Crazy Girlfriends That Immediately Need To Stop And Take It Down About 10 Notches

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

A relationship is said to have five stages. We’ve all heard of the honeymoon phase or the final commitment phase, but I think we need to add a new “psycho stage” for some relationships.

Both men and women are guilty of it, but girls seem to know the way to take ridiculous to a whole new level. One girlfriend didn’t trust her man, so she asked him to send a picture, and even after he sent it she still didn’t believe him. They say love makes you do crazy things. If that’s the case, then these girlfriends must be downright insane.

Happy Birthday, I’ll Give You Myself As A Gift

portrait as birthday gift.jpg

Photo credit: @kalesalad / Instagram

It may be an unpopular opinion, but people who propose on their partner’s birthday are selfish. It’s like saying, “Happy birthday, your gift is me, you’re welcome for giving you me.”

This girl giving her partner a photo of herself is just the more subtle version of the birthday proposal.

The Girlfriend Who Cried Wolf

get chinese food.jpg

Photo credit: @relationships / Twitter

Any successful crazy girlfriend will take everything way too seriously and always be overdramatic. Texting “we need to talk” to ask to get Chinese food is a prime example.

I bet her partner was terrified for the entire thirty seconds he could see her typing. Keep pulling stuff like this, and they’ll never actually want to talk if it’s serious.

How Can He Take You Seriously If You Don’t Have A Laser Pointer?

powerpoint of texting other girls.jpg

Photo credit: @OtunbaBillz / Twitter

She is clearly distraught that she caught her man sliding into someone else’s DMs. But what was the point of doing a full powerpoint if you weren’t going to show up prepared? No dress pants, blazer, or laser pointer. What kind of presentation is this?

The girlfriend coming up really messed up, and then apologized in the only way she could for something that bad.

It’s All About Being Nice Out Of Spite

not made with love.jpg

Photo credit: @acey_rizz / Instagram

The easiest way to make them feel guilty after a fight is to be extra loving. Act like absolutely nothing is wrong and it will bother them more than if you stayed mad.

They’ll go about their day thinking everything is fine until they open up their lunch to a spiteful surprise.

His Eye’s Scream ‘Help Me’

crazy girlfriend tshirt.jpg

Photo credit: jagershotzz / Reddit

I can’t decide which is scarier. The look on his face, or the look in her eyes on the shirt.

On a more serious note, it probably cost a lot of money to get multiple selfies screen printed across an entire shirt. Judging by the look on his face, I don’t think it was worth it.

A Cake Is Really The Only Way You Can Apologize For This

sorry for blacking out.jpg

Photo credit: @jeveryday90 / Instagram

Let’s be honest — was there any other way she could have apologized for something like this? Neither a card or flowers would be a big enough gesture. Baking a cake and confessing your sins is the only way to apologize for almost killing someone you supposedly love.

Coming up, there’s never an okay time for a girlfriend to play this ‘trick’ on a boyfriend.

If You Have To Think Twice About Lotion, Think Twice About Your Relationship

needed lotion to be safe.jpg

Photo credit: @nochill / Instagram

If you’re worried about what your girlfriend will think after smelling your lotion, you might be in an unhealthy relationship. This will be the point that he looks back on in five years and says, “Yep, should have known.”

This is the reason companies can market different products to men. Some women can’t trust it if a guy likes to smell like a cherry blossom.

Not The Bathtub Picture You Expected

taking a bath send pics.jpg

Photo credit: Reddit

I have to admire the response this girl gave to her boyfriend. He was expecting something a little more scandalous, and instead, he has a picture that will forever haunt his dreams.

It was probably a good idea to immediately say, “Bye.” That crazy look in her eyes only comes from a lot of practice.

There’s A Special Place With Satan For People Who Play These Tricks

buddys ex pregnant.jpg

Photo credit: Woodshadow / Reddit

I don’t care how “in love” you are or how desperate you want him back, any girl that fakes being pregnant to make her man stay is insane. A relationship built on lies and guilt isn’t going to be good. Plus, what happens when the nine-month mark hits and you don’t have a child?

The girlfriend coming up accidentally committed her boyfriend to fifteen more years together, so I hope they have a healthy relationship.

