Old-School Photos That Prove Humans Have Always Been Weird

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

We all like to think humans have evolved over time, but the reality is we’ve always been a bunch of jokesters. We have created futuristic new technologies and explored other planets, but we’ve always been ready to strike a silly pose. For as long as photographers have existed, humans have been prepared to ham it up.

These old-school photos are a reminder that even in war and economic turmoil, we will always have a weird side. You may think Victorians were stuck-up, but they basically invented awkward family photos. We honestly haven’t evolved that much.

Men Love To Risk Their Lives For The ‘Gram

guy sitting on top of a war cannon.jpg

Photo credit: broderbjorn / Reddit

This photo of an unknown Swedish soldier during World War 2 is a perfect example of how men will always put their lives in danger for a joke.

If it’s phallic-shaped, men will find it and exploit it. This photo would do great on Instagram if it happened today.

A Reminder That Pablo Picasso Wasn’t Just A Moody Painter

pablo picasso as popeye 1957.jpg

Photo credit: Theeeantifeminist / Reddit

This photo of Picasso dressed up as Popeye was taken in 1957 and shows a different side to the famous painter. The photographer was a friend of Picasso’s and had suffered from tuberculosis for years.

There’s no doubt that Picasso was trying to give his friend a good laugh, and cheered us all up in the process.

Queen Elizabeth II Was Not Happy With The Canadian Prime Minister For This

pierre trudeau piroette with queen.jpg

Photo credit: bmanbam / Reddit

Pierre Trudeau is well known in Canada’s history for being a goofy Prime Minister who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. His pirouette was a trademark move he used at political rallies, and he even busted it out when he met the Queen of England. This photo is proof that Canada has never been real.

If you thought a family wearing Canadian tuxedos was a cringey family photo, the one coming up knocks that out of the park.

The OG Movie Monster Isn’t As Scary As You’d Think

creature from the black lagoon behind the scenes.jpg

Photo credit: lbkeepr / Reddit

The Creature From The Black Lagoon is one of the original monster films of the 1950s. The star of the movie, Gill-man, may have terrified audiences on screen, but this behind-the-scenes photo shows a lighter side to the monster.

The suit for the monster made it so the actor couldn’t sit down for breaks in filming, so he probably had to pass the time by having some fun.

Castro Was A Well-Known Jokester

castro beards to make fun.jpg

Photo credit: dustofoblivion123 / Reddit

When he wasn’t leading the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro loved to make everyone around him laugh. Publically, Castro essentially banned humor in the free press in Cuba. But behind closed doors, he was usually the ringleader of jokes.

That’s likely why these kids could get away with the fake Castro beards.

Possibly The First ‘Awkward Family Photo’

awkward family photos victoria .jpg

Photo credit: Wubalubdubdub / Imgur

We’re all so used to people being stone-cold in photos from the Victorian era. But this photo of these seven sisters proves that people have never been good posing for pictures. I’m impressed none of their petticoats got in the way.

Keep reading to see a carefree Tsar Nicholas II before Revolutionaries completely destroyed the Russian monarchy.

We’ve Always Been A Little Camera-Shy

photo reel victorians laughing.jpg

Photo credit: Wubalubdubdub / Imgur

Most of us have grown used to seeing the top left photo in the Victorian era, but the other three are pleasant reminders that super-serious couples truly enjoyed each other.

This woman is just as camera-shy as we all were taking photos in high school in the mall photo booth.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

teacup balancing boobs.jpg

Photo credit: Thebighalrone / Reddit

When the push-up bra was invented in the 1960s, it was a revolutionary item for smaller-chested women. But it’s clear that not everyone in history needed one.

This woman’s ability to balance two teacups and saucers on her breasts is an ode to female power. That smirk on her face says it all.

Tsar Nicholas II Was Like The Ned Stark Of Europe

1899 funny tsar princes.jpg

Photo credit: donheart / Reddit

This photo of Russian Tsar Nicholas II and friends proves that it’s easy to have fun when your entire family tree controls Europe. The Russian Tsar on the left was known for being fun, loving, and goofy. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be laughing twenty years later when Revolutionaries executed him and his entire family.

The surrealist coming up embraced all things weird, even with his pets.

