People Reveal That Their Neighbors Aren’t As Nice As Ned Flanders

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/23/18

We’ve come a long way since Mr. Rogers-like friendly neighbors. If you had a good relationship with your neighbor, hold on to that. You’re so lucky if you did because not all of them are going to be nice and friendly.

Thanks to Reddit, people have come forward to share the biggest annoyances that they have to put up with. Some neighbors will go as far as calling the cops for no reason, or maybe they’re the oversensitive type that reacts to everything. You might want to start looking for a new neighborhood after this.

The Oversensitive Piece Of You-Know-What

He used to stand on the footpath drunk every afternoon and yell to my husband about what a bitch I was. Once my husband told him to go home and he shaped up to try and punch my husband, who was around 50 years younge (2).jpg

Photo Credit: @Prescot_Windows/Twitter/macadamiaicecream/Reddit

Honestly, he sounds like an old man going senile from age. You would feel bad for him, but he clearly alienated a lot of people in his life.

This is what happens when you don’t see your family often or don’t bother to be sociable. Obviously, the neighbor burnt that bridge for himself though.

The Poop Bomber

It started by letting her kids and animals run wild in my backyard. So, I dropped $5k on a 6′ privacy fence that my father-in-law and I built. Then she had her water turned off for lack of payment and began pooping i.jpg

Photo Credit: @Bergenfence/Twitter

Great, a bunch of monkies tossing their poop around lives in the area. Maybe next time you should just use a public bathroom.

You’re just asking for a war with everyone else around you. If this is the start of WWIII, we’re so screwed.

The One Who’s A Pea Plant Murder

Ripped up and threw away my mum’s sweet pea plant that she got from her friend who died of cancer. When she complained he started ranting about how our garden is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the neighborhood an.jpg

Photo Credit: @shootgardening/Twitter/annoyednerd2/Reddit

You could say it’s a paved front yard that is the disgrace to the neighborhood. Who would hate flowers?

In my experience, those type of neighbors are the “troubled” ones. It never hurts to have a little color in the front yard. The next one ahead is pretty annoying at such an early time of the morning.

The Parents Who Forgot They Had A Daughter To Take Care Of

Neglected their daughter to point that she'd sneak into our house and steal food from our kitchen. CPS was called.jpg

Photo Credit: @KeepAPromiseOH/Twitter/Bedlambiker/Reddit

I hope she’s okay. Nobody deserves to go through that. How can someone be so irresponsible by letting their child loose?

The fact that CPS was called is just sad in general. You know what though, the neighbors should have adopted the kid instead of this ordeal.

The Kid Complainer Who Will Never Have Any Of Their Own

Called the cops on our then 6 yr old son because he was playing outdoors on public property. It wasn’t a road or anything.There was no danger whatsoever. He wasn’t screaming or anything, she just didn’t like kids. Sh (1).jpg

Photo Credit: @fran_cescaJ/Twitter/azerty1976/Reddit

You deserve to rot if you don’t think kids should be having fun. It’s rather sad that there are people out there who could care less about kids running around with a ton of energy.

One day, I hope these kids get back at her. Bringing the grand kids around the neighborhood could do the trick.

The Eager Beaver Who Really Needs To Tone It Down

My neighbors used to honk their horn in their driveway at like 7 in the morning literally every single day multiple times causing me and my family to wake up...The dad and mom would sit in their car and just honk the.jpg

Photo Credit: @Mr_BKrebs/Twitter

Can’t somebody break into the car and unwire the horn? That would be great if you could do that.

Nevertheless, these folks don’t care for anyone else and they have zero patience for their kids. I weep for the day their kids become parents of their own because they’ll do the exact same thing.

The Robber Who Was Either Paranoid Or Craving The Munchies

I just moved into my new apartment in Chicago and was woken up at 3 am to some loud knocking on my door. Given it’s Chicago, I thought the worst and assumed someone with a loaded gun was on the other side of that doo.jpg

Photo Credit: @DrJamieReynolds/Twitter/Norezu/Reddit

She probably had a box but wanted to sell it to buy drugs. Don’t kid yourself — the girl scout cookies are the drugs.

People who do this are without a doubt looking for trouble. Why would anyone else be up in the middle of the night trying to sell things?

The Overreactive Lawn Care Guy

He lets his yard guy cut onto other neighbors' property. As in, he thinks that 3ish feet on both sides are his. No, those 3 feet belong to the people that bought the land. And the yard guy is NUTS. He threatened one .jpg

Photo Credit: @MorIreland/Twitter

This guy needs a serious talking to. If you’re going to be overreactive and allow it at the same time, what good are you to society?

I mean, this is your job and all, but I’d be calling the manager of the lawn care company. This guy threatening people shouldn’t be working at all.

The “Emergency” That’s Anything But

Rang my doorbell at 4 am over and over and asked me to go with him because there was an emergency and it was important. Went with him and he took me over to his car and started asking what I thought of it and looked .jpg

Photo Credit: @LAS_JRU/Twitter/Aqueluna/Reddit

“Yeah, nice car neighbor. But it’s not like hot models will do a photoshoot with that.”

Somebody must have been super eager to let everyone know that their car is the real deal. They woke up too early and now you have an excuse not to go to work. Before you call in sick, was it a nice car?

The One Who’s The Aspiring “Next Avicii”

He would blast sh_tty EDM music almost every day starting from 9 am, especially on the weekends, and once I asked him to please keep it down until 10 AM he changed his habit.. to 8_30 am..jpg

Photo Credit: @AyScream90/Twitter/alderchai/Reddit

Been there, done that. Except, you can’t really make a complaint unless it’s past 11 PM.

