Jokes That Were Made For Introverts That Are Terrifyingly Relatable

lol | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/25/18

Being an introvert has its ups and downs. With online streaming and sites to satisfy you, staying at home forever sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. If you don’t want to put with people, that’s okay!

What you do with your life is all up to you. Maybe you can relate to this too. From feeling excluded to facing the harsh realities of being an introvert, most of these are worth a good chuckle.

Why Do You Gotta Be So Rude?


The funny thing is most people would be offended if you used that reply. They assume you’re the one who’s being rude and well, it’s an ignorant question to ask an introvert in the first place.

Nonetheless, it can go both ways, but loud people give me headaches.

I Need This


Now, if he keeps giving those out, he won’t need them anymore, because no one will ever want to talk to him again. Or was that the point?

I can’t speak for all introverts, but I can imagine how bad the person felt for receiving this kind of message.

The Cat Though


Please cat, don’t leave me! We can escape other people together! Alone, but together as a team. Dogs and bunnies count too. Really, whatever you can pet at a party and doesn’t talk.

But, I still like my idea of having an introvert party. Except, I wouldn’t know how it would work.

Even if there’s Wifi, the next one ahead is a coffee place where introverts shouldn’t go to.

Next Time, Stick To The Script


Sometimes, extroverts don’t stick to the script. I’ve never had a problem with people sticking with the script. And, whenever you finish a conversation, you start to realize what you could have said instead.

Then you stay awake at night replaying all of the different scenarios that could have happened. It’s a vicious cycle.

The Harsh Reality


I still don’t understand why people need to have excuses for this. Imagine trying to explain this to your parents. If it doesn’t work, that could be the most awkward day of your life.

Unfortunately, you can’t force these sort of things. Either you like to socialize, or you don’t.

Well, Here’s A Coffee Shop I Will Never Go To


Is talking to strangers that common or ordinary in other countries? That doesn’t happen much in North America. However, it’s not about talking to strangers; it’s about the people who come for a coffee.

They’re the ones who are on their phones instead of paying attention to the person in front of them.

That perfect moment to speak up was gone too soon for one person. You’ll see why shortly.

Please Wait After Three Days


More like months for me and other introverts. It’s almost like you did a social activity the night before. Then, you sit there wondering what you did or if you said the wrong thing.

That kind of ordeal instantly reminds me of Grumpy Cat’s meme “I had fun once, it was awful.”



It sounds as though introverts consume the souls of others before they engage in social events. But, some will say it’s the extroverts who feed on the souls of the introverts.

That really explains the need for introverts to recharge in between social events. Despite what you think, it takes a lot of energy for an introvert to be out in public.

That Perfect Moment Gone Too Soon


It’s similar to having the perfect meme. However, once you find it, the group steers into another topic. That’s the one thing you have to love about forums.

Just quote a post, then hours later, they’re already in another conversation, and they post your meme. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

John Lennon might bring peace, but some introverts won’t be a fan of one of his singles.

Reading About Your Life


The second you saw this you’re all like “Wow, that’s exactly me!” It’s nice to see someone write out your life story.

The best thing ever is when your fellow introvert friend knows precisely when to leave. It’s not about wanting something, but you want to feel that you’re included.

Introvert Problems


It’s like when you’re talking to yourself out loud, and then you tell yourself to be quiet. That happens way too many times for introverts. Then, someone tries to interrupt with an actual conversation.

Oh well, my dad always says that “the most intelligent conversations are the ones that mostly happen in your head.”

Not Now, John


Oh no, not people! I’d rather imagine having a nice chair, with a soft blanket next to a tea and a book ready for me.

Just imagine all of the people running away from you. That would be any introverts dream come true. Just imagine all that free real estate.

The most relatable thing about being an introvert is still on the way.

Teachers Will Appreciate You For This


Raise your hand if this was you? That was so me, even my teachers appreciated me for being quiet in the classroom.

However, one thing I didn’t realize was that I learned to sleep with my eyes open. It’s such a random, but an incredible skill to have in school.

Other Introverts Feel You, Bro


One time, I went to a meetup, and from a distance, I saw a group sitting outside at a table. I had to get a drink and sit by myself inside to psyche myself up to say hi.

By the time I was able to, they were getting up to leave.



It takes way more effort than it probably should. For an introvert, it often has to be forced, but you’re thinking in your head “keep walking, keep walking.”

Not going to lie, it may take years for you to master this skill. Then you’re ready for a job in middle management.

Read ahead to see why introverts need to be left alone.

It’s Always Nice To Be Invited


Even when it takes hours to think of an excuse why you can’t go, it’s nice to feel included. But, the best reason is always “I’m away that weekend” or “I have a family gathering on that date.”

The truth is, if you aren’t invited to a party, they might think you’re just shy.

Let The Introverts Be


In school, they make you think it’s a problem, but it’s not. It’s the teachers fault for lacking any understanding of their students.

They will tell you that you’re shy, weird, or mysterious. Shy is not the only descriptor of being an introvert. It’s the cost of using your energy to socialize with your peers.

This Though


You and your significant other might have an agreement. One where you don’t have to listen to each other ramble as long as you make supportive noises from time to time.

I get drained by any interpersonal interactions. Sometimes, you just have to cut bait and get out of that conversation.

Never Pretend To Be An Extrovert


Hear me out. You would go through hell trying to figure out how to take it all back. Then they’ll expect you to remember them the next time you see them.

But, let’s come up with an alternative. Step one: stand around awkwardly until an extrovert adopts you.

All About That Sass


Or, hitting pause AGAIN on the video you’re watching. Seriously, you have no idea how many times you’ve had to pause in the middle of a show.

It’s annoying that you almost want to start from the beginning. This kind of thing shows why it would be good for you to master the art of throat clearing.