People Snapped The Pics That Prove Why Snapchat Is Great

lol | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/24/18

Snapchat is a great social media app. It’s perfect who those of you who like to show your stupidity. It lets people like me act like a complete fool in front of whoever I want.

Of course, some people have no appreciation, but what’s not to love about this? Seeing such enjoyable pictures will make your day for the minute they enter yourlife. Even if you’re having a bad day, this will turn it around!

I’m sure you’re not the only one who appreciates the app. I’m confident that the people who snapped these pics will inspire to do more with Snapchat.

When You Realize You Didn’t Hit A Unicorn


You’re a terrible person for getting behind the wheel while on acid. Your car is now immortal, but its life will be meaningless.

You can even smell the delicious scent right now. But, if you tell your insurance company what “really” happened, that’s going to the best insurance claim ever.

What More Could You Ask For?


OH MY GOODNESS. There’s a milkshake, a yard, but there’s still no boys anywhere in sight. Good for this person for staying optimistic.

The fact that it took so long to do this makes me so happy. You have to optimistic, and I would be if I were her.

At Least You Tried


There’s nothing better than putting in your best effort. You take the time and the effort to make a special dinner, only to have it on the floor.

Not only will kitty be wondering what the red sauce is, but it would be best to order in a pizza next time.

Wait until you see what happens when beef stew gets all over the place. It’s almost like a hot mess.

Well That Sucks For You


A similar thing happened to me. The worst part of it is that there’s usually a phone number where you can call in case of a problem.

But often, no one answers that number, and a disaster like this probably happens when nobody else is around. May the force be with you.

Nice To Meet You Too!


It doesn’t hurt to ask! I mean, as awkward as this is, he might appreciate it. Chances are, he’s asking his buddy to come pick him up.

But, when it comes to hookups, there’s only one thing you can do — drive on over to Starbucks and find out their name.

You Sure About That?


How did you not ask yourself if the pot was good to use? Clearly it’s not in shape to make a hearty pot of beef stew.

Oh well, that’s what you get for keeping kitchen appliances from when you got married in 1985. It’s time for a change, do it now!

The next one ahead may either be a college student or someone who’s too lazy to cook.



The loneliness is real when you have imaginary friends. Even if they don’t want you, that’s their loss. What kind of friends are they if they don’t want to hang around you?

All you have to do is put them in the trash. I’ve been down that road before, and it’s best to move on.

Long Live Little Fella


Reenacting your favorite Disney movies from the 90s with Snapchat is awesome. Pets can come in handy when you least expect them to.

But, some will say you’re doing it wrong, but they’re jealous of you anyways thanks to your creativity. Don’t worry. I doubt a stampede trampled over this little fella.

Not The Best Meal Prep


Either a college student is living on their own or somebody is riding the struggle bus. There’s no way you’re able to make this without causing a small fire.

Not only is this unappealing to eat, but this is the kind of stuff you puke up after a night of drinking.

Sometimes, fast food joints don’t always have it together. The next one ahead will prove why, especially if you only want ketchup.

Thou Best Move


Shakespeare sucks. You were taught it in school but the whole “goeth down” thing is stupid. I get it was from a long time ago, but this just proves why we evolved as a society.

It’s no surprise why so many people in your class groaned anytime your teacher taught Shakespeare.

Nice One


Well, that’s your fault for being stupid. You should have known that that wasn’t going to hold up, but that’s what you get for not listening to your wife.

While were at it, it’s nice to see that you lack common sense here. There’s this thing called the internet where you can buy a TV stand!

Come On, Man


Who wouldn’t be? It’s terrible enough whenever a fast food place can’t get your order right, but this is what you get when you order from McDonald’s.

The next time you do this, make sure you only charge him for the burger, not the ketchup. Or, hand them a few packets to squirt on.

The next one is so creepy, it’s actually pretty funny. You’ll see why shortly.

Too Much In A Rush In The Morning


Someone was in a hurry to get to work this morning. You woke up past the alarm and you had no time for your coffee.

So, thanks to your irresponsibility, you have time for a minute shower tops. Then, once you head out the door, everything is great, until you see your feet.

Seniors Vs. Freshmen


Getting all dressed up to go out to party is so exciting, especially if you’re a freshman. But, once the reality of college sets in, you’ll be grabbing the sweatpants in no time.

The moment the girl on the right turns around, she just met her future self for the first time.

Not Creepy At All


Just kidding, this is creepy. Taking a picture of a stranger without them knowing is weird. It’s up there with staring at strangers while riding on the bus.

Someone was only trying to get a glimpse of an attractive person. But, they panicked and overreacted too fast in the situation.

Does shampoo wash out emotions? You’re about to find out soon enough!

Kick Off The Sunday Shoes


It’s not everyday you see a skeleton pull of their best impression from an iconic eighties flick.

Footloose made you want to dance the night away, but this skeleton here got as far as kicking off his Sunday shoes. Also, I wonder if he’s ever met Kevin Bacon before?

The Original Is Better


Yeah, I don’t know about you, but this ruins The Shining for me. Sure, it’s a classic movie and all, but the scene with the twins shouldn’t be replaced with emojis.

I get he’s trying to reenact the scene, but the emojis are the vibe killer in this one.

Unfortunately Not


You would save thousands on therapy sessions by getting a bottle of something that lasts you at least two months.

But, we have sunglasses you can jam to music to and watches that tell you when to work out. If that’s not far-fetched, I don’t know what is.

A Good Ol’ Fashioned Burn


I bet you money that this person sent this out to multiple people. Then, once those people got this, they went on to send the roast to many of their friends.

Or, maybe, it was directed at one individual. But, it could be an inside joke among your friends too.

Whatever Floats Your Boat


Wow, somebody summed up my weekends without having to explain anything. When you have no plans, all you want to do is sit around and do nothing.

The “whatever” attitude is so strong, that not even Jaws could handle this in the waters. But, whatever, right?