These Super Embarrassing But Super Hilarious Parenting Decisions Went Viral

parenting | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/24/18

It can be tough to be a parent. It’s even more difficult now that we have social media and every man, woman, and child is glued to a screen.

Luckily, there are still parents out there that know how to set an example, even if it’s at the expense of their child. Check out these parents who definitely put their kid in their place, all for our enjoyment.

Forces Daughter To Wear Selfie Shirt

In another round of creative parenting, this dad made his daughter wear a shirt with his angry face emblazoned on it. The image was originally posted to reddit, with the caption stating that this was his friend’s way of punishing his teenage daughter. Apparently, the teen stayed out past curfew several times so the dad decided to force her to wear this shirt to school.

While this is funny, the girl probably changed her shirt as soon as she made it school, don’t you think? Many on the internet didn’t think this was a great way to punish the girl as it’s just another form of public humiliation. Per the Huffington Post, some experts claim the public humiliation route can actually cause more harm than good.