These People Put The “Fun” In Funeral And It’s Changed The Way I Look At Death

lol | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/5/18

Although hilarity might not be the first thing you think of when you envision a funeral, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Yes, the idea of one of your close friends or family dying is tragic, but often times people forget that funerals are supposed to be celebrating the life of someone who passed.

The people in this article are putting the “fun” back in the word funeral by trying to make light of an otherwise dark time. We can only hope these are the types of people who attend our funeral when that time comes.

You Do What You Have To Do

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Business is business and sometimes it just can’t wait, even for a dead person. If you have a ride-or-die friend that’s willing to do anything for you, this should be expected.

Nothing would send a funeral into more chaos than thinking the dead person has come back to life. Half of the people will run away because they’re afraid of the zombie apocalypse, others will try to get one last word in to their fallen friend.

Yes, Yes, You Are

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It must be a tough job mentally to work at a funeral home everyday. You’re basically dealing with customers who are having the worst day of their lives and you have to maintain a positive attitude.

It’s always something that i’ve wondered, but do you think workers still say “sorry to hear” to EVERY customer who comes in to buy a casket? Or are they just too numb to the entire process that they don’t care anymore?

I Will Be Shopping

Twitter / @frenchielaboozi

Yeah I completely agree with this. When I die, please don’t assume that I’m going to be hanging around the funeral. I love you all, but I have better things to do, people to see, and shopping malls to raid.

If you go to heaven and DON’T go straight to find their malls (which I’m assuming are the best) then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Most of the people at the funeral you had just seen anyway. Go explore!

Well, That’s An Interesting Name


I don’t really know how I feel about this name for a funeral directors business, but to each their own. Hey, at least they have somewhat of a sense of humor about the whole thing. At the end of the day, none of us make it out of this place alive.

I’m just trying to imagine what the interior of this place would look like. I’m thinking blood red walls with cutting board tables.



This is just facts. If you’re driving near a mortuary, you’re going to want to stay alive or else you’ll be snatched up very quickly. I’m loving the trend of having funeral homes and mortuaries looking to inject humor into their signs in some way.

My guess is that this strategy actually works decently well. If you understand that there is something funny about dying, you’ll waddle your way over to the funeral home that seems more upbeat.

This Is A Coffin. I Repeat, This Is A Coffin


In Ghana, coffins are made in a variety of different shapes to represent the person who’s being buried. If that doesn’t sound progressive on this issue, then I don’t know what does.

This is an actual coffin that someone was buried in. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that this person was a sneaker-head. Either that or they really loved these Nike shoes for some reason. Not the most stylish, not going to lie, but a great coffin look.

I Disagree With This

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There’s not plenty of room to get laid in a coffin. There’s barely any head space while you’re laying there in a coffin and I don’t like it. If you think you can fit two people in their comfortably, you’re mistaken.

As someone who isn’t interested in being enclosed in tight spaces, I’m going to opt for cremation. I’m more afraid of being in the dark with no night light or TV than getting burned to a crisp.

We Need More Teachers Like This

Twitter / @elmariochido

The dedication this teacher had to tell his class that they did awful on a test is impressive. Most teachers aren’t even dedicated enough to fully mark the tests to begin with.

Dragging a coffin into a classroom takes a lot of effort. This isn’t a young teacher either, which means that he probably risked throwing out his back which would have life long consequences. We need more teachers like this guy.

It’s A Celebration Of His Life

Twitter / @joejwest

Like I’ve said, funerals are supposed to be celebrations of the person’s life. Yes, it’s a time to mourn, but it’s also a time to smile and share all the good times you had and to honor their legacy.

One of the ways that can be done is by talking about their hobbies and interests. Bringing a ball glove if they loved baseball, bringing a saxophone if they loved jazz, and kicking that saxophone if they loved football.

This Is A Legit Concern


If you haven’t had someone close to you die, you’re probably unaware of just how expensive a funeral is. It’s actually unsettling to think about how much money some funeral homes make off of dead people.

