We Don’t Have These Things Yet In America And Need Them ASAP

Lifestyle | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/24/18

We like to think of America as always being in first. America is supposed to be the premier country in the world where all of the best and brightest come together to create some of the finest products in the world.

While we’ve done a good job with things like iPhones and anything barbecue, we’re actually lacking behind some other countries. It’s time we take a page from inventors all over the world to get these inventions to America STAT!

Heated Mirrors So You Can See Your Naked Body Immediately


The hotels in Japan have mirrors that are heated so that when your shower gets nice and steamy, you can still see yourself.

It seems like a silly invention, but anyone who’s had to get ready immediately after a shower knows that wiping the mirror over and over can get annoying.