If you’re ever scared to take a hot picture to send to bae, then take notes from the girl coming up.

Dee Is The Hero We All Deserve

return to dee tshirt.jpg

Photo credit: @BrennanBarbieur / Twitter

Dee and Mr. Return-To-Dee are a reminder of how the hierarchy in relationships really work. In the past, Mr. Return-To-Dee may have been the breadwinner or the one who opens the doors, but Dee is obviously the one in charge now.

She chooses which dish detergent they use, when lasagna night is, and it was definitely her idea to make those shirts.

If Free Dessert Isn’t Your Endgame, Then Rethink Your Priorities

faked proposal for desert.jpg

Photo credit: @bathemeinnudes / Twitter

I’d do anything for a free dessert at a restaurant. I tell the people at TGI Fridays it’s my birthday at least six times a year, and when they start getting suspicious I’ll say it’s someone else’s birthday and sneak a few bites.

It’s not that big a deal. These restaurants buy their dessert in bulk, then charge $6 for a mini brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Not The Sexy Picture They Were Expecting

sundae looking like a snack.jpg

Photo credit: @ArelyCorral / Twitter

Most of us don’t look like the Instagram models who randomly send their partner’s selfies, but this girl is giving hope to the rest of us. I never thought I could confidently send a photo to my other half. Now that I see I can look like a snack, I might need to go buy a banana split costume.

The next photo is proof that the most important thing in a relationship is agreeing on what to eat for dinner.

Take-Out Orders Are Always Urgent

how you like burrito urgent.jpg

Photo credit: @TeachPrayLovee / Twitter

This conversation is goals for anyone unless you’re one of those fitness couples who work out together for fun (hey, all power to you). My only criticism is that if you truly want to be #CoupleGoals then you should already know how they like their burrito.

Whatever you do, don’t show up at home with a burrito for yourself and nothing for them. That’s an argument waiting to happen.

Real Flowers Are A Terrible Way To Apologize

sent flours to apologize.jpg

Photo credit: Nessie_Assassin / Reddit

This guy sent a bunch of flours to his wife’s work to apologize, and I honestly think it’s better than real flowers. Real flowers require work to keep them alive, but eventually, they die, and then you’re left with a bunch of dead plants.

But with flours, think of all the pies you two could bake. And we all know that pie is the ultimate gift.

She’s In A Good Mood For Being In A War Zone

engagement photos .jpg

Photo credit: thexycaffair / Reddit

This fiancé took the liberty of touching up some of their engagement photos, and boy did he ever deliver. Most women would be mad, but I bet this wife was perfectly fine with it. If they’re getting married, then she likely knows what she’s getting into.

It’s funny when two people buy each other the same card, but it’s hilarious when they write very different things inside, like the couple coming up.

Pimpin’ Is A Lot Easier When You Have Someone By Your Side

both are big pimpin.png

Photo credit: lextexmexx / Reddit

This guy has already broken the number one rule of pimpin’: don’t fall in love with the girls. These two are clearly meant to be, and he won’t let some silly set of rules get in the way.

These two might not be the traditional #CoupleGoals, but they’ll inspire you to find someone who wants to wear matching fur coats.

One Half Has To Keep The Other Humble

candid photo taking.jpg

Photo credit: @annaclendening / Twitter

Relationships are meant to have balance. You can’t have two self-centered people together, or else you’ll end up like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and one Kimye is enough for a lifetime.

This girl might hate that her boyfriend can’t take a good candid photo, but it’s not the worst. He’s just keeping her grounded.

Same Card, Different Intentions

same card for v day.jpg

Photo credit: mlkokale / Reddit

These two have mastered Valentine’s Day. We all know February 14 is just a holiday created by the chocolate industry to get us to buy more, but it’s also a good excuse to have a little fun. These two picking out the same card but with very different notes inside prove they are a perfect match.

Continue on to see how one boyfriend still brought the romance even though he’s broke.

A Modern Day Mexican Standoff

wrong with sister and husband.jpg

Photo credit: @FRUITBAT / Twitter

I don’t see either of these people getting out of this situation unharmed. Unless the person taking the photo steps in to intervene, these two are going to be stuck like this forever.

Those two sweater ties are holding strong. Maybe it’s a metaphor for their love.

Money Isn’t Everything

ghetto bouquet.jpg

Photo credit: @kalesalad / Instagram

Photos of a teenage couple on a private jet to Aruba make #CoupleGoals seem unattainable. This guy is proving that with no money and a little creativity, you can be just as disgustingly cute as everyone else.

Just hit up all the gardens on your street, and voilà, a bouquet of flowers as gorgeous as the $15 grocery store ones.

I Hope They Switch Carts Every Once In A While

beauty and the beast.jpg

Photo credit: snowinginthesmoke / Reddit

On any trip to Disneyland, you’re bound to find a few of those weird Disney-obsessed couples that dress up like the characters and take it way too far.

But if I saw Ms. Beauty and Mr. Beast driving these bad boys around Disneyland, I’d ask for their autograph.

Catching The Bouquet Makes For A Great Joke

guess who caught the bouquet.jpg

Photo credit: @Garde_A / Twitter

I bet that she didn’t even catch the bouquet. She just took the flowers from the table centerpieces and took a Snapchat to play a joke on her man. By the look on his face, it totally worked.

These two are the definition of being adorable, and hilarious, all at the same time. If you can’t joke together, then what’s the point?

At Least He Had His Eye On Her The Entire Time

took care when blacked out.jpg

Photo credit: @marissanpadilla / Twitter

As someone who’s had to babysit their partner after they blacked out, it can get boring. Obviously, we want to make sure you’re okay, but why not have a little fun with it like this boyfriend did.

She wasn’t very impressed in the morning, but it’s better than him not taking care of her at all.