I get that you’re trying to be the next big thing since Avicii, but you aren’t going anywhere in life if you keep doing this. Sell the DJ set, get off your butt, stop being annoying and get a life.

The Uptight Person

Late last year mine said he’ll bash me because I got his driveway wet while I had the sprinkler going to water my yard. Not even joking – he flipped his sh_t over his driveway getting water on it!He’s a drug addict s.jpg

Photo Credit: @raffertynaker/Twitter/Chromattix/Reddit

Sounds like this guy rages every time it rains. Better yet, an old man who yells at clouds because he has nothing else to do.

Just kidding, clearly, this guy has a problem. I guess this is how Faith No More found Chuck Mosley- standing in a middle of street, yelling for nothing.

The Revenge Seeker

They use our trash bin and ram it full of bags of their gross nappies. I so badly want to take the bags out and leave them on their doorstep..jpg

Photo Credit: @SF311Reports/Twitter/Clairdassian/Reddit

Do it. Light a bag of crap on fire. They can’t do anything about it. It’s your trash bin, but their garbage, so that’s their fault.

If it were me, I would cut the bottom of the bag before placing it in front of their door. That way, all the trash comes out of the bag.

The Irresponsible Pet Owner

dog neighbor.jpg

Photo Credit: @OMGFacts/Twitter/The_Axem_Ranger/Reddit

You’re lucky nobody called Animal Control for letting your dog wander. However, the neighbor is going to fire back with “Sorry, buddy. I don’t pay for other people’s mistakes.”

It’s a lesson we can all learn from and more importantly, this dog needs a leash next time.

The One That Got Away

When I was a kid my next door neighbor sued the guy across from him because his tree got tall enough that it blocked the sun for an additional 15 mins each morning from when he purchased the house 20 years previous. .jpg

Photo Credit: @exotic_LIONESS/Twitter

Such a shame. Some people can’t seem to enjoy having neighbors. It’s a hit or miss whenever you’re the new people on the street.

However, this should give you hope that not all neighbors are mean. Unlike this guy, he was just looking for someone to challenge.

Two Felines Who Work The Corner

Moved in with 2 cats. Decided she would rather have a dog. Took the 2 cats, set them on her porch and made them “outdoor cats”. Stopped feeding them. Didn’t spay either. Now our neighborhood is overrun with 10 or so .jpg

Photo Credit: @DeanH2014/Twitter/Jack_is_a_potato/Reddit

In some places, certain cities refuse to send animal control. You’d have to grab the cats and give them to the pound and prove they’re not owned.

However, this is totally not cool. Why would anyone leave such cute animals out in the world, all alone like that?

The One With A Happy Ending

Picked a fight with our 70-year-old Indian neighbour. Like, an actual physical fight. Buddy is in his 30’s. Indian neighbour has seen waaay too much in his life to tolerate any more and hit him with a nectarine tree .jpg

Photo Credit: @JulieChen/Twitter/Taleya/Reddit

If only more of life’s problems could be solved by hitting someone with a nectarine tree in a pot. Maybe they can, but we should only give it a try in certain situations.

No, don’t go doing that to your neighbor. We can learn from this situation by realizing that we don’t know much about the neighbors and take the chance to get to know them.

The One Who Yells For No Apparent Reason

Yelled at me for entering a shared garage to get some of our stuff. He later claimed I was after his gun, which was stored in a gun locker with a lock, that only he had the key for. He was in his 60’s or 70’s at the .jpg

Photo Credit: @Warehousetech/Twitter/sharkey_b/Reddit

Hey, at least the gun was locked and he had the key for it. It sounds like they were a lot more responsible of a gun owner than someone from Grand Theft Auto.

Next time, maybe don’t yell, but politely say “That’s my gun, please don’t go near it.” See? That’s not so hard to say.

The “Bully”

Accuse my kid of being a bully. Apparently the fact that my kid has friends other than her kid makes them awful.If you hadn't gotten yourself into a situation where you're no longer on speaking terms with over half t.jpg

Photo Credit: @gulabjaemin/Twitter

Kids can be mean, but it gets out of hand sometimes. if you were in this situation, it’s probably best to find another neighborhood to live in.

You’ve worn out your welcome and nobody else is going to tolerate your nonsense. Not my fault you’re the biggest jerk on the corner.

The Workout Person Who Has No Boundaries

Neighbor in apartment above mine. I swear this guy randomly decides to do jumping jacks at 2 AM for 5 second bursts on and off for half an hour or some whatever..jpg

Photo Credit: @JCHealthFitPro/Twitter

This is what happens when you live near someone who likes Aderol. Maybe they’re not on it or they have a strange desire to do exercises in the middle of the night.

In retaliation, I’d stand outside his door, do my own jumping jacks, and constantly knock on his door.

Just Move Out

Me neighbor got super heated about how I didn’t see him in the hallway and say hi once, and then blamed his outburst on the fact that laundry makes him cranky.He drunkenly tried to get into my apartment last Wednesda.jpg

Photo Credit: @sdutideas/Twitter/clocksailor/Reddit

I once tried to get into the wrong apartment, not drunk or anything, but a bit distracted. I lived on the fifth floor, and a dude gets in the elevator with me pressing the 2nd-floor button.

I get off on the wrong floor and suddenly tried to put my key in his lock. I realized my dumbness soon afterward.