These People Learned A Valuable, And Hilarious Lesson When They Asked For Photoshop Help

lol | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/24/18

If you don’t know what photoshop is, let me just tell you that you’re missing out. It’s a great tool to touch-up some photos from your vacation and remove any splotches from your face. While there are some pretty amazing things you can do with the program, some people take it too far.

James Fridman @fjamie013, is one of those people, but he does it in a hilarious way. People are constantly contacting him about checking and manipulating their photos, and often, James takes these requests a little too literally. Just check for yourself, and if you’re interested, just make sure that you clearly define what you want from him.

Gets Them Every Time

In a world where people can’t seem to stay off of their phones, this girl had to go to the extreme of asking James to Photoshop her boyfriend so he looked interested in her. James thought of the perfect way to get any man’s attention and added a speech bubble saying that she was pregnant.

He then made the boyfriend look more than interested. Maybe she should try this in real life to get her boyfriend’s attention, it will probably work.