There are a few different ways that people have been fundraising for a funeral. One of them is to crowd-source money from close family and relatives and the other is to have a sponsor. Okay, I’m kidding, no one has a sponsored funeral. But I wouldn’t put it past some companies to want to do it.

South Korea Is Beading The Rest Of The World In Funeral Traditions


In South Korea, the confucian tradition of burying ancestors has been slowly dwindling away. It’s no longer taboo to cremate bodies which is opening up different avenues after you die.

Many people are now getting turned into ashes which would then be turned into sea-green beads through a crystallizing process. The ashes are heated to their melting point and then cooled — it’s a similar process to when sand is turned into glass.

Not Exactly On Point Here


There’s a list of things that you just shouldn’t do at a funeral under any circumstances and this is one of them. Taking a face swap with a dead person is fairly disrespectful, but I’ll give it to him, it’s also kind of legendary.

If this guy wanted to be in the 1%, he just achieved that goal. There’s no way that more than 1% of the population has a face swap with a dead person.

“He Hasn’t Responded In 5 Minutes”


Now that many relationships are mostly lived through text, there can be a lot of uncertainty regarding reply times. If your crush doesn’t text you back within five minutes it’s safe to assume that they’ve run off with someone else.

They couldn’t possibly be eating, or be at work, or even have their phone in their pocket. You need to immediately call the funeral home and start writing the obituary. You’re now a grieving widow.

Oh Hell No


If you think for a second that I would allow my family and friends to sit through a singer who isn’t on pitch, you’re wrong. They’ve already had to do that every time that I was around and Mambo Number Five came on the radio.

You’ll see the first resurrection since Jesus if my singer isn’t belting out Christina Aguilera style hymns. I’ll return to the casket. But I’ll needed my two cents said.

Puns Are Always Appropriate

Twitter / @dubstep4dads

I have two things to say about this and both of them are probably going to be unpopular. First, there’s never a bad time to drop some good puns. A funeral may be close to the line but it certainly doesn’t cross it.

Second, they should have soul food at funerals. Why? Because it’s an emotional time and there’s nothing that can fill a void in your heart quite like mowing down on some soul food.



These two girls are duking it out at their ex’s burial because, well, they’re trash. Just kidding, they obviously look like women with lots of dreams and goals.

It’s true though, if you don’t at least have ONE fight at your funeral or burial, have you really ruffled enough feathers while you lived? If Jerry Springer isn’t present at my funeral moderating the scene then I’ll be thoroughly disappointed with the way I chose to live my short life.

Claustrophobia Is An Everlasting Condition


If you’re claustrophobic, you know that it’s a suffocating condition. You can’t go into elevators, you can’t be in tight spaces for a long period of time, and you certainly can’t be on the bottom of a doggy pile.

The second that I get put into a coffin, I don’t care how dead I am, I’m hauling myself out of that thing so quick. I feel like this person is feeling the same way. You cause a scene, go for it.

So Many Questions


You know what, I kind of like the fact that these pallbearers aren’t dressed up in the regular black suit garb. It adds a little bit of color to an otherwise dark day.

With that being said, why are they dressed up like clowns? If the dead guy a famous clown? Did the dead guy only hang around clowns? This picture is really hard to take seriously. To each their own, I guess.

You’re Coming Right Behind Me, Man

Twitter / @shutupmikeginn

If you know you’re going to die and you’re worried about it being lonely up there, this is the desperate move that need to be made. By pitting your best friend against your family, it’s going to result in a favorable result for you.

Why’s that? Well, because your family will probably kill your bestie when he tries to save your body from being cremated. This works well for you because it means you’re going to have a friend for eternity.

A Death And A Party


I think that this is actually a great idea. When I die, I want my funeral to put on a party. I want people hammered and enjoying each other’s company like I would’ve.

This person feels the same way obviously. They have all of the adult sodas they need in order to make this funeral a little bit spicy. I also like the Corona choice. Light beer, but it’s also great for any special occasions.