Grandparents Here To Remind Us All That We’ll Never Be As Hardcore As Them

humor | Rick Lax & Friends | 7/23/18

We all know what the typical grandparent is supposed to be. They exist for the sole purpose of spoiling grandchildren and having an endless supply of those weird strawberry candies. Grandpa is supposed to entertain you for hours with his old war stories while grandma is baking her famous apple pie.

Well, these grandparents aren’t like that. They may still love to knit and watch tv soap operas, but these old folks can also do a better keg-stand than the frat boys down the street. Not only are these grandparents more savage than anyone we know, but they also remind us just how uncool we truly are.

Grandma’s Got A Nasty Right Hook

knuckles on the subway .jpg

Photo credit: Reddit

People always think the old ladies are the ones most likely to be attacked, but I firmly believe they’re the most dangerous. Grandma here has survived world wars, had to protect her children, and claw her way to the top to break the glass ceiling.

Having a solid right hook and brass knuckles to back it up doesn’t surprise me at all.