Stalin Was More Like A Joffrey

stalin goofing around with body guard.jpg

Photo credit: smileyman / Reddit

It can be difficult to see a photo of someone so evil appearing so carefree. This photo of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was taken circa 1940.

When his bodyguard snapped this photo, Stalin probably had no idea Hitler was about to double-cross him and invade the Soviet Union.

Freddy Kreuger Is Not So Scary Anymore

behind the scenes nightmare on elm street.jpg

Photo credit: drdrshsh / Reddit

Freddy Kreuger listening to a walkman while in full costume is my weekend vibes. There’s nothing more iconic than a villain who has terrorized our dreams for decades kicking back and relaxing.

We’re all crying ourselves to sleep, and Freddy is listening to Prince on repeat.

Dali Lived An Equally Surreal Life

salvador dali and his ant eater.jpg

Photo credit: nastratin / Reddit

One of the most prominent surrealist artists was just as weird in real life. Salvador Dali was known for being eccentric, so a lot of the stuff he did wasn’t that surprising. This photo of him walking a pet anteater through the streets of Paris in 1969 wouldn’t have been a strange sight.

Our society has become numb to scary movies, which makes the reactions in the photo coming up even more priceless.

I Can’t Tell Who Is Enjoying This Snow Bath More

seal getting bath.jpg

Photo credit: Szabo84 / Reddit

This photo of a zoo attendant giving a snow bath to a 4000-pound elephant seal named Roland is as wholesome as it gets. Taken in the 1930s at the Berlin Zoo, you probably didn’t need eight years of veterinarian degrees to get this job.

The man doing the snow bathing might be having more fun than Roland.

Once Again, Men Risk Their Lives For Fun

auto polo having fun .jpg

Photo credit: marqyus_of_chaos / Reddit

Before people realized that automobiles were death machines, they tried to find fun things to do with them that didn’t involve just driving down long country roads.

Some genius out there thought auto-polo was a good option, and this photo shows that it clearly wasn’t.

The Alien Test Audience Shows How Movies Used To Actually Be Scary

reaction to alien 1979.jpg

Photo credit: Szabo84 / Reddit

Kids nowadays aren’t scared by anything. Decades of slasher, gore, found-footage, and suspense films have made us too tolerant for scary movies. This photo from 1979 of the test audience for Alien shows how old horror movies could actually keep us up at night. Except for the guy at the front right. He’s giving off serial killer vibes.

Keep reading to see how we’ve always been sarcastic. If anything, we’ve lightened up a bit.

No Evil Dictator Is Off Limits To A Child’s Humor

making fun of hitler mask.jpg

Photo credit: Szabo84 / Reddit

No one is safe from the wrath of six-year-old boys. Even Hitler wasn’t exempt from being the butt of a joke. These two British kids were caught playing in the streets of London in a Hitler mask in 1938.

Little did they know Germany and England would end up in a world war only one year later.

This Must Be Why It Was Called The Roaring Twenties

lion racecar.jpg

Photo credit: chubachus / Reddit

County fairs across America in the early 1900s were a great place to find something as weird as a lion in a sidecar riding the wall of death. This photo shows that if humans have the opportunity to do something ridiculous, they’ll do it.

Thankfully they don’t do this anymore at your local carnivals.

People Were Just As Sarcastic As We Are Today

making fun of rich people party.jpg

Photo credit: lauren90046 / Imgur

This couple from the 1950s didn’t have much money, but would throw parties making fun of rich people. It was only 70 years ago, but throwing a party to make fun of rich people is as sarcastic as humans can get.

It reminds me of the American-themed parties people in Europe throw today. Haters gonna hate.

Spoiler Alert: Godzilla Wasn’t A Giant

set of gozilla having fun.jpg

Photo credit: Martynypm / Reddit

Seeing movie monsters behind the scenes can take away some of the magic. But Godzilla wearing a lei and playing the guitar while a woman dances to his sweet tunes is iconic.

I wish they had included this scene in the final cut of the movie.

Victorians Stole The Dance Moves And The Show

doing the cakewalk 1890.jpg

Photo credit: Szabo84 / Reddit

At first glance, you might think these dancers invented Michael Jackson’s Thriller dancer. But MJ’s moves originated from the cakewalk — a dance invented by emancipated slaves, then stolen and misused by others over time.

Even though these Victorians definitely didn’t invent the dance, they look hilarious doing it.