These People’s Vacations Went From Relaxing To Emotionally Taxing After A Series Of Hilariously Unpredictable Events

lol | Rick Lax & Friends | 9/5/18

Who even said that vacations have to be relaxing? Only boring people want their vacations to be smooth sailing. Fun people want the unpredictable to happen. They want their cruise ship to catch on fire, or be searched at customs for smuggling shoes across the border.

Fortunately for us, these vacations from hell happen more often than not. This article has grabbed some of the funniest fails during times that people were supposed to be “getting away from reality”. Hopefully, one day they’ll be able to laugh as hard as we did at their misfortunes.

Some Wholesome Family Fun


I bet these parents didn’t realize that their vacation to the Galapagos Islands was going to also double as a adult education class for their kids. I mean, if it’s going to happen, you might as well embrace it.

Everything is a learning experience. It’s common knowledge that tortoise intercourse is very, uh, similar to the human experience. The kids look petrified and the parents look like they’re loving every second of this.

Practice Safe Tanning


It’s easy to sit behind our computers and judge these two vacationers for turning into tomatoes but we’ve all been there. One second we’re relaxing on the beach, and the next we wake up after baking in the sun for four hours.

In all seriousness, sun safety is so important because it can cause cancer and have other harmful effects on your body. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make myself a BLT sandwich with EXTRA tomato.

This Isn’t How We Planned This Out


Look, if you’re going to bring your kids to a national park than you’re probably going to have to expect this to happen. This parent couldn’t care less about their safety, but instead wants to make sure he grabbed the camera to capture the moment.

I’m not a bear safety expert by any means, but if I’m one of those kids I’m probably going to be faking dead really soon. Easier said than done, I guess.

“I’m Going Back To Bed”


Okay, yes, it would suck to be this guy, yadda-yadda-yadda. Being pooped on is no fun. But, we’re burying the lead here. Can we just quickly talk about how awesome it would be to live the life of a seagull?

So, you get to hangout at the beach ALL THE TIME. Not only that, but your life consists of you eating fries, pooping on random people AND screaming whenever you want to. To top it off, you don’t get in trouble for any of it.

That Friend Who Overpacks For EVERYTHING


We all have those friends (it might even be you) who overpacks for everything. You could be going on a day trip to a zoo and they’re packing as if they’re going backpacking in Europe for six weeks.

Sabrina, you don’t need six shirts and four different pairs of shoes to walk around the zoo and take pictures with the giraffes. They all have excuses trying to justify their actions, and they’re usually ridiculous.

Yeah, I LOVE Roller Coasters!


This is a public service announcement to anyone going on a first date — please don’t go to a theme park. There are way too many external factors that could ruin your perfectly good date.

First of all, your date will probably feel forced to go on rides even if they hate them. This guy was trying to impress the girl by faking his love for roller coasters and it significantly backfired. There’s no way to recover from puking all over someone.

Living On The Edge

Falling off

If it was up to me, my idea of a vacation is sitting on the beach with a drink and not having a worry in the world. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Some people just don’t understand that.

These adventurous individuals would rather be climbing mountains and risking their lives for the thrill of it. I don’t know about you, but adding MORE stress to my life by realizing one wrong step could send me free falling 5000 ft isn’t that fun for me.

The Griswold’s 2.0


I don’t know if these parents are aware that they’re setting their kids up for failure. Just because you’re on vacation in Connecticut doesn’t mean that matching outfits is appropriate at all.

First of all, if you’re going to dress your entire family in an outfit, it better be the best darn outfit the fashion world has ever seen. This is not that. Full Adidas tracksuits that are bright orange are that. Now that’s a fashion statement I can go along with. If they wore that then I’d be backing this 100%.

When Your Cruise Ship Is Set On Fire >


This picture gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, I would love the fact that I’m on a beach with a drink in my hand. On the other hand, I wouldn’t love the fact that my mode of transportation off of the island is currently on fire.

I guess if you’re going to be trapped somewhere, a beach wouldn’t be the worst place. I can think of about a million worse scenarios than this one.

Sooaaaarin’ Flyyyyyin’ – Zac Efron


There’s so much that can go wrong when you’re camping. You already saw the two kids about to get mauled by the grizzly bear, and now you’re seeing a tent getting sent to Mars.

