These People Are Definitely More Over It Than Under It And It’s Inspiring

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

Don’t you love those days when you wake up and you know it’s going to be a good day? It’s the mornings where the coffee just tastes crisp, the eggs are perfectly cooked, and nothing can bring down your mood. Those are the best days.

But, let’s be honest — they don’t happen very often. The more realistic version is when you wake up and knock your head off your side table trying to get out of bed. You burn your coffee, burn your eggs, and every little thing your co-workers do gets on your nerves. It’s those days that by eight in the morning you’re already saying, “I’m over it.” Don’t worry though. You’re not alone when you have the people in this article.

When There’s No Air Conditioning

no air conditioning.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you’ve ever been in a workplace that doesn’t have air conditioning you can relate to this guy on every level.

Not only are you miserable because you’re at work, but you’re even more miserable because forehead sweat keeps dripping into your mouth while you just sit at your desk.

“Fire Me, I Dare You”

single frick.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kalesalad

Once you give your two weeks in at work, your mindset completely changes for the better.

You’re literally daring your boss to fire you because you fell asleep at your desk. Those 30-minute lunches turn into four hour walks around town. This girl is living her best life.

Just So You Know, There’s No End To The Pettiness


Photo Credit: Twitter / @ceejoyner

Your kids are only young once, so it’s disappointing if you miss a lot of their “firsts.” Whether it’s their first words, first steps or even their first puke.

So, the pettiness level was taken to the extreme when this guy taught his kid how to ride a bike just because he cut him off in a parking lot. Sorry, daycare dad. Coming up, a mom left her kid in an Uber and it resulted in a hilarious picture.

They’re Done With The Sibling Fighting

our cats had a fight.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @allieoets

Can we just talk about how conniving and malicious cats are? They’re the human race’s existential threat because they will have no problem destroying us in the blink of an eye.

We need to never turn our backs to our feline “friends” because they’re calculated killers, and we have to remember that.

Literally Or Figuratively?

can you hang this.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @JaysonCoakley

Sometimes tasks get lost in translation, and there’s no better picture to explain that then this one.

What moms need to realize is that us kids are going to be smart mouths for as long as we can. This kid’s ears are about to get cuffed when she gets home, but this tweet is absolutely worth it.

He Better Be Getting Five Stars

uber lady.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @TristinIngalsbe

Uber drivers will literally do anything if they know that they’re going to get five stars. You can tell them to drive on the sidewalk and take out 50 people and they’ll comply.

This lady is putting some serious trust in her Uber driver by leaving her kid with him, but, to each their own I guess. Just ahead, a painter that literally painted himself into a corner and now it’s a problem.

Menu Fort For The Win

a grown man.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @ahow

Nothing says “I’m over this conversation” quite like building a menu fort. This is the adult version of pouting.

His wife probably told him that he has to get a side garden salad instead of fries because “if I wanted to marry someone with a gut, I would’ve chosen Santa Claus.”

Too Much Bubble, Not Enough Bath

Bubble Bubble.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / imauveyou

It’s almost impossible to get the perfect amount of bubble in your bath. Not even Einstein could figure this combination out.

This guy is on cloud nine (of bubbles) and I’m kind of jealous. This is his third attempt at getting the right amount of bubbles and you can tell he’s over it.

Well, I Didn’t Think This Through At All

painting roof.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

To be a professional painter, you have to be smart. When looking at the job from the outside it seems simple enough, but there’s some serious strategy needed.

This picture is what happens when you don’t put your thinking cap on before painting the roof of the house. It’s safe to say his body language says he’s over it. Coming up, the perfect birthday cake for your annoying vegan friend. It’s too good.

Sometimes You Need To Turn Into Buddha

one of my students.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @_McDonald

Everyone has those days when everything anyone does just bugs you. Every breath they take is one breath closer to you hitting them in the mouth.

While most of us have a hard time figuring out how to channel our negative energy, this kid has it right. He turned into Buddha so quickly, and it’s the most inspiring picture of the day.

The Camel Is Sick Of Being An Exhibition

child is being eaten .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This camel is over it. He’s sick of little kids coming up and poking him, and he’s over parents taking pictures of him without his consent.

So, he decided that he would take matters into his own hands, I mean, mouth. He will swallow this kid whole if it means that it’ll make a point.

When Your Friend Is On The Vegan Diet And You Want To Make A Point

vegan diet.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / fej057

Is there anything more annoying than a vegan? Fine, some are perfectly normal, but most aren’t.

They shame you for eating anything with eyes, so basically, all they can eat is dry kale. This is what you need to give them for their birthday cake — just veggies in gelatin. Coming up, a dog with the perfect amount of attitude and it’s absolutely incredible.

Band-Aid Solutions Always Work

bandaid solutions.png

Photo Credit: Reddit

The easy way out is to put band-aid solutions on systemic problems. This fix might work short-term, but it’s not going to work long term.

This person’s window has probably cracked about five times and they’re just over the whole fixing thing.

The Definition Of “Screw It, I Don’t Care Anymore”


Photo Credit: Imgur

I can only imagine how frustrating and meticulous it is to build a washroom. When this guy realized what he’d done, he was over this whole bathroom thing.

This is the perfect picture to describe the saying “not my problem” when installing the door. Hey, if it shuts, it shuts.

That Mess Ain’t Going To Clean Itself, Barbara

dog made a huge mess.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Audreyrosentei

How many times are you going to leave Brutus stranded outside, Barbara? This is his way of getting back at you, and he has absolutely no remorse.

Look at that posture. This is the way your mom looks at you when you walk in 15 minutes after curfew. Coming up, the new hiding spot for your beer if you’re done with your roommate stealing it.

Sick And Tired Of Technology

phone in toilet.jpg

Photo Credit:Imgur

This little guy is over it. He’s over his parents paying more attention to their phones than they do him.

He’s tried many different tactics to try to get them to stop, but they never listened. This was the final straw and it’s hard to blame him.

Cats Will Rule The World

conehead .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is just another example of cats showing their dominance. Eventually, they just aren’t going to put up with us anymore.

We may find this picture of a cat squishing a dogs head funny now, but when they start targeting us next, it’s not going to be so humorous.

When Your Roommate Is A Thief

hiding last beer.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kontheabstract

We’ve all had roommates who are not trustworthy with our food. It starts with cheese slices and then goes as far as them taking a beer.

You have to get creative to ensure that they don’t take your stuff. If you have to put your brews in a head of lettuce to secure it, you do it.

This Is A Whole New Meaning Of Pool Noodles

pool noodles.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kontheabstract

When you’re at a resort and you’re sick of the buffet food, this is the next best option. Literal pool noodles.

Why even bother getting out of the water to eat when you can stay buoyant and feed your hunger all in one shebang.

“…. But Next Time”

my uncles hamster.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @no.body.special

This is the type of co-worker that everyone hates. The put on this front that they’re reliable yet they’ve never been there for you when they need them.

The worst part is that they’re the same employee that will always ask you to take their shift and end it with “I’ll get you next time,” which absolutely never happens.