These People Paid Tribute To Their Favorite Fictional Characters With Expertly Crafted Costumes

life | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/24/18

Conventions across the country, and the world, welcome people from all walks of life who like embodying their favorite fictional characters. These people don’t just slap on a store-bought costume and call it a day. They go all out. All of these costumes were hand sewn together by the people wearing them.

Keep reading for some redneck Avengers, a man who took his Maui costume to the next level, and two Game of Thrones ladies who definitely deserve a spot on the cosplay throne.

Up Up And Away


Photo Credit: MattyTingles / Reddit

Hey look, Russell is all grown up. This is actually so adorable. Such great attention to detail. I want to know what all of those badges are for.

How could anybody get angry at that face? He just wants to go on an adventure.

Will The Real Honey Lemon Please Stand Up


Photo Credit: sharper198 / Reddit

Honey Lemon isn’t a Marvel superhero, but she is best known for her affiliation with the Big Hero 6 team. In 2014, Disney reimagined the Big Hero 6 comic series as a full length animated feature film.

In the movie, Honey Lemon is a quirky chemistry whiz at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Here Comes The Bride


Photo Credit: starbitcos / Reddit

Hello, mother of dragons. This is so perfect, all the way down to the color contacts. In George R. R. Martin’s books, Daenerys has purple eyes.

The HBO series decided to keep Emilia Clarke’s original eye color, but I like that this cosplayer kept it canon.

Alfredo Linguini IRL


Photo Credit: ManuelDandrea / Reddit

This is both terrifying and absolutely perfect. This cosplay whiz even made a prosthetic nose out of gelatine for his costume.

I think this Linguini is literally made out of Pixar. Like, how can this be so good? Also, that rat tail is genius.

Humanoid Eve And Wall-E


Photo Credit: Carlos_Adama / Reddit

This unique take on EVE and Wall-E is absolutely adorable. I love seeing non-human characters take on human forms.

This cosplay captures the soul and tone of the source material, while also being creative and unique. The photography here is pretty stellar, too.

I’ve Been Sleeping On Debbie Thornberry


Photo Credit: Imgur

Does anybody else feel like Debbie Thornberry is the most underrated Thornberry? I don’t think I realized just how underrated she is until I saw this picture.

I’ve always thought of myself as more of an Eliza, but Debbie is so gorgeously grunge. Keep reading to see a Pixar cosplay that’s got us all hot and bothered.

Is That You, Gal Gadot?


Photo Credit: hatboyzero / Reddit

Cosplay involves a lot of costume-making talent, hard work, and a good attitude, but it really helps if you just naturally look like Wonder Woman.

All of the armor here is very impressive, but I can’t stop looking at this lady’s perfectly proportioned face.

Another Wonderous Wonder Woman


Photo Credit: Lady_Shimomo / Reddit

This cosplayer went to her first Comic Con in 2016 as Indian Wonder Woman. She designed the theme and the costume from scratch.

The nose ring is especially cool, and I love the strappy sandals. I’d like to have just an ounce of her talent.

You’re Welcome


Photo Credit: Sledgehammercosplay / Reddit

I cannot get over how amazing this looks. This guy made his Maui costume out of a fully tattooed body suit, a bunch of craft foam, Apoxie sculpt, and a bunch of rope.

This is some serious dedication. I think it’s a very fitting tribute to Maui.

Jane Porter Is Looking Good


Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

All this girl needs is a bunch of monkeys and some Phil Collins music. Everything about this outfit is spot on.

I like how she did her hair so it looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon. I want to see her dress up as jungle Jane at the end of the movie, too.

Spot On Margaery


Photo Credit: feather_moon / Reddit

Yeah, the dress is gorgeous, but when you’re face looks like it’s straight out of Game of Thrones, the dress kind of pales in comparison.

I bet the first time she saw Natalie Dormer on the show, she was just like, “well, I guess I know what I’m going to be for every Halloween.”

Redneck Avengers


Photo Credit: LisaLouWho / Reddit

This is so brilliant. I love Captain ‘Murica and the Hulk couple. In the comics, Hulk and She-Hulk are actually cousins, which makes this whole thing all the more appropriate.

These are the Avengers that America deserves, but not the Avengers that it needs right now. I know that’s DC. Don’t fight me.

Nice To See Dennis Represented At Comic Con


Photo Credit: frigginboomtoys / Reddit

This guy posted a full video to YouTube that shows his entire costume-making process. I like when people make costumes of minor characters. Like, I’m always going to love SpongeBob, but everybody loves SpongeBob.

Dennis is unique and different. He’s just misunderstood.

Lord Boros — One Punch Man


Photo Credit: Secret_Squirrel007 / Reddit

Boros, also called Lord Boros by his subordinates, is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, a group of alien invaders who are responsible for the destruction of A-City.”

I had to quote that from the One Punch Man Wiki because I have no idea who this character is, but I still think that this cosplay is awesome.

Reinhardt At ComicGong


Photo Credit: LeClubNerd / Reddit

This Reinhardt costime took 18 months to make, weighs roughly 45 pounds, and comes in just under 7′. It’s mostly made of EVA foam with a PVC frame, but it’s also paneled in Palight (Sintra, aerated PVC). It has over 150 LED’s controlled by 2 NeoPixel trinkets plus a LED ring, fan and mirror arrangement for the rocket thruster on his back.

The hands were 3D printed and designed in Fusion 360. The right hand is controlled manually with struts to the elbow, while the left hand is closed by 3 servos with a thumb switch near his elbow.

Diablo 3 Wizard Cosplay


Photo Credit: Imgur

Diablo III is an action role-playing game that came out in 2012. In the game, players choose one of seven character classes – Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor or Wizard

This girl obviously chose Wizard, and I think she definitely chose correctly.

A Hocus Pocus Transformation


Photo Credit: ManuelDandrea / Reddit

This before and after Winifred Sanderson transformation from the Disney movie Hocus Pocus is literally giving me life.

I think he looks even better than Bette Midler. The teeth absolutely make this costume. Maybe he can repurpose them in a Nigel Thornberry costume.

Before And After


Photo Credit: doubledaced / Reddit

This girl is dressed up as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, a PS4 exclusive video game. She owns her own cosplay business, and she made this costume with her team.

I love everything about this, even the cat t-shirt in the “before” picture. Excellent work.

Captain America The First Avenger


Photo Credit: Heather848wsp / Reddit

This is maybe the most impressive costume I’ve ever seen. The shield is made out of actual steel. I love how it looks like it has Wolverine claw marks in it.

I don’t even need the rest of the Avengers. This is the best one. All those other dudes can just keep walking.

Cheryl From Archer


Photo Credit: ClaraCosmia / Imgur

No, that bruise isn’t real, but a lot of people at Comic Con thought it was. It’s definitely very well done. I’d think it was real if I hadn’t seen the rest of the costume.

Good thing she made that name tag or else things could have gotten really awkward.