Let’s just talk about how uncomfortable tents are to begin with. If there’s anyone still in that flying tent they’re probably so happy that they no longer have to feel the ground digging into their back when they lie down.

It’s A Peacock, Right?


I appreciate that when you walk into a hotel room they’ve turned towels into little animals, but I think they need to reallocate their energy somewhere else.

For example, stop creating these weird towel animals that end up looking like genitals and start popping champagne. Walking into your hotel room to a bottle of FREE champagne is way more appealing than having to untangle a towel so that you can actually dry off with it.

Taking In The Full Experience


This kid is living his best life. He’s made some new friends that he can hangout with and I’m really happy for him. But, he shouldn’t get too comfy with that monkey.

Monkey’s are manipulative. They know what they have to do to gain your trust and this kid is falling head over heels right into its trap. Let’s be honest, this monkey just wants access to this kid’s 401k. That’s a fact. Stop monkeying around.

It’s The Elephant In The Room


Imagine just driving down a road peacefully one second and the next having an elephant on top of your car? I’m not a doctor, but that situation doesn’t seem very ideal for anyone.

Most of us are used to deer or rabbits blocking the road, but this is a whole different story. Cover your eyes if you’re an animal lover for this next sentence I’m about to say. You can hit a deer or rabbit and survive, but you can’t hit an elephant.

Well That Took A Wrong Turn To Weirdville

Twitter / @cablondie78

This is just a side note, but if you’ve ever been seasick on a cruise ship, you know how awful it is. You literally can’t escape it. It sends you into a weird panic of claustrophobia even though you’re on a ship the size of a village.

The puking doesn’t stop because the ship doesn’t stop rocking with the waves. On top of that, being accused of smuggling drug-filled balloons would be icing on the cake.

Pee On Him


I know that the remedy to getting rid of the sting from a jellyfish is to pee on the burn, but what about an octopus? I assume that whatever comes out of their body is much worse and would need more treatment.

Maybe you would need to, uh, “number two” on the person who has the octopus attached to them. This guy knows that and I’m sure is getting ready for the crappy times ahead (literally and figuratively).

Don’t Push Me Cuz I’m Close To The Edge


It’s very bizarre because in many tropical vacation spots the driving difficulty is intense, but the driver’s ability is awful. Having awful drivers trying to maneuver through difficult terrain isn’t a winning combination.

This is what happens when those two forces meet on the edge of a cliff. It’s not good. This bus is about to Tom Petty free fall to its inevitable death within the next three seconds. Let’s hope everyone got out safely.

Another Camping Disaster

If you had a camping trip planned before reading this article, I don’t blame you for wanting to cancel it now. Another day, another picture that shows just how disastrous camping can be.

This was supposed to be a fun camping weekend at a music festival. It turned into trekking through full on floods with a shopping cart. This wouldn’t have happened in an all-inclusive resort.

Booking My Next Flight To Mars


So, if this happened to me, I’d be taking the first space shuttle to Mars and get off of this planet. Kudos to this person who stayed around an extra few seconds to take a picture because I wouldn’t have.

I don’t care if this was my expected trip of a lifetime. If I open the toilet to take a pee and there’s dart frogs having a pool party — you can count me out.

This Vacation Turned Upside Down


Let’s just quickly talk about ski trips as vacations. Yes, the mountains are scenic, but again, there’s so much room for things to go wrong. You’re almost certainly going to fracture a bone in your body.

Also, the ski lifts are nearly impossible to get off without incident. Ski lifts have probably clotheslined more people than John Cena in the wrestling ring. This fella is learning the hard way just how savage those ski lifts can be. They have no regard for you feelings.

Use Your Brain, Amy

Twitter / @MinkDinkiDu

I have no sympathy for this girl and her nightmare vacation. No one who is thinking straight would hang their clothing on a FIRE SPRINKLER. Now, instead of just your article of clothing being wet, the entire hotel is swimming.

Let’s just hope the hotel employees had a sense of humor about it and turned the hallways into slip-n-slides. I have a strong feeling (because of the circumstances) that this didn’t happen, but my fantasy is that it did.