These People Out DIYed Pinterest And We Wish They’d Share Some Talent With The Rest Of Us

life | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

Pinterest is full of quick and easy DIY projects that promise to turn you into a domestic god or goddess, a veritable master of all things craft. Some of us are DIY wizards, and some of us can’t even do the Pinterest project right.

These people have out Pinterested Pinterest. Their DIYs are so hardcore, you couldn’t drill through them with a four-inch cobalt bit. There is nothing quick or easy about any of the DIYs on this list. We’ll probably never attempt to do them ourselves, but it’s nice to know that all this stuff is humanly possible. Keep reading to see a gorgeous tree reading nook, a graduation cap that plays GIFs, and a handmade wedding dress that only cost $30 for materials.

A Homemade Beer And Soda Tap


Photo Credit: averangejones / Reddit

This guy built and installed a beer and soda tap in his kitchen. It looks pretty simple from the front, but there are a whole bunch of tubes behind that wall.

I would love to have one of these in my kitchen. Maybe this guy can come make me one because I absolutely do not have the DIY skills to do it myself.

A Pizza Oven (And A Pizza) Made From Scratch


Photo Credit: pupztar / Reddit

It took this guy days to make this pizza oven, but now he can make pizza in a matter of minutes. Fast pizza makes all the work worth it.

I’d love to try my hand at an oven like that, but I’m pretty sure that whatever I’d manage to create would burst into flames as soon as heat was introduced into the equation.

This Is A+ Parenting


Photo Credit: sixstringhook / Reddit

This husband and wife team decided to make a play kitchen for their two-year-old son out of an old TV console.

The burners on the stove and in the oven actually light up, and the fridge is painted with chalkboard paint. I hope the two-year-old appreciates this as much as I do.

DIY Farmhouse Table


Photo Credit: haggerty2000 / Imgur

Farmhouse Tables can be crazy expensive. When this guy moved into his new home, he realized that his kitchen was begging for a big, beautiful farmhouse table.

Buying a table wasn’t in the budget, so he decided to make one himself. The kicker: he is not a professional builder, and this is his first major project. Talk about natural talent!

We All Sleep In A Yellow Submarine


Photo Credit: radamshome / Reddit

This crazy talented dude on the internet turned a regular crib into a submarine crib. The sides of the submarine are made out of foam, so the whole thing is baby-safe.

I know I’m a little too big to fit in that crib, but if this family wanted to adopt me, I’d happily squish myself into that DIY masterpiece.

A Wedding Dress For $30!


Photo Credit: aikikat / Reddit

This gorgeous bride crocheted her wedding dress on the bus during her commute to work. It took her around five months to complete the whole dress.

She spent $30 total on materials, including the fabric for the lining. The dress is machine washable, and it doesn’t require any special care.

The Graduation Cap To End All Graduation Caps


Photo Credit: FaceBookAI / Imgur

It’s become something of a trend for grads to personalize their graduation caps. Most grads paint on designs, or staple on some paper or glue on some fabric appliques.

This guy installed some intense LED lights so that his hat could play GIFs while he graduates. Looks like he learned something valuable at college.

Now That’s What I Call Upcycling


Photo Credit: grahamvinyl / Reddit

This talented internet person turned a 400-year-old stump into a coffee table with a built-in “lake.” The teal “lake” is a slab of glass cut to fit into the hole in the stump.

I want this in my house so badly. Do you think this guy has any more 400-year-old stumps lying around?

A Huge Bathroom Remodel


Photo Credit: notadeckofcards / Reddit

The new and improved bathroom is basically my dream bathroom. I especially love the wooden vanity and the raised sink, but everything about it is absolutely stunning.

This whole remodel only cost five thousand dollars. That’s the joy of doing it yourself— you don’t have to pay anyone else to do it.

Somebody Make This For Me Please


Photo Credit: gregbo24 / Reddit

This guy’s family went with a handmade theme for gifts this past Christmas. He decided to go all out for his brother-in-law. Not too shabby for a first woodworking project.

I love that he decided to use different stains instead of paint. it looks so cool and classy.

Not Too Shabby For His First Time


Photo Credit: ztrobbins / Reddit

This guy made a super cool 3D end grain cutting board using maple, cherry, and walnut wood.

This is his first time making a cutting board. I wish I knew how to puzzle bits of wood together like that. How are people born with such talent? Keep reading to see a planet that’s made out of actual rust.

Catan Got A Serious Upgrade

rdiy12 (1).jpg

Photo Credit: NotAirportWifi / Reddit

This person made a 3D printed Settlers of Catan board and then painted it to look super epic. I especially love the little cotton ball sheep and the “dessert” desert in the middle.

This whole project took around 30 hours total. That’s 30 hours well spent if you ask me.

A Colored Pencil Popcorn Bowl


Photo Credit: Cloudchaser150 / Reddit

This young lad made a colored pencil popcorn bowl for his mother for Mother’s Day. He used 750 colored pencils, resin colored with black nail polish, and a whole lot of power tools.

All I got my mom for Mother’s Day was a t-shirt and a box of chocolates…

Screen Printing With Rust


Photo Credit: BarryAbrams / Imgur

This Mars print is on sheet metal. The rusty red color is actual rust on the metal, and the black is a screen printed ink. The surface of the planet Mars is covered in rust. That’s why it’s red!

This guy used hydrogen peroxide to get the sheet metal to rust exactly where he wanted it to.

Charge Your Phone On The Iron Throne


Photo Credit: NaturalNerdiy / Imgur

This talented lady used wood, foam, a bunch of plastic cocktail swords, and some metallic spray paint to make a rad iron throne charging station.

All phones want to sit on the iron throne. Only one can be “in charge.” Hehe. Keep reading to see a handmade watch that will knock your socks off.

See A Penny, Pick It Up


Photo Credit: TonyaTooners / Imgur

This floor is made out of $130 in pennies, ten bottles of Elmer’s glue, some grout, and some epoxy.

This project looks super difficult, but it was made even more difficult because the craftsman’s dog kept getting past his makeshift barricade and pooping on the pennies. I’m glad that he finished his project in spite of that turd hurdle.

I Want This Room So Badly


Photo Credit: radamshome / Reddit

Remember that submarine crib a few pictures back? That’s the same guy who made this stunning tree hideaway for his daughter’s bedroom.

She has her own reading light inside the tree, there’s a sitting area at the top, and the knothole fairy windows work as whimsical night-lights.

A Wooden Word Watch


Photo Credit: HakuG / Reddit

This very good friend built a wooden word watch for his roommate’s birthday. Where can I find myself a roommate who knows how to make cool things?

This took tons of planning, engineering skills, prototyping, and time. This is a pretty hard present to top. I wonder what his roommate is going to get him for his birthday?

Sort The Rainbow


Photo Credit: dutchkiwifruit / Reddit

This tech genius built a machine that sorts Skittles and M&Ms by color. It uses an Arduino controller, stepper motors, an RGB color sensor and 3D-printed parts to satisfy orderly people everywhere.

I don’t know why anybody would need this, but somehow, I really really want one.

A Dell Laptop Gets A Makeover


Photo Credit: samstudio8 / Reddit

So this guy was doing his Ph.D., and he was getting pretty frustrated about the whole grad school situation. He decided to stick his laptop into a laser cutter to cheer himself up.

This is Ph.D. level procrastination, but at least it’s really pretty procrastination.