I Always Keep A Spoon Picture On Hand Just Incase

take pic with spoon on head.jpg

Photo credit: McShuckle / Reddit

If healthy relationships are built on trust, then this relationship is built on the foundation of an angry swarm of wasps. The first issue was when she needed proof he was home.

If a picture with a spoon on his head isn’t enough, what more do you need?

If This Isn’t A Red Flag I Don’t Know What Is

girlfriend ate middle brownie.jpg

Photo credit: Forgot_Password_ / Reddit

I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but if your partner does this on a date, then you need to turn around and run as fast as you can. I would never do this, and I’m someone who hates the edges of the brownie pan.

If she’s willing to cut a hole in a pan of brownies, she’s willing to do the same thing to your heart.

Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission

emergency question billy.jpg

Photo credit: maple_kyrabou / Reddit

This rule usually applies to painting your apartment or borrowing your sister’s shirt, not buying a baby goat. I hope these two have a solid relationship because they just committed to fifteen years together raising a barn animal. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Most of us would use Carrie Underwood as inspiration for getting back at a guy, but the girl coming up got a little more creative than that.

Santina’s Clearly Scared Of Someone Sliding Into His DMs

santinas boyfriends twitter.jpg

Photo credit: @homietina / Twitter

Twitter was the original place to slide into DMs. Facebook and Instagram didn’t even allow direct messaging until 2013. Now, it seems like every crazy girlfriend is on high alert on every social media outlet.

They even have apps now to see whose tweets and photos your partner ‘likes’ on social media. Creepy.

What’s The Endgame Here?

hanes personalize underwear.jpg

Photo credit: @AndreaAbigaail / Twitter

I hate to break it to you, but if your man has decided to cheat on you and they’ve made it to his underwear, this probably won’t make a difference.

What do you expect to happen? Your man looks down and sees your selfie on his junk and stops immediately? That’s quite the fantasy.

That’s One Way To Ruin A Drug Dealer’s Street Cred

drug house spraypaint.jpg

Photo credit: MGLLN / Reddit

Most insane girls seeking revenge will channel their inner Carrie Underwood and just do some mundane property damage. This girl got a little more creative by letting everyone know that her (ex) boyfriend sells drugs. Not only did she ruin his street cred, but he’ll also be on the police’s radar for the next five years.

If you’re having trouble figuring out if you have a crazy girlfriend, one photo coming up might help you figure out when she’s mad at you. Hint: it will be all the time.

If You Aren’t This Extra We Can’t Date

ive seen it all ambulance.jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

The only thing that would have made this entrance better was if her date never kissed her to awaken her, and she had to stay on the stretcher the entire night. Her date could have been miles away before she noticed.

Remember, the most dramatic ones are always the craziest.

Mom Is Going To Hate This Girl For Life Now

broke foot gf blur.jpg

Photo credit: @BrendaAlvar_ / Twitter

Any girl out there knows that moms opinion matters the most. Dad, sisters, and grandparents can love you, but if mom has a weird feeling, then your relationship won’t last long.

I give this relationship three months until his mother manages to run this crazy girlfriend out.

Only One Girl Is Allowed To Ride In His Passenger Seat

air freshner face.jpg

Photo credit: @the.real.fails / Instagram

Most relationships get toxic when the two people get old enough to start seeing the world. How do you cheat on someone when you’re 13? You can’t even leave the house without your parent’s permission.

But when you’re 16 and get your first car, it’s way easier to pick up new chicks. Mia isn’t taking any chances.

Where Did Everyone’s Manners Go?

driving happy versus mad.jpg

Photo credit: @thedreamxx / Twitter

Half the battle with women is trying to figure out what they are thinking, even though they won’t tell you. I can’t help with much, but this is a handy guide to whether your girl is mad when she’s in the passenger seat.

If you’re questioning whether you’ve got one of those crazy girlfriends, she’s probably always the option on the right.

Magic Markers Aren’t So Magical Anymore

wear shorts tattoo.jpg

Photo credit: @TweetyPeteey / Twitter

A cute little magic marker tattoo might seem innocent, but it’s just the first step down a horrible path. This poor guy is one wrong turn away from his girlfriend hiring a freelance tattoo artist to write “I Heart Bae” in permanent ink while you sleep.

Either these two need to break up, or he’s doomed to wearing pants for the rest of his life.