School Photos That Definitely Won’t Make It Up Onto The Wall At Home

lol | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/6/18

Picture day is one of the most important days of the school year for parents. They are guaranteed to send a wallet-sized photo out to every distant relative, grandma is going to demand an 8 x 11 print for the mantle, and they’ll also probably order some extra ridiculous things like the bookmarks, magnets, and keychains all with their kid’s face on it.

That’s why it’s actually devastating for parents when the pictures don’t come out perfectly. Sometimes the kid will choose the wrong shirt, bring the wrong prop, or just plain refuse to smile. It might not get hung up on the wall, but these kids’ picture day photos are unforgettable.

She Reached The Moody Goth Stage Early


This little girl has perfected the unimpressed face at such a young age that I’m not sure whether to be terrified or impressed. If looks could kill, her family better beware.

Either she is already peaked and reached her moody teen years early, or she’s working on her Posh Spice red carpet pose.

He Seems To Really Be One With Nature


It should be well-known by now that if you wear a green shirt on picture day, then you’re going to end up with a floating head. Still, time and time again kids run out the door in their green shirts.

At least it was a short-sleeved shirt so we know he has arms and a body.

Pokémon Is Too Mainstream


Showing up to picture day with you Pokémon card album is so grade five. New year, new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. We’re ready to du-du-du-du-dududududududuel. No one is safe, not even the school photographer or middle-aged mom who volunteered to be the adult who holds the comb and mirror. Get your game on, fools.

The little girl coming up went digging during her school pictures.

Remember Not To Blink In Your Photo


It’s important to remember that even though kids don’t listen half the time, even when they do listen, they’ll take what you say very literally.

That means repeatedly telling your kid to make sure they don’t blink in their photo could mean you end up with a school picture that’s trying to hypnotize you.

How Much Did Jeff Gordon Pay This Kid For The Free Advertising?


I find it hard to believe this kid just has a top-quality Jeff Gordon NASCAR race suit and matching helmet on hand. I’m calling this kid out for accepting corporate sponsorship from Jeff Gordon and Lowes.

He did it all just to afford the deluxe photo package that includes 64 wallet-sizes and the personalized photo frame.

Digging For A Golden Headshot


You’d like to hope that when you send your kid off to school for picture day, if they start picking their nose mid-shot, the photographer will let them do a re-do.

Sadly, this isn’t the case. School photographers are ruthless. You get one, maybe two shots at a good photo.

Keep reading to see what happens when kids get to pick out their own shirts for photo day.

Never Trust The Facial Recognition Software


Your photo can be perfect, and it won’t matter if the facial recognition software decides that your Mr. Rogers shirt is better quality than your own face.

It may have seemed like a fun idea at the time to wear the shirt, but who’s laughing now? Plain colored shirts only people!

“She Wears Your Grandma’s Clothes, She Looks Incredible” – Macklemore


This look gives this girl a serious case of Benjamin Button syndrome. The fur-lined coat and pearl necklace looks like it could have come straight from the local funeral home, and that toothless grin could easily be hiding dentures.

I’d bet money that she’s secretly 70 years old.



Just when you think you can finally trust your child to wear his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtler sweatshirt to school without keeping it on for picture day, you receive another one of these in the mail.

That’s three years in a row, and he’s still pulling the same prank on his parents.

Continue reading to see why a calendar is a must-have so you don’t mix up when picture day is.

You Get One Shot, One Opportunity


Look, kid. We get it. School can be boring, and the 9 AM start can be hard to adjust to after a summer of sleeping in until noon.

Welcome to the real world where you’ll have to hide your yawns from your boss or teacher. Let us introduce you to your new best friend: coffee.

Already Starting His Bid For Class President


To the parent who bought their kid a ginger afro and “Vote For Pedro” shirt two months before Halloween: you knew this was coming. No kid can commit to a Halloween costume that early.

This kid had alternative motives from the start, and it totally involved a run for class president.

Note To Self: Don’t Mix Up Picture Day And Pajama Day


Usually it’s the kid’s fault when the photos come back looking terrible, but this one was all mom’s doing.

She mixed up picture day and pajama day, and even her kid isn’t happy about it. He knows that he will always be known as “SpongeBob Kid” until he moves away for college.

The kid coming up wore a perfectly fine shirt for his photos, until one important letter got cut off.

Marching Band Is Not A Hobby, It’s A Passion


Senior photos are almost as important as college graduation photos. For many people, senior photos are the best ones of your life because you’re probably past the geeky, awkward phase from your freshman year.

This guy is proving all of that logic wrong by channeling his inner geek and showing off his marching band threads. This is his peak.

What Should We Do In School Today? Try To Take Over The World


This is easily the cutest evil genius we’ve ever seen. Don’t be fooled by the baby blue eyes and plaid bow tie and suspenders, this little kid is the Stewie Griffin of his kindergarten class.

He has an army of fellow four year olds to take the fall so he can make sure to never do any of the dirty work himself.

The Bassmaster Is Here


In hindsight, wearing the Bassmaster t-shirt to a school picture day that was cottage themed is actually pretty smart. This kid looks like he could run to the end of that dock, throw in a fishing line, and catch some fish.

Unfortunately, the photographer had him turn one degree too far. Now he’s a different type of master.

His Parents Were Ruthless


This poor kid’s family were new immigrants that spoke little English, which is why they had no idea how wrong it was to send their child to picture day wearing a “Ruthless S.O.B.” shirt.

Either that, or his parents knew exactly what they were doing, and just wanted to embarrass their child for life.

When Your Sister Get’s Center Stage


Being the older sibling isn’t easy. Your parents are always way harder on you, the expectation to succeed is way too high, and the younger one steals all the attention.

Then, to cap it all off, they force your little sister into your school photo. Just think of the bright side — you could be a middle child.

Tell Us How You Really Feel About Picture Day


This kid’s mother posted this photo online to explain that her son has autism and can’t verbally communicate, so he gets most of his thought across through facial expressions.

Well, that means we know exactly how he really feels about picture day. He’s about three seconds away from walking off the set and taking the fake rustic fence with him.

The Hanging Frame Is The Perfect Accent To This School Photo


God bless the kindergarten teachers of the nation for trying to find the bright side of anything bad your child does. To put it bluntly, this kid’s first picture day looks like a disaster filled with tears and snot.

But hey, at least the teacher got him to make a fun frame to make it seem better than it is.

The Teachers Know How To Have Fun Too


It’s not just kids who like to have fun with their school photos. These teachers who collectively dressed up as Magnum P.I. prove that you never grow out of having fun.

The secret is out. Now we all know that it was the teachers who egged on the kids to wear the ridiculous shirts and make the funny faces.