These People Left An Impression On Our Lives. Not Necessary A Positive One, But An Impression Nonetheless

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 8/21/18

We all want to live our best lives. Most of us don’t have a clue what that means yet, but we’re hoping that we find it sooner than later. We want to make positive impressions on our friends and family around us,

We want to put one foot in front of the other every day in hopes of being a better person than we were the day before. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Some of us leave impressions that are sour to the ones who surround us. Besides, we can’t all be ripe apples. This article highlights people who are making impressions on people, but we’re still not sure if they’re the right ones yet.

I Hope Y’all Have Your Seatbelts On

lassies face.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ladbible

This is hilarious for many reasons. First of all, we know exactly how this girl felt when she was plastered into the back of the seat in front of her. It’s safe to say that she wasn’t impressed.

Second of all, the amount of makeup that she was wearing is kind of astonishing. I’d love to see what she looked after with a half done up face and half mangled. She probably learned her lesson not to wear as much makeup, and more importantly, to wear a seatbelt.

The Brutality Of A Child’s Honesty

i was lifeguarding.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Carlie_Veenhuis

Being around kids is a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, their innocence is very calming and refreshing. On the other hand, they don’t have a mature enough conscience to realize there are consequences to what they say.

They can be brutally honest. From an onlookers perspective it’s hilarious, but when you’re the one feeling the wrath, it can be quite painful. Knowing that what they’re saying is 100% how they think can give a stinging blow to your confidence.

A Timeless Gift For Any Occasion

press your face.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

There are very few gifts that you can give to anyone at any time. While many will claim that flowers are always appropriate, I would disagree. Flowers aren’t useful after the gift is given. They sit in the living room and die.

A jar with your face laminated on it is timeless, unique, and creative. Those three qualities are hard to find in a gift, so this is something that we can all use eventually.

The King Of Pop Has Resurrected

my mamager showed me this picture.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @keely___

You know what? There are worse people to look like then the King of Pop in the Thriller music video.

Also, can we just quickly talk about how much of a rip off those slides are? If you’re at a fair, you have to pay $15, and you get one slide down this thing. It takes four seconds, and it’s not even fast. The bouncy castle, on the other hand, is a complete gamechanger and is worth every dime.

Why, Though?


Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s a bit annoying that we’re in the middle of being in a society that LOVES to overshare everything. They need to share where they are, what they’re doing, and how they look at every given moment.

This girl painted her nails, something that probably took five minutes, and now she feels the need to share it with all of her peers. She’s color matching with a slice of ham, and it’s very confusing.

The Number One Day Ruiner

freaking pen clicked.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @autmnbblack

This happens more times than anyone will ever want to admit. Pens accidentally clicking and drawing on your clothing is probably the number one cause of death for your wardrobe.

It’s not like you can erase this off either. These pen marks are a life sentence to never wearing those pants in public ever again without embarrassing yourself. It’s an unfortunate reality that we all have to live with.

The Answer Is An Obvious Yes


Photo Credit: Twitter / @majtague

Studies show that people with big foreheads have more brain cells and are therefore more likely to be more intelligent. Studies also show that disproportioned foreheads tend to mean that you’re better at math and science.

Unfortunately, they also mean that you’re probably not going to get married. People with big foreheads are 30% more likely to get a divorce within the first two weeks of marriage. I don’t think, so studies exist or have any clout, but it’d be cool if they did.

Single And Exposed

nationals park .png

Photo Credit: Reddit / skankboy

Can we just talk about kiss cams for a second? We absolutely love them if we just get to watch people awkwardly get turned down in front of thousands of people, but hate it if you’re on it.

There are very few things that can happen to someone that they can’t recover from. Getting shown on the Kiss Cam when you’re at a ballgame alone is one of those things. This is the end of his reputation if he ever had one.

Okay, See You At The Family Gathering

she's my aunt (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @hxelprincess

This is only acceptable in the South. Okay, I’m kidding, I’m kidding (kind of). Thank God that they figured this out before it was taken to the next level.

Imagine bringing your girlfriend to a family gathering and finding out that it’s also her family gathering? Remember how I just talked about things that can happen to you that you can’t recover from? Well, that would be another one of those times.

He Has To Be Canadian

this guy cut me off.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @lexialvrz

Road rage is a serious problem. When you’re a decent driver, even the most irrelevant moves that other cars make in front of you can send you into an angry mood very quickly.

Since you can’t tell motive just by looking at the car, we immediately go straight to the other driver wanting to make us mad. This license plate isn’t just nice; it’s incredibly smart. It excuses you from any time you cut someone off, and it’s brilliant.

It’s The Thought That Counts

i am now.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MattSingh_

Look, I’m always someone who is going to defend the Starbucks employees for misspelling names that are inherently tough to spell. If your name is Meghan and they spell it, Megan, it’s not a big deal.

If you have a foreign name like Yataslav, once again, not a big deal. But if you butcher the spelling of a common name like Matt this brutally, then I think you deserve to be fired. You’re not leaving a good impression on your customer base.

Open Up, Sweetie


Photo Credit: Twitter / @MiaSimper101

One way to leave an impression on your kid is to spit chewed up sunflower seeds into their mouth and face while they’re sleeping. Not only will this traumatize them, but it’s also a potential choking hazard.

Many things would suck to wake up to, and one of them is having someone else’s sunflower seeds all over your face. The other is probably when you leave a pizza in the oven overnight, and it sets your house on fire.

The Perks Of Public Transportation

butt butt butt.jpg

Photo Credit: Reddit / silvr33

Public transportation is weird. It’s easily the best place to people watch because you have people of every social status conversing in a tiny space. While there are many people who prove that there are still good people out there, there are many others who don’t.

This person decided to give their neighbor a face full of butt and it’s making me vomit just to look at. If you’re sitting on a bus, your nose shouldn’t be within inches of someone’s butt crack, I’m sorry.

Abbey Are You Okay? Are You Okay Abbey?

called out.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

This boss at DQ is an absolute savage. I have so many questions to ask, but my main one is at what point of not showing up does calling Abby out on the sign come into play?

Like, does she have to miss three shifts in a row? Four shifts? Or is it a month-long thing? Maybe something bad happened to Abby and that’s why she can’t come in? I guess we’ll never know.

Stirring Up The Croc Pot

croc tan.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

Okay, this might be an unpopular opinion but let’s just talk about how Crocs are easily the best shoe you can ever purchase. From a practical standpoint, there is no other brand that can compare.

From a looks standpoint, sure, they’re an acquired taste, but they have a unique look that’s interesting, to say the least. The benefits of having a comfortable shoe far outweigh any criticism you might get while wearing them.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

kid in handcuffs.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know, but from what I hear, having children just completely ruins lives. No longer can you do whatever you want whenever you want. You have to bring the ball and chain that drags you down with you at all times.

In this case, this mother is literally dragging her kid with handcuffs at the grocery store. At what point does a parent decide that their kid needs to be handcuffed to a grocery cart? Asking for a friend.

The Perfect Summer Haircut

pineapple head.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t know exactly what this guy is going for, or what impression he’s looking to make to his peers, but he’s missing the mark completely.

Maybe he’s a huge SpongeBob SquarePants fan and just wanted to show his support for the sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. It could also be seen as a perfect summer haircut. It looks easy, breezy and tasty, all of which are great qualities of a cut.

A Pay It Forward Moment

corn on the cod.jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur / anyin

This person better is paying it forward after this parking ticket person gave them a corn on the cob instead of a ticket.

It’s safe to say that the worst people in the world work as parking ticket people. They must just be sent straight from hell to give people $200 tickets for parking six inches too far from the curb. I’ll take a corn on the cob any day of the year.

It’s Hard Putting Someone Else’s Shoes On

single mom .jpg

Photo Credit: Imgur

While compassion and empathy are two qualities of an individual that are highly looked for, they aren’t easy to attain.

This kid basically sums it up perfectly in his graduation blurb when he states that it’s hard being a single mom when you’re just a male teenager. We all have different experiences, and putting your feet into someone else’s shoes is harder than it looks.

When You’re Fake, You’re Fake

no way sitting on the stool.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @mcjesse

Celebrities make impressions on us every day, both good and bad. Even though you may love Ariana Grande, she still needs to be held accountable for her lies.

If she’s going to be on her album cover looking graceful on a stool in an impossible position, she needs to be called out. That’s exactly what happens here. After some thorough research and development, it’s been determined that she was photoshopped. Not impressed, Ariana. We trusted you.