Meet The Folks Who Won’t Let Anything Rain On Their Parade

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/23/18

When we’re planning something like a trip or hanging out with friends, it’s easy to build up our expectations. If you think that the trip is going to be sunny all week long and you can stay out until 6 AM, reality will quickly ruin all of your plans.

However, there are people out there who make their own fun, no matter what happens. Even if it means having the best catcher for giving birth or looking sketchy af when you win the lottery. The fact of the matter is, we can take a page from their books and find a way to look on the bright side.

New Roommate > Old Roommate


For a second, I thought Jack Nicholson was breaking in. But when someone leaves you an unpleasant souvenir, it’s like they want you to steal their thunder and leave your mark on it.

They’ll remember the legend from Stephen King’s classic novel, but they’re just “Johnny” now.

When Dogs Don’t Like You

poor dog.jpg

Photo Credit: ollielovesmaria/Reddit

It sucks to say this, but not everyone loves dogs. It’s not your fault this lady had a solution to something everyone else loves.

The best part is that this doggo gets to run around free and with more space. For the lady, she’s a magnet for unwanted animal attention.

Dinner For One, Please

dinner for one.jpg

Photo Credit: itsmodeno/Reddit

If you’ve been stood up before, it probably didn’t happen wearing a Batman suit. However, at least somebody was able to make this funny.

Batman might actually crack a smile for once. Okay, that last part was an exaggeration, but still. What’s a common problem Pablo Escobar and Canadians have? More on that later.

What It Means To Be BFFL’s


Photo Credit: @ruckin_/Twitter

Oh, so this is what happens when you’re finally out of prison? This squad isn’t letting that or a few measly court orders get in the way of their friendship.

It’s obvious that their hangouts won’t be as rowdy as in the past, or held in such small spaces. The point is, they’re back together.

Changing The Pizza Game Like


Photo Credit: slight/Reddit

Pepper-oh no he didn’t! In these scenarios, there are only a few options. You can tweet at this frozen pizza company to put more cheese on their pizzas if you don’t want to do it yourself.

One of those options might show results, but probably won’t prove to be helpful if you’re hungry like Starvin Marvin.

Canadian Problems


Photo Credit: _SxG_/Reddit

This also looks similar to Pablo Escobar problems. It’s not possible to stay calm after you discover that your car is buried in snow.

You have to appreciate the thumbs up he’s giving. Maybe he’s just practicing hitchhiking. Still on the way, when Assassin’s Creed meets the classroom, you could become the stealthiest student around.

A Good Birth Needs A Good Catcher


Photo Credit: ElceeClv/Reddit

It can get very boring in the birthing room. However, when it’s the World Series and you’re baby is coming, you must be prepared at all costs.

Plus, it’s a good way to screw with the doctors. “Don’t mind me doc, this kid is going to be the perfect catch, I know it.”

All About That Life

smile for camera.jpg

Photo Credit: christophertaliaferro/Imgur

Even if she wanted to keep that wig before, she can afford to replace it now. If I ever won, I’d wear a mask too. Or, hire a lawyer to claim it for me.

I wouldn’t want anyone knowing about my lucky break. The person who will know is my boss after he sees the ‘I QUIT’ email.

Where’d You Go?

whered you go.jpg

Photo Credit: OUTBACKTHUNDER/Reddit

This is what happens when Assassin’s Creed meets the classroom. Also, his sneak game is on point.

That teacher’s assistant is going to be baffled that one student missed her pop quiz. If he falls from where he’s hiding, it’s going to be a tough situation for him. Just ahead, nobody will guess what one father did when he couldn’t accept that his daughter was getting older.

Nice To Meet You Too


Photo Credit: Reddit

When it comes to meeting the new kid in class, let this be a lesson. Getting a big hole in your pants is an embarrassing way to start at a new school.

Don’t let the other students get to you. All it takes is a “How do you do?” to turn that awkward silence into everyone else’s problem.

Classic Reddit


Photo Credit: Riii5en/Reddit

This bar is trying to hit the Reddit niche. It’s an intriguing strategy, but it’s great that they could fit any name in that tiny little space.

It makes you wonder if you’re supposed to pronounce the slash. But, it’s not like we say subreddit names out loud at the dinner table.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

say no.jpg

Photo Credit: @allison_barron/Twitter

Some parents can’t seem to accept that their kids are getting older. This dad in particular clearly doesn’t want his daughter to say “yes,” and you can’t blame him.

It’s like the first time you leave for college — they won’t show big emotions to your face, but only after you’ve left the bird’s nest. A silly mistake turned into an adorable moment for one couple’s engagement photos. It’s really sweet.

Stop Leaving For Trips, Human


Photo Credit: @meme.w0rld/Instagram

The cat’s stone-faced frustration says it all. That’s what you get when you want to go here, there, and everywhere while your cat gets left behind.

I’d be more upset if I’m leaving my cat for a week. But, the cat will make her pay regardless.

Pigs Can’t Fly, Sorry

cop arresting pig.jpg

Photo Credit: ManicSanic/Reddit

This won’t be on an episode of Cops anytime soon. Also, this silences the people who believe that “pigs will fly one day.”

No, they will not, and you’re foolish to think that. Geez, even this cop won’t be fooled again. Back to the farm you go. Charlotte’s waiting for you Wilbur.

A Silly Mistake Turned Out To Be Adorable

adorable reaction.jpg

Photo Credit: toatint/Reddit

It takes confidence to turn a dropped wig into the sweetest thing ever. However, she pulled it off just by being her normal self.

It’s not like this happens all the time, but you might be the type of person who needs to check if you’ve got everything after someone makes you twirl. Even if you try face swapping, at least the next one ahead will be the most friendly-looking zombie the Walking Dead has never seen.

She’s Not Dead

mona lisa.jpg

Photo Credit: Onicss/Reddit

Oh, no. No, no, no. This is going to bring back so many conspiracy theories. Man, this is going to be like the time when people thought Paul McCartney was dead, but it was only a hoax.

Now, this can be a hoax too. There’s no chance Mona Lisa has come back from the dead.

Pouts And Wishes To Be The Next Michael Phelps


Photo Credit: czoey11/Reddit

Laugh all you want, but this guy is reaching for the stars. He watched Michael Phelps do so many laps in the pool that he became him at school.

He’s got the speedo cap and goggles, and is on pace to appear in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. He just needs to pass high school and he’s set.

Not The Best Swap, But He Tried


Photo Credit: Shazbot_2017/Reddit

Let’s assume this guy wanted his face swap to look less scary and more intimidating.

I guess this is the only way to handle it if literally none of your selfies come out looking acceptable. Either way, you have to tip your cap to this guy for creating the most friendly-looking zombie the Walking Dead has never seen.

You Have To Start Them Young


Photo Credit: bgonethought/Reddit

That kid has a valid point. They have the guts to put up something like that on a sign and hold it up for the world to see.

It’s not controversial since it’s gibberish writing from a child. What this is is a brave young soul who finally has a movement we can get behind.

They Won’t Catch You Riding Dirty


Photo Credit: Andrew4568_/Reddit

They see you rolling, and that’s about it. You won’t be riding dirty, especially with handlebars that are meant for Shaq.

This guy probably bought this knockoff after the salesman said “Oh yeah, big Shaq, he ride this. A big basketball player can do anything.” Don’t be a sucker.