Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

life | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

Have you ever thrown away an apple core? Or tried to peel an orange only to end up with sticky juice all over your hands? You’ve been eating food wrong. I know you’ve been doing it your whole life, and you probably think you’re pretty good at it, but I’m here to tell you that you could be doing it better. There’s always room to improve.

Keep reading to learn how to pry open stubborn pistachios, how to get the skin off of a ginger root, and the best way to peel a kiwi. Go forth and get hungry!

Make A Cupcake Sandwich


Photo Credit: @gabrielle_mon / Twitter

If you don’t eat cupcakes like this already, you should probably start. A cupcake sandwich gives you a better icing to cake ratio. I know it’s the same amount of icing and cake, but it’s distributed more evenly this way.

Also, your hands and face don’t get covered in icing.

Don’t Just Wing It


Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Getting all of the meat off of a chicken wing can be difficult. For the wingettes (the ones with two bones inside), hold the wing at either end, twist it around until the cartilage breaks, remove one of the bones, then hold the wing between your teeth while you remove the other bone.

Get all of the meat with none of the fuss.

Eat The Whole Apple


Photo Credit: @EIWaster / Twitter

Apparently, apple cores are a myth. You can eat the entire apple starting from the bottom. You can even eat the seeds and the stem.

Just make sure you thoroughly wash your fruit before you eat it. Make less waste and get more food while you’re at it!

Peel Kiwis With A Spoon


Photo Credit: @BestProAdvice / Twitter

Kiwis are one of the most delicious fruits on the planet, but people neglect them because they can be hard to prepare.

The easiest way to peel a kiwi is to cut off the top and the bottom, and then use a spoon to scoop the fruit out of its skin.

The Easiest Way To Core Strawberries


Photo Credit: @thriftymom / Twitter

Lots of delicious strawberry goes to waste when you gouge them with large corers or chop their tops off.

Use a straw to core your strawberries and remove the leaves at the same time. Keep reading to learn the best and least messy way to get pomegranate seeds out of a pomegranate.

Store Natural Nut Butters Upside Down


Photo Credit: @tomcopy / Twitter

Whether you’re into natural peanut butter or almond butter or hazelnut butter, always store the containers upside down. That way, when the natural oils separate and settle at the top of the nut butter, you can just flip the jar over. The oils will steep nicely through the butter, and you won’t have to spend so much time mixing.

It will also stop you from having really dry nut butter once you get to the last third of the jar.

Dip Sushi Fish Side First


Photo Credit: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/UIG via Getty Images

The proper way to dip sushi into soy sauce is fish side down. Don’t dip the rice side into the soy sauce. Rice will absorb way too much sauce, and doing it this way is actually considered disrespectful to the chef.

Also, learn how to use chopsticks.

Tap The Seeds Out Of Your Pomegranate


Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Step 1: cut off the top of the pomegranate. Step 2: score the fruit along the seams. Step 3: pull apart the fruit with your hands over a large bowl of water.

All of the white, fibrous stuff will float to the surface of the water, and the delicious seeds will sink to the bottom. Just scoop out the waste and enjoy.

Monkey See, Monkey Do


Photo Credit: KAY NIETFELD/AFP/Getty Images

Monkeys obviously know the best way to open a banana. Avoid the handle-like stem at the top. Flip the banana over and squeeze the little nub at the bottom between your thumb and forefinger.

The banana will split right open. The peel will separate into two equal strips. Just pull them all the way off and dig in.

The Best Way To Grill Salmon


Photo Credit: @blogosum / Twitter

Grilled salmon is delicious, but keeping salmon from sticking to your grill can be really difficult. Lay some lemon slices down first. They’ll keep the fish from sticking, and they’ll infuse some delicious lemon flavor into your food.

Keep reading for the only way anybody should reheat leftover pizza.

Peel Eggs WIth Ease


Photo Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your boiling water will make your hard boiled eggs super easy to peel.

You can also try adding a teaspoon of vinegar to your boiling water— but not at the same time as the baking soda unless you want an 8th-grade science fair level explosion.

Peel Ginger With A Spoon


Photo Credit: @Anjuladevi / Twitter

Use a spoon to peel the skin off of ginger to avoid losing a ton of the actual spice. A potato peeler or a knife will strip pieces of ginger away along with the peel.

More ginger is always better. If you find that you’ve peeled an entire piece of ginger and you don’t want to use it all right away, cut it into chunks and store it in the freezer.

Never Reheat Pizza In The Microwave Again


Photo Credit: @AndyRichter / Twitter

Pizza that’s reheated in the microwave, or even the oven, will never get a crispy crust. The whole thing will get limp and soggy.

Reheat your pizza in a pan on your stovetop. A waffle iron or a panini press can also work wonders. Read on to learn how to slice delicate cake without squishing it.

Stubborn Pistachios?


Photo Credit: @mental_floss / Twitter

Some pistachios just don’t want to open up. These shy pistachios can be super frustrating, and they can ruin your manicure.

Luckily, pistachio shells are super strong. You can use a shell from a nut that you’ve already opened to pry open a mostly closed pistachio.

Slice Mushrooms With An Egg Slicer


Photo Credit: @tkf555 / Instagram

This is a brilliant idea that not a lot of people know about. Egg slicers can quickly and evenly slice mushrooms with a single swipe.

This is a great way to cut mushrooms to put on homemade pizza, or to put in various sauces and omelets.

Unflavored Floss Does It Best


Photo Credit: @smartlazygirl / Twitter

You can use unflavored, unwaxed dental floss to quickly and cleanly slice through soft cakes.

Just hold the floss tightly between two fingers, and press down with steady pressure. You’ll get even, clean, and unsquished slices every time. Keep reading for another way to use dental floss in the kitchen.

How To Eat A Hard Taco


Photo Credit: @KVJShow / Twitter

Everybody knows that hard tacos can be very difficult to eat. Some people skip out on hard tacos altogether and opt for soft tacos for this reason.

The diagram above shows you the best way to eat a hard taco. Start at one and make your wait to that eighth bite. You can also wrap taco in a piece of lettuce while you eat it to hold everything in.

How To Cut A Watermelon


Photo Credit: @SoberJulie / Twitter

Cut the watermelon in half, flip it dome side up, and slice it into a grid. You’ll get long strips of watermelon that are perfect for little hands to pick up and eat.

When you cut watermelon into triangles, by the time you get to the base of the triangle, you’re getting watermelon all over your face. This method is way more refined.

Back At It Again With The Unflavored Floss


Photo Credit: @ECRBreakfast / Twitter

You already know that you can cut soft cakes with floss, but you can use that same method to cut soft cheeses.

Get perfect rounds of goat cheese for your pizza, or perfect rounds of mozzarella for your Caprese salad. Is there anything that dental floss can’t do?

Orange You Glad You Don’t Have To Struggle To Peel Oranges Anymore?


Photo Credit: @DailyMirror / Twitter

Slice off the skin at the very top and very bottom of the orange. Then look for a seam, and slice your knife through one side of the orange until you get to that empty space in the middle of the fruit.

Then just unroll the fruit, and you’ll have a strip of separated orange segments without all the mess of traditional peeling.