These Vacation Spots From Our Grandparent’s Lives No Longer Exist

Lifestyle | Rick Lax & Friends | 10/24/18

Our world is constantly changing. You might think I’m talking about our advances in technology, but that’s only a portion of what’s changing. Sure, we can now travel across the planet at record speeds or travel the country without relying on a horse and buggy, but the world around us is radically different from what our grandparents saw.

Because of things like global warming and political regime changes, some formerly historical landmarks no longer exist. Here are just some of the places our ancestors could enjoy that we will never see again.

Royal Opera House of Valletta

The Royal Opera House in Valletta, Malta, is the Bad Luck Brian of opera houses. Six years after its opening in 1866, it was destroyed in a fire. It was restored and re-opened a few years later but was pretty much done for after taking a direct hit from an aerial bomb in 1942.

It’s remembered as one of the most iconic structures in Valletta, and various attempts to restore it to its former glory have fallen through over the years. It was sort of re-opened as the Pjazza Teatru Rjal in 2013, but it’s